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  • Name: Vladimir Chernoklinov ( Vladimir Chernoklinov )
  • Date of birth: January 1, 2002.
  • Age: 15 years
  • Place of birth: Noginsk, Russia
  • Activity: singer, participant of the project «Voice. Children»
  • Marital status:

    Vladimir Chernokozov: biography

    He’s 14, but he was called the Russian young guitar virtuoso. His playing on the electric guitar are the envy of adult rock musicians.

    Vladimir Chemocline was born and lives in Noginsk situated near Moscow, at school number 45. As he says himself, sometimes does well, sometimes not, basically gets four and five. In parallel with school lessons Vladimir every day for a few hours is doing on the guitar, learning acoustic guitar and vocals, is a 5th grader school of the arts. The boy has already decided with your future profession, after school he intends to enter the musical College of variety and jazz art data for that. His teacher, a musician with years of experience, which the students jokingly called the «grandfather of the guitar masters,» says Chernokozova phenomenal ear and memory. The teenager listens to different music and easily picks up fragments of the guitar.

    Now Vladimir hard studying music theory, to understand the meaning of the works that plays, get acquainted with biographies of famous composers, improving their skills, mastering complex techniques of the game. In his repertoire — more than ten challenging musical works, with whom he performs at concerts and festivals. Speech by Mr Chernokozova on a children’s rock festival 2015 has become one of the brightest.

    Volodya says that the love for rock music and guitar from his father. In his 14 years he has performed with the Symphony orchestra, is familiar with many famous Russian guitarists. The talented boy was applauded by Vladimir Putin — it was the awarding of the world chess champion, held in November 2014 in Sochi.

    At the festival «Invasion» Vladimir Chemocline brilliantly opened the second day and did not panic when he looked 180 thousand spectators. He was lucky to be with a Swedish guitarist Mattias Eklund.

    The guy regularly gets an invitation from the producer center Igor Sandler. Producer and musician Igor Sandler, introducing the young guitarist on his birthday, I remembered how three years ago it came to 11-year-old boy and said, «I play the electric guitar rock.» When Sandler listened to him play, I realized that it wasn’t just talent, and the young virtuoso.

    «Voice. Children»

    The Project «Voice. Children» for Vladimir Chernokozova the next step of creativity, the ability to Express themselves in Russia and the CIS. In the blind auditions Volodya sang a song Scorpions «Maybe I Maybe You». In the last seconds the guy returned to Pelagia. Hall shouted at him, «well Done.»

    The audience and the jury and was impressed with the fact that Vladimir during his speech, played the guitar himself. As he said in an interview behind the scenes, he’s more of a musician than a singer, because always with a guitar. Leonid Agutin said that the guitar sounds awesome. The judge asked the participant to take a couple of notes, and in response came a piercing solo. The jury has compared Vladimir with a small St. Kuzmin and Agutin added that the boy already has a profession.

    After the speech of Vladimir Chernogorov said, «I think it’s fate. I came back to the team I went». He is not concerned that Pelagia — narodnich, and is not afraid that she will pick up the song in his style. Volodya is sure that Pelagia will find it interesting repertoire.

    Personal life

    Vladimir Chemocline trying to live a normal life of a teenager is to go to the pool, walking. But because of the music and constant touring this is not always.

    The teenager confidently going to his dream, and he dreams of becoming an artist, a guitarist and singer. On his clothes there is an icon of guitar – good luck charm.

    Vladimir does not want to emulate some of the musicians he wants to make himself and to be like just for yourself.


    Volodymyr Chernoklinov

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