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  • Name: Vladimir Gusev ( Vladimir Gusev )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Yaroslavl
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Gusev : biography

    Vladimir Gusev was born in Yaroslavl in July 1958. He was born in a family where no one was associated with the world of theatre and cinema. But Vladimir was fond of theatrical productions, read a lot. In the school years it became clear that Gusev has a tendency to the Humanities.

    After high school, Vladimir Gusev entered the Lviv Franko University, where he was chosen the faculty of Philology. But a philologist Gusev did not become. A classmate once invited Vladimir to play practice in the theatre. The day dozing desire to play on the stage woke up and now not for a moment left the future of the artist.

    Very soon, Vladimir Gusev left the walls of the Lviv University and went to Moscow, where he decided to enroll in one of the theatrical institutions of the capital. Filed documents once in three universities: the Schepkin and the Shchukin theatre school and GITIS. But priority was given to young applicants, and Vladimir was already 22 years old. As he claims, recruiting children, similar to the «clean sheet», and it was already much that has been written».

    Gusev was not in one of the Metropolitan Institute, but fate told him in his native Yaroslavl once again opened the theatre Institute. Vladimir Gusev was among the first students. Graduated in 1984.


    During his studies at the Yaroslavl theatre Vladimir Gusev met with Director Vladimir Vorontsov. This meeting was long and fruitful. After graduation Gusev although received an invitation to join the local youth theatre troupe, but chose to work with Vorontsov, who at that time headed the drama theatre named after Alexey Tolstoy in Bryansk. Here for 6 years Vladimir played in performances and gained invaluable experience. But it’s dashing the 1990s, during perestroika. For an entire decade before the next century theatrical life came to a standstill. This period saw the closure of several theatres.

    Vladimir Vorontsov he changed several scenes. He returned to Yaroslavl, where he first worked in the academic theatre, and then changed it to the theatre. Soon the creative biography of Vladimir Gusev received the brief «Moscow» period. In the capital, Vladimir worked at the Comedy theatre, where she played leading roles. But then, fate once again brought the artist his first teacher and mentor Vladimir Aleksandrovich Vorontsov, a student of the legendary Andrei Goncharov.

    At the end of the 1990s Gusev without regret left the stage of the Metropolitan theatre and returned to Yaroslavl, where he again settled in Tuz. He argues, in Moscow, he desperately lacked creativity. Fortunately, just at that moment a friend Gusev Yuri Waxman left the Yaroslavl theatre and began to develop his own restaurant business. When it opened in Yaroslavl cafe called «Actor» has offered Vladimir Gusev to put the show. The choice fell on a play called «Interview», written by American playwright Peter Suet. The Director of statement was made by Vladimir Vorontsov.

    This play, performed in 1999 by two artists – Gusev and Waxman – unexpectedly proved to be very successful. In the absence of scene staging was right in the cafe. About the brilliant and talented production heard in the capital. In 2000, the year of artists from Yaroslavl, invited to Moscow, where «the Interview» showed at the festival named Innokenty Smoktunovsky. The play received the highest award of the festival – Crystal Cup, and in 4 nominations. Thus was born the Yaroslavl chamber theatre, the head of which was Vladimir Vorontsov. Since then and at the present time Vladimir Gusev plays on the stage and is the lead artist. Cafe «Artist» growing troupe of the new theatre moved into the house did not survive the restructuring of the Yaroslavl theater «ARS».

    It is noteworthy that after the brilliant debut of the Yaroslavl artists in Moscow, they were invited to perform with his performances for the employees of the Studio «Mosfilm». After that, the actors from Yaroslavl started to be willing to offer movie roles.

    Today Yaroslavl chamber theater, which still directs Vladimir Vorontsov, unique. It is the country’s only private repertory theatre, which has a permanent troupe. Theatre without government subsidies, and on the stage are theatre festivals, which are attended by well-known Moscow theatres.

    Vladimir Gusev numerous awards. He is the winner of Russian national actor award «Figaro» named after Andrei Mironov, which Gusev was awarded in the category «Best of the best» in 2012.


    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Yevgenyevich Gusev started quite late. He has appeared on screen in 2001 when he was 43. He played the mayor in the famous painting «Scavenger», where the main role went to Alexei Guskov and Olesia Sudzilovskaia. Then the artist appeared in the film «the Trap», «the Young Wolfhound» and «Kotovsk». Although Gusev played the role of the second plan, all of them were vivid and memorable.

    And the main role went to actor in the series «traffic Cops», where he appeared in the form of captain Zimin. Also the audience liked the images created by Vladimir Gusev in the film «the Oligarch», «Detectives» and «Breed».

    Today an artist from Yaroslavl in demand in film and theater. His last role – the non-commissioned officer Pasko in the film «Once in Odessa», meteorologist Ivanova in a detective Thriller «Hide!» and Borka in the «Olympic village» very bright and talented. And yet Vladimir claims that movie – again. In the first place he has been and remains the theater.

    Personal life

    Vladimir Gusev is a very creative and gifted man. Recently opened another of his talent – music. Gusev perfectly plays the guitar and sings songs of his own composition. Fans had the opportunity to hear them in recital of Vladimir E., which was held in Yaroslavl in 2012.

    Vladimir Gusev is married, he and his wife raised a daughter.


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    • Detectives
    • The oligarch
    • Breed
    • Hunting elk
    • Traffic cops
    • Once in Odessa
    • Molodoy Volkodav
    • Trap
    • Olympic village
    • Hide!


    Vladimir Gusev

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