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  • Name: Vladimir Bolshov ( Vladimir Bolshov )
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1958.
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actor, Director
  • Marital status: married Agrippina Steklov

    Vladimir Bolshov : biography

    Actor Vladimir Bolshov, a native Muscovite. He was born in January 1958 in a family where no one was associated with the world of theatre and cinema. Grew up in a typical Moscow courtyard. The acting profession Vladimir never dreamed of since childhood. He wanted to become a lawyer and defend people.

    After high school, working youth by whom he not worked. At first he worked as a Turner. Then there was the loader and the artist, as a child bad drawing. After serving in the army, Bolshov decided to enroll in drama school. Since Vladimir was not confident in his abilities, decided after the failed examinations in the theater to try to get into the art Institute.

    But unexpectedly for himself, Vladimir Bolshov from the first attempt arrived in School-Studio of MKHAT. He was accepted into the course by Ivan Tarkhanov. In 1984, the College was successfully completed. At that time a struggling artist was 26 years old.


    The creative biography of Vladimir Bolshov began in the «Satyricon», where he took immediately after graduation. Late start to career, the actor seemed in a hurry to catch up. After 10 years, he became the Honored artist of Russia.

    And in the theater Konstantin Raikin immediately appreciated the skills of the novice actor. Soon he began to trust him in key roles in plays. In an interview, Konstantin Arkadievich highly praised Vladimir, calling it one of the leading artists of the «Satyricon». The Director described Bolshova as sharp and bright, with a great sense of humor and temper. And he admitted that Vladimir is the Director’s talent and rich imagination, without which a creative person is impossible.

    Career in film for Vladimir Bolshova, too, was auspicious. He made his debut in the historical film «Lord Novgorod the Great», where he played the old man. But 2 years later, in 1986, 28-year-old actor got a bright and remembered by many of the role of the Holy fool Aripuca. With this talented work on the actor learned millions of Ukrainian viewers. «Opened» Bolshov and Directors that from then on it regularly to remember when looking for a bright and colorful candidacy for the next role.

    The most vivid images the artist was able to bring to life in the TV series «Kamenskaya» series («Stolen sleep»), «Poor Nastya» (played by doctor Ilya Petrovich stern), «the Brothers Karamazov» (Nikolay Parfenovich) and «the best night ever» (physician-sniper).

    In 2014, the audience saw Vladimir Bolshova in the project «gentlemen, comrades», where he got one of the main roles – hero, nicknamed «Bear Culty».

    And fans of the talented actor love him for his great sense of humor, which he implements in the rating of the TV show «Thank God you came!».

    Personal life

    Vladimir Bolshov met his current wife Agrippina Glazing in the «Satyricon». Love came to him from the first meeting, and after careful «and looks after» each other.

    It is known that the first wife of actor died. From this marriage he is survived by a daughter, Mary. On the Glazing, the actress was also lonely. She divorced her first husband and raised her son Daniel. When Vladimir and Agrippina decided to live together, Dana was 5 years and 4 Mache. The guys immediately found a common language with each other and found common ground with the new father.

    Now it is a friendly and funny family, where all love each other. Vladimir Bolshov’s a great cook and loves to please the family tasty dishes. With humor, he calls himself «Cinderella» and easily copes with any homework.

    It seems that the personal life of Vladimir Bolshova has developed happily. Often he and Agrippina Steklov give a General interview, which means that artists are all right, not only in career but also at home.


    • «Lord Novgorod The Great»
    • «Mikhail Lomonosov»
    • «Kamenskaya: should pay For everything»
    • «Poor Nastya»
    • «Ostrog. Theodore Case Sechenov»
    • «Bear hunting»
    • «Moscow. Central district 3»
    • «Vysotsky. Thank you for living»
    • «Gentlemen, comrades»
    • «Performance»


    Volodymyr Bolshov

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