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  • Name: Vladimir Gostyukhin ( Vladimir Gostuhin )
  • Date of birth: 10 March 1946.
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: Sverdlovsk
  • Height: 194
  • Activities: actor, Director, people’s artist of Belarus
  • Marital status: married to Alla Pronic

    Vladimir Gostyukhin: biography

    March 10, 1946 in Sverdlovsk was born the talented actor Vladimir Gostyukhin. The boy grew up in a creative family. Father Vasily Gostyukhin was in charge of the culture House, and my mother was an actress of theater performances. It would seem that the life of the child is determined, but Vladimir has surprised everyone and after high school went to study in Radiotechnical, simultaneously working as an electrician, and then in a few years became the chief electrician.

    During the training, Vladimir got into student theatre. The future actor left College and spent a lot of time in the Studio at the House of culture. Gostyukhin more and more into acting and came to the conclusion that you need to learn this craft in the future, so he went to Moscow.

    In 1970, Vladimir arrives in GITIS (State Institute of theatrical art im. Lunacharsky). In the same year he first starred in the movie «was the month of may,» where he played a cameo role.

    Then Vladimir Vasilyevich was drafted into the army. After serving two years, Gostyukhin returned to the capital. The actor first began working in the Central academic theatre of the Soviet army, where he was involved in not acting, and was responsible for the furniture.

    Taking care of decorations, Gostyukhin spent six years waiting for his chance to play on stage. And after a time a dream came true when one of the actors got sick, and Vladimir Vasilevich has offered to replace it.

    Vladimir Gostyukhin movies

    Debut works gostuhin in the film was subtle roles in the films «the Great Hicks», «Heart of Russia» and others.

    The first notable role was the film «the Ascent,» directed by Larisa Shepitko. It was a deserved success, as Gostuhin had to pass a difficult audition and the role chose him. The film was highly appreciated by critics and audience. The film «the Ascent» received international awards.

    An important role in the fate of the actor played a serial film «the ordeal». Gostyukhin after filming became a famous actor, loved people, and was invited to the shooting of many Directors. Among the best works gostuhin include such films as «In search of captain Grant», «the Time has chosen us», «Fox Hunting», «Beach» and others.

    Great acting does not go unnoticed, and Vladimir begins to get rewards. In 1980 Gostyukhin was awarded the Lenin Komsomol prize for the role of Seeds in the film «the Time has chosen us». In 1982, his performance in the movie «Fox Hunting» celebrated at the film festival in San Remo, where he received the award for best actor.In the same 1982, he was awarded the USSR State prize for his role in the film «Take the pain», where the actor played Ivan Farmhand. Three years for his role in the movie «the Beach» Gostyukhin receives the State prize of the USSR. 1990 brought the Vladimir award for best actor in the film «Our train» at the festival in Sopot.

    In the 90-ies of the Vladimir began to appear on sites less and less. He, a man of the old school, didn’t want to star in a movie base and weed out suggestions. But in 1991, Gostyukhin took part in the filming of the movie «Urga» and received a State prize of the Russian Federation.

    In 2001, the actor agrees to a role that made him popular among the modern audience. Vladimir plays a major role in the TV series «Truckers».

    Among recent works may be noted the film «the Thaw» directed by Valery Todorovsky, released in 2013. In 2014, the audience enjoyed the performance of the actor in the popular movies «the Alchemist», «the meeting» and «Christmas Tree 1914».

    Vladimir Gostyukhin: personal life

    For the first time Vladimir got married during his studies at the GITIS girl named Galina. However this marriage was short-lived.

    Second choice gostuhin was the assistant costume designer Zinaida. In 1972, his wife gave birth to his daughter Irina. But this marriage of 5 years was terminated.

    Third wife gostuhin became a makeup artist Svetlana. The couple married in 1977, and in 1982 Svetlana Gostuhin gave birth to a daughter Margarita. This Union lasted until 2000. Immediately after the divorce from her actor married for the fourth time on Alla Pronic.

    Vladimir Gostyukhin: filmography

    • For the meeting
    • Christmas tree 1914
    • Thaw
    • Truckers
    • Urga
    • Our train
    • Shore
    • Time chose us

    Vladimir Gostyukhin: photo

    Vladimir Gostyukhin

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