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  • Name: Vladimir Filenko ( Vladimir Feklenko )
  • Date of birth: 2 December 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Volodymyr Filenko : biography

    Vladimir Filenko was born in December 1985. At the time of his birth the family already has grown 15-year-old daughter Dasha. And mother, and older sister of Vladimir Actresses. Mother Natalia Filenko – Honored artist of Russia. Known to viewers for many popular TV series and Daria Filenko. So before the eyes of the younger boy had two wonderful role models.

    But mom, well knew inside the actor’s kitchen, didn’t want his younger child such a difficult life. She wanted the boy followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, the military attaché, major-General Vladimir Filenko. In the diplomatic field served and the second grandfather of the future actor. Serious occupation was the Pope of Vladimir: he made a career scientist in the field of physico-mathematical Sciences, often in foreign missions.

    First, Volodymyr Filenko «leaned» into foreign languages. He was fluent in French and English. At the advice of my mother, the son began to prepare for admission to the University. He attended courses in Arabic. But with language learning, something went wrong, then my mom’s genes took over, but Vladimir suddenly dropped courses after the 10th class went to enter the theater Institute. Chose the Shchukin school. Received on the first attempt. Fell to the wonderful mentor – Director and actor Mikhail Borisov.


    A cinematic biography of Vladimir Filenko started in 2005. The actor made his debut in the detective film «Head of classics». Then there were more roles in the rating series, most famous of which — «Thank God, you came!» «Urgent room», «Law and order» and «engagement ring».

    But a starring role, after which Vladimir Filenko fell the fame came along with the TV series «Glukhar» in 2008. The role of Kolya Tarasov, Intern, and then Lieutenant, investigator, brought the artist an incredible love of the audience. The hero of Vladimir, deeply honest, intolerant of any injustice and even too correct, like the actor himself.

    It is noteworthy that Vladimir Filenko could not get into this series. First, the editors doubted that he was perfect for the role of Nikolay Tarasov. It is hard to imagine that someone else, not Filenko, could play an Intern «Pyatnitskiy» ATS Kohl.

    In the TV series «Capercaillie», the young actor was engaged for 4 years. This job was a great start in the career of Vladimir Filenko.

    In recent years, the artist often appears on the screen. Most often it is the popular series. Among the most striking – «the Heart is not a stone» and 2nd season of «Karpov».

    Personal life

    The series that made Vladimir Filenko star, was a turning point in his life. And not only in his career. During the filming of «Grouse» the private life of Vladimir Filenko has also changed for the better. He met his beloved a makeup girl Camille, who immediately fell in love.

    First, Camille and Vladimir concealed his novel, but soon the secret was revealed. The couple rented an apartment and began to live together, imagining the future life apart.

    In 2010, Vladimir took a sweetheart offer. It happened during the holidays in the Carpathians. Wedding, they played in the summer of that year, selecting for the ceremony unforgettable place – Jamaica.

    Now the family is growing up Filenko charming daughter Miroslava.


    • «Head of classics»
    • «Thank God, you came!»
    • «Urgent room»
    • «Law and order»
    • «Engagement ring»
    • «Grouse»
    • «May rain»
    • «The heart is not stone»
    • «The power of the heart»
    • «Karpov»


    Volodymyr Filenko

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