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  • Name: Vladimir Basov ( Vladimir Basov )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1923.
  • Age: 64 years
  • Date of death: 17 Sep 1987
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Director, actor, screenwriter, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Vladimir Basov biography

    Talented filmmaker, actor and screenwriter Vladimir Basov was born in 1923 in the village of Urazovo in the family of a teacher and a soldier. Mother, daughter of an Orthodox priest, was born in Pokrovsk. Father Paul Bealtaine, an ethnic Finn, graduated from Tartusky University, was an officer, the commander of the border troops. 8 years after the birth of his son he died in battle. After that, family life has changed.

    As recalled Bass, his childhood – it’s many journeys and travels across Russia. They lived with mother and in Voronezh and the Volga and the Kursk, and Lipetsk. It seems that this list can be continued indefinitely. After his father’s death the family moved to his uncle, who lived in the city Railway. There’s a boy is going in 3rd grade, skipping first and second. After some time, Alexander I. appointed Secretary of the regional newspaper of the Kaliningrad region, therefore, the fourth class of Bass was done in another city. Each year, the artist changed schools, but that did not stop him to successfully learn and complete class 10 in Moscow.

    In 1941, the Bass comes in the University and learns about the rules of admission. The boy firmly believed that I could do. It would have been, if the talented guy is not destroyed by the war. Bass went to the front as a volunteer. They say he even corrected the year of his birth, to be young. First, Vladimir Pavlovich was Lieutenant quartermaster of the brigade, and organized art performances, his guys gave 150 concerts at the forefront. But later, fate presented a surprise»: Basov send in a mortar team, which made a lot of feats.

    In February 1945, the guy with the wound gets to the hospital, but after recovery returned to duty. After the war, the future actor received the rank of captain, and deeds — the order of the red star. Bass had all the chances to make a brilliant career in the military, but refused, dreaming about something else.

    Vladimir Basov: Director

    In 1947 Vladimir Basov goes to the VGIK. In 1952, he successfully graduated the directing Department and begins to work on «Mosfilm». First, he was an assistant Director and worked on the painting «Przewalski» together with their teacher, Sergei Yutkevich. Gain experience, the artist shot his first film «School of courage». After the successful debut of Vladimir Pavlovich takes an interesting movie: «the First joy», «the Collapse of the Emirate», «Life passed me by» and many others.

    In 1960, Bass is shooting a new film «the Battle of the road», which ranks 6th in the box office and gets a number of approving reviews from critics. The real breakthrough was the next detective series «sword and Shield». Not less successful has turned the film adaptation of «Days of Turbin» in 1975. Then due to health problems the Director is 5 years didn’t created. Remembers ex-wife, it was a very difficult period for him, but he found the strength and did it.

    In 1980, the Director shoots the film «the facts of the last day,» for which he was awarded the State prize of the USSR. It seemed that a big Bass is back, and viewers will again be able to enjoy his creations. But in 1983 became ill Vladimir Pavlovich six months. A year after this event, the Bass started to film adaptation of the last picture, «Time and the conways».

    Vladimir Basov movies

    For most of the audience Vladimir Basov is an excellent actor who is known for his bright cameo roles. Debut in the movie took place in 1954 in the «School of courage» that was the beginning of a brilliant acting career. During his life, Bass has played in over 80 films. One of the most striking cameo role was the role in the famous Soviet film «I step through Moscow». This episode did Vladimir Pavlovich popular favorite.

    It is noteworthy that the role Basov no one had planned, it came about accidentally. The picture at the stage reading of the script began to criticize because she didn’t have a critical attitude to life, which was relevant to the national cinema. Therefore, the image is dissatisfied with all and all the polisher piled on the set. The actor who was to play this episode, ill. Accidentally in the Studio was Vladimir Pavlovich, he was working on another painting and passed by, when he was asked to help. After the movie «Walking the streets of Moscow» Bass has become a popular actor.

    Interesting appearance of the artist made it special and unforgettable. As I recall colleagues in the acting workshop, for Bass I always wanted to follow, he was able to instantly attract attention. Perhaps that is why the artist never sought to play the main role, and brilliantly performed minor. After the movie «I step through Moscow» was still quite a few interesting roles in such film adaptations as «Thirty three», «Moscow does not believe in tears», «Look for the woman», «Big change».

    But do not think that Bass was able to create just the comic appearances, he played in the classic paintings. Remember his «Carousel», «Running», «Crime and punishment». Repeatedly acted in heroic movies: «Urgent», «Confidential».

    We should also talk about children’s films. Bass was played by well-known stamp in «the Adventures of electronics», duremara in «the Adventures of Pinocchio» and Wolf in «red riding Hood». All these images came at the end. But in fairy tales Bass remembered not the wonderful acting, and his sincerity. Colleagues often think that the children would not let Vladimir Pavlovich, has always had, loved him very much and felt the kindness of the artist. As you know, children are impossible to deceive.

    Vladimir Basov was a great actor, Director, he built himself a brilliant career. He was known and respected not only in the Soviet Union, but also abroad. The film took first place at the box office and has collected millions of audience. But personal happiness Vladimir Pavlovich did not happen.

    Vladimir Basov: personal life

    Vladimir Basov was married three times. Male colleagues always wondered how with this unusual appearance, he managed to conquer women. It was eloquence, talent and charisma of the famous artist. With first wife actress Rose Makagonova the Director met during his studies, but the marriage broke up.

    The second wife of the Director was a young actress Natalia Fateeva. In 1959 the actress bore Bass a son, Vladimir. Remembers the second wife, she loved her husband for his talent, obsession with work, admired him. But in 1963, the marriage, the actress and Director was dissolved.

    With his third wife Valentina Titova Bass met at the audition of the film «Blizzard». He saw a young actress, and immediately said that he would marry. Of course, no one believed him. The Director actively courting the young actress, at first she didn’t pay any attention to it. But Bass has always been able to look beautiful, and Valentine could not resist. In 1965, the couple had a son Alexander. The artist was more involved in his career than family. Soon the couple broke up, or rather, Titov went to the operator Georgi Ivanovich Rerberg. Bass long hoped that Valentine would return to the family, but this did not happen. The Director even pleaded with her about the deprivation of maternal rights. In the end, the children remained with their father.

    Vladimir Basov: death

    After leaving the third wife Basov began to experience severe depression, he began to abuse alcohol, which led to the deterioration of his health. In recent years Bass practically made films and starred himself, and worked as a Director and consultant.

    As his son recalls, but work saved the actor, then he couldn’t go, but the Studio still struggled. In 1987, the great actor and Director Vladimir Pavlovich Basov died from a second stroke.

    Vladimir Basov: filmography

    • School of courage
    • Golden house
    • I step through Moscow
    • Thirty-three
    • Silence
    • Shield and sword
    • The magician
    • Wonderful character
    • Running
    • Carousel
    • Moscow does not believe in tears

    Vladimir Basov: photo

    Vladimir Basov and Valentina Titova

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