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  • Name: Vladimir Dantes ( Vladimir Gudkov )
  • Date of birth: 28 June 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov
  • Activity: singer, television presenter
  • Marital status: married Hope Dorofeeva

    Vladimir Dantes biography

    Vladimir Gudkov, better known by his creative pseudonym Vladimir Dantes was born on 28 June 1988 in Kharkov. He grew up in an ordinary family, his father worked in law enforcement, and the boy all his childhood wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a policeman. With age, Vladimir more and more started to get into music, he had a good vocal, and the parents have given the son. the Boy was only four years old, and his signature song was «In the grass was a grasshopper,» which he won the choir of the kindergarten.

    In school Vladimir studied well, however, differed cheerful character, and it was repeatedly kicked out of class for bad behavior. He soon enrolled in musical-pedagogical College, which has honed the talent of the guy and got the speciality of a vocal coach. Despite the guy’s desire to connect his life with music, parents advised him to obtain a more promising career, and Vladimir entered the Kharkov Polytechnical Institute on a speciality «financial management of the business.» After graduation, Dantes worked for some time as a bartender, leading parties and even fitter.

    After participation in «Factory of Stars-2» the musician continued his studies and entered the Kharkov school name lyatoshinskogo, where he studied with his teacher Lily Ivanova. In 2015, he also became a presenter on radio station «Lux FM».

    Vladimir Dantes: «Factory of stars-2»

    Vladimir from childhood wanted to get into show business in 2008 after hearing about the casting for the project «Factory of Stars-2», immediately went on to conquer TV. Casting in one of Kharkiv clubs guy sang Ukrainian folk song «Oy, u poli three krynychenka», which was accompanied by a small artistic performance, rassmeshili judges and earned him a place in the project.

    Dantes became a member of the show and for three months went to the house where there was constant shooting. All this time he spent under the scrutiny of cameras, which began to seriously annoy participants. He dealt exclusively in music and PR. There he met his future colleague and friend, Vadim Oleynikov. Together the boys easily reached the final of the project, creating the Duo «

  • Dantes & Oleynik». Newly made team, together with other participants of the show was first performed at the solo concert of Natalia Mogilev, which was held in December 2008 in Kyiv Palace of arts «Ukraine». Producer young group also became Mogilev, which did a lot for the promotion guys. Together with the singer, the Duo toured in Ukraine, and in 2009 the guys released their first video for the song «I’m already twenty.»

    In March 2010 he published the first album of the Duo called «I am twenty», which enjoyed considerable demand. «Dantes & Oleynik» were nominated for the «MTV Europe Music Awards 2010» as «Best Ukrainian artist». In September, the team received a new name «

  • Dio.movies», which turned out to be due to a combination of the initials of the performers. The next two years for the team has been quite fruitful: they have issued a few new songs, which became hits. Children actively participated in numerous music festivals and won several prestigious awards, including «Golden gramophone» and «soundtrack» in the nomination «Pop project».

    In 2012 Dantes again took part in the project «Factory of Stars: a Confrontation», which received an invitation from producer Igor Krutoy to visit the festival «New wave».

    In 2015, the team ceased to exist, and Dantes focused on his television career.

    Vladimir Dantes, «Food, I love you!»

    In 2012 Vladimir was invited as the presenter of the program «Closer to the body» on TV channel «New channel». His co-host was Victoria Batui. In the first edition of the Dating show, which was analogous to the French program «Can you feel love», also attended colleague Dantes Vadim Oleynik.

    After the breakup of the band «dio.the movie» the artist concentrated on a television career and became the host of a popular cooking show «Food, I love you!». As part of the show along with his co-leading Eduard Matsaberidze and Nikolay Kamka Dantes travels the world, opening up viewers to exotic cuisine and national dishes of different countries of the world.

    Vladimir Dantes: personal life

    During the participation of Vladimir Dantes in show «Factory of Stars-2» viewers had the opportunity to observe his affair with another member

  • Anastasia Vostokova. However, after the end of the project, the actor admitted that does not have feelings for the girl, and has an affair with her by a mutual decision for mutual PR artists. For a long time, Dantes met with Ukrainian singer
  • Nadezhda Dorofeeva, a member of the group «Time and glass». However, their relationship lovers declassified only in 2013. In March 2015, in a live radio station «Lux FM» the guy proposed to his fiancée, and four months later they officially legalized their relationship.

    Vladimir Dantes: songs

    • Darkie
    • Smoke
    • You in the past
    • We Are the Champions
    • The envelope
    • A bit of a pain

    Vladimir Dantes: photo

    Volodymyr Dantes

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