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  • Name: Vladimir Abashkin ( Vladimir Abashkin )
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: businessman, owner of the company «Base-Beauty»
  • Family: married Ekaterina Guseva

    Vladimir Abashkin: biography

    Vladimir Abashkin is a successful Russian businessman, the founder and owner of a private artistic production company «Base-Beauty», whose services are used by leading theatres and concert halls of the country and the stars of show business. But for the General public biography of Vladimir Abashkin is of interest primarily through the person of his wife, the famous actress Ekaterina Guseva, who at the time starred in the crime Saga «the Brigade.»

    Vladimir Abashkin
    Photo of successful businessman in different years

    Future husband of Ekaterina Guseva was born in Moscow. Biography of Vladimir Abashkin starts counting from 1966, however, the exact date of birth of the businessman to the public remains unknown. His parents tried to instill in the son, such qualities as diligence and respect for the people around him, and managed to convince that in the modern world is dominated received knowledge.

    Vladimir Abashkin and Ekaterina Guseva
    Abashkin and Gusev | who’s dated who

    Therefore, Abashkin after the school received the first higher, and then higher education. When the Soviet Union ceased to exist, economic trends began to develop in a new way. The young man quickly managed to adjust to the commercial wave and started his own business, which gradually took the leading position in the industry. As Abashkin always loved theatre and cinema, he created the firm, which is engaged in the production of scenery, called «Base-Beauty».

    Vladimir Abashkin and Ekaterina Guseva
    Vladimir and Ekaterina were in love with each other at first sight | LIVEstory

    Over time, the company of Vladimir began to not only bring substantial revenue, but also became well known and respected in the world of show business. And Abashkina collaborated with leading Russian concert halls, theatres, studios, shows and even the elite of the domestic music market. For example, firm «Base-Beauty» designed the stage for such stars as Alla Pugacheva, Valery Leontiev, Sofia Rotaru, Phillip Kirkorov, Joseph Kobzon and many others.

    Personal life

    In the mid 90-ies Vladimir decorated the Studio of the TV project «Russian Lotto». In this program worked then unknown actress Ekaterina Guseva. As recognized by the couple today – they fell in love each other at first sight. But Kate made every effort to make the young man did not know about her interest, and even turned down an invitation to dinner. First, the girl always rejected the first invitation for a date, and secondly, the businessman at that time was not free: he was still the official wife.

    Vladimir Abashkin family
    Family Abashkin and Guseva | Talks.su

    But Abashkin a charming girl Catherine, who, incidentally, is younger than him for 10 years, decided not to leave alone. He showered his beloved with beautiful gifts, took me to fancy restaurants, filled with huge bouquets. In General, cared very nicely. Gradually Gusev realized that her advocate the most serious. But soon after Vladimir divorced his first wife and made a proposal to Catherine. The wedding of actress Ekaterina Guseva and businessman Vladimir Abashkin took place in 1996. Through the year there was a debut actress in the Thriller «the snake source» and five years later began the boom in the Russian series «Brigada», and thank Kati reached incredible heights.

    Vladimir Abashkin and Ekaterina Guseva
    Vladimir and Catherine is very happy today | Home

    In social networks it is often said that the husband of Ekaterina Guseva had a hand in her promotion to stardom. Anyway, personal life of Vladimir Abashkin developed very happily. And when my wife gave birth to his son Alexei, the man felt the happiest person in the world. But it is worth noting that to be a man Guseva, Vladimir has never been easy. His wife is a public person, in addition, it sometimes is removed in the explicit scenes in movies and photo shoots, and the actress suggests frequent absences from home. So in my personal life Ekaterina Guseva was not without scenes of jealousy. Even began to say that marriage Abashkin and Guseva is threatened and on its last legs.

    Ekaterina Guseva family
    Abashkin with his wife and children in 2016 | Instagram

    An additional drop of tar to these rumors proved to be rumors about a possible affair of the actress with her partner on the reality show «Stars on ice» professional figure skater Roman Kostomarov. But in this situation as a great husband Vladimir Abashkin was able to separate the on-screen relationship from the real and saved the family.

    In 2010, Abashkin became a father for the second time: his wife bore him a daughter, whom the family Council it was decided to call Anna. After the first birth, Catherine after a few weeks went back to work, and the main burden of raising children fell on the shoulders of Katya Guseva and grandmothers Alyosha and Ani. Today Ekaterina Guseva and Vladimir Abashkin live in a stable and established relationship, although the person is often that the cause of his premature gray hair have a favorite.


    Vladimir Abashkin

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