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  • Name: Vladimir Etush ( Vladimir Etush )
  • Date of birth: 6 may 1922
  • Age: 94 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: actor, teacher, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vladimir Etush: biography

    «Karabas-Barabas» of the Soviet cinema, a favorite of several generations of moviegoers, the national actor of theatre and cinema Vladimir Etush was born in Moscow on may 6, 1922, in the family of Jews. The father of the future movie stars Abram S. possessed of the production, and mother Raisa Konstantinovna was a homemaker. When the head of the family was under arrest on half a year, Raisa Etush got a job at a shop as a cashier. The family lived in rich conditions at the time.

    Vladimir Etush in his youth
    Youth | KP

    Acting guy more interested in his school years. Volodya liked to learn poems by heart, was active in the circle of Amateur, took part in school plays. And, after school, decided that his calling was to be a Director, and went on to act in GITIS. Unfortunately, Richter didn’t get a good grade on the exam. Despite the setback, the future actor managed to get in a theatrical environment. Thanks to the friendly relations of Vladimir enrolled in the Shchukin school free listener.

    When in June 1941 the war began, a biography of Vladimir Etush made the turn — he volunteered to the front. Before getting there, student acting schools sent in the Stavropol school of military translators. After the actor was sent to the front in infantry regiment in the Caucasus, the mountains of Kabarda and Ossetia. Richter wore the rank of Lieutenant of the administrative service. The future actor along with his fellow liberated Rostov-on-don and a number of Ukrainian cities. The actor was promoted to assistant chief of staff infantry regiment on the rear. In 1943, near Zaporozhye Richter was severely wounded and after a long hospitalization from the 2nd group of disability was sent home. For participation in battle, he has many medals and awards, including the order of the red star.

    Volodymyr, EToS
    Was the Great Patriotic war | Live Internet

    The actor has many awards and titles for her contribution to the development of national culture and for the high acting technique, including «a Hero of our time», «honored citizen of Russia» and «For merits before Fatherland».


    In 1944, the young man returned to drama school named Shchukin. The following year, Richter graduated from schools and got a job at the theater Vakhtangov, in parallel earning additionally the assistant acting coach at home school.

    Vladimir Etush on stage
    At the theater | otzyv.RU

    Creative biography of Vladimir Etush can not be called rapid because the novice actor was not offered the leading roles. He got a Comedy cameo characters. But the Directors soon noticed that a graduate of the theatre school so professionally played and harmoniously improvise on stage that he began to trust more complex role.

    The first serious work Etush is the role of the clumsy lover Blenderbland in the Comedy production of Bernard Shaw’s «the Millionairess». A dramatic debut in the ampoule was the role of Coupeau in Emile Zola’s drama «the Trap» in 1965. The audience appreciated the game Etush, but the Directors saw him as the comedian and rarely been offered a serious role.

    Vladimir Etush in the play
    In the play «goldiner the Victim» | 2DO2GO

    In 1957, the actor entrusted with the leadership of the first course, 19 years later he became Professor, and from 1987 to 2003, Vladimir Etush held a senior position as rector of the Shchukin school. Since 2003, the actor has been the artistic Director of the institution.


    The historical picture «Admiral Ushakov» and the role of Seid-Ali became a film in the creative biography of Vladimir Etush. The picture was published in 1953 and brought some recognition for the actor, but in subsequent years, Vladimir Etush rarely appeared in the frame, for 13 years, he played in only three films: «the gadfly», «President» and «summer vacation».

    Vladimir Etush in the film
    In the film «the Caucasian captive» | a woman’s World

    Triumphant return to the cinema was the role of comrade Saahova, head of the district komkhoz «the Caucasian captive». The artist told me that the service in the Caucasus during the war years helped him to play the role of a Caucasian, as he remembered the accent and language of the local people, knew the gestures and facial expressions. The character was so charismatic that phrase of comrade Saahova film immediately became airborne. By the way, for this role, the actor received a fee of 1800 rubles. After the film about the new adventures of Shurik Vladimir Etush collapsed national love and recognition. The actor does not cease to remember how to market to Caucasians, recognizing the visitor of comrade Saahova, from all sides surrounded him and asked to take gifts from them and other Goodies.

    After the stunning success of the actor was showered with offers of comic roles. Often Vladimir Etush played a cunning and greedy characters, and also starred in many fairy tales. Several generations of young viewers remember Vladimir as Director of the puppet theatre of Karabas-Barabas from «the adventures of Pinocchio». Director Leonid Gaidai, impressed with style of play Etush in «the Caucasian prisoner», yet repeatedly the name of that actor in his paintings.

    In 1971 on the screens out the film «12 chairs» directed by Gaidai, where Etush played the role of a wealthy engineer Bruns. And in 1973, the audience saw the film «Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession», where the actor got the role of a dentist-con Shpak. And again, the public love again sayings Shpak does not go to the mouth of the audience.

    Vladimir Etush in the film
    In the film «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation» | full Movie.RU

    Vladimir Etush played in more than 40 films, but a hallmark of the artist became the role of the dentist Shpak, comrade Saahova and Karabas-Barabas.

    In recent time, the actor is rarely seen on the screen. In 2014 Vladimir Etush played a cameo role in the remake of «the Caucasian captive» and the movie «the Best girl of the Caucasus», which was released in 2016.

    Personal life of Vladimir Etush

    The meeting of Vladimir Etush with his first wife occurred in 1945. He was a graduate of the Shchukin school, and eve — student freshman. When young people decide to get married in a registry office the groom found out that his future wife is actually named Nina. The girl was the daughter of Lieutenant-General Konstantin Myshkova, it was named in honor of Vladimir Lenin, rearranging the letters in reverse order. The young lady was ashamed of his name, so he took a pseudonym. The Union of young actors did not last long, and soon the couple parted.

    Vladimir Etush and Elena Izmaylova
    Elena Izmailova | Things-Dryukov

    After the first divorce, the actor was in no hurry down the aisle. Personal life Vladimir Etush several years was connected with the theatre actress Elena Izmailova, thus the pair does not legalize their relationship.

    The third serious fascination with the actor again became a student of the theatre school. Schukin. At the time, Vladimir Etush was already teaching and could not afford to have an affair with a student. But sense prevailed, and for a time the lovers were together.

    Vladimir Etush, Nina KRA
    Nina Kranovoj | Things-Dryukov

    The main woman in his life the actor himself calls Nina Krainov. For the sake of beloved English teacher moved from Baku to Moscow. The couple had lived together 48 years, in the marriage of Vladimir Etush was born the only daughter Raisa. She also, like his father, became an actress and now lives in the United States. In 2000, Nina KRA was not able to overcome a serious illness and died of cancer.

    Vladimir Etush and Elena Gorbunova
    With current wife Elena Gorbunova | Muz Ring

    Two years later at the age of 80 years, the actor married his fan. The choice of the actor as well as Nina KRA, works as a teacher of English. Current wife of Vladimir Etush, Elena Gorbunova, younger than her husband of 42 years.


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    Volodymyr, EToS

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