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  • Name: Vladi Bleiberg ( Vladimir Ivanov Bleiberg )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1983
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Zaporozhye, Ukraine
  • Activity: musician, singer, participant of show «the Voice» and «Main stage»
  • Marital status: not married

    Vladi Bleiberg: biography

    Vladi Bleiberg – Israeli singer, who recently appears in many Russian talent shows such as the fifth season of «the Voice» and «Main stage». Biography of Vlady Bleiberg took his count on the first day of 1983. He was born in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye, in the family of Alexander Ivanov and his wife Svetlana. Only many years later, the Authorities found out that Alexander was not his own father. Biological, Sergey Kalinin, Bleiberg met only in the fall of 2016 due to the transfer of Andrei Malakhov «Let them talk».

    Vladi Bleiberg in childhood
    Baby photo of Vladi Bleiberg | VK

    However, Ivanov, who gave the future singer his name, not too long lingered in the life of a stepchild. The husband left the family when the boy was only two and a half years. Mother remarried, and in the biography of Vlady Bleiberg appears stepdad, and later my sister Irena. In 14-year-old Vladimir with his sister, mother and her parents immigrated to Israel. There he shortens the name to short «Power», as the Hebrew is very hard to pronounce Slavic «Vladimir». He also takes a more appropriate and Israel surname Bleiberg. It’s not an alias, as many think, and the maiden name of his grandmother.

    New home Power Bleiberg went to serve in the army, where he began to implement their musical and vocal talents: the young man entered the Studio and recorded his performance of the anthem of the Israeli air force, and this variant was found to be very successful. Later, a boy takes part in various international vocal competitions, and has also released her own songs. To date, the Authorities have a few singles that got into heavy rotation on Israeli radio. A couple of songs, «Jerusalem of Gold» and «Gimme a chance» (actually its name is written in Hebrew), even hit the local charts.

    In addition, Bleiberg collaborated with the world level DJ ofer Nissim a, which made the hit «Cold Song» and starred in the feature film «Banant». This Comedy was a success with viewers in Israel and was the realisation of another dream by the talented singer of Vladi Bleiberg.

    TV show

    The first TV projects the young man began to visit in Israel. In one of the show’s voice of Vladi Bleiberg brought him second place. Singer also traveled to festivals in Canada, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia and other countries. The authorities wanted to sing in Russian, so he took part in the project «X-factor. Main stage» and thanks to the Russian version of the song «Ave Maria» was in command of producer Konstantin Meladze.

    The reality show «the Voice» Power Bleiberg was also on the shoulder. He has come especially in the fifth season, because I am sure that the number «5» for it is happy. A young man sang in the blind auditions of the smash-hit «All In Love Is Fair» from the repertoire of Stevie wonder. However, it returned only Dima Bilan that is very upset by the Israeli, as he hoped for more success. In the course of the project Bleiberg changed the team and moved under the wing of mentor Leonid Agutin.

    At the stage of «duets» Vladi Bleiberg and Tornike Kvitsiani made a splash. They sang soulful song «Pray for parents» from the repertoire of Soso Pavliashvili and was able to touch and even forced to cry not only of the audience and strict jury, but such cautious men as the leading Dmitry Nagiyev. In the end, the judges found the opportunity to go against the rules and left the program to both participants.

    Personal life

    Many fans interested in the personal lives of Vladi Bleiberg: does he have a wife and kids. Today the young man is still single. He is very much travels the world as in debt to the profession and as a traveler. Usually accompany Power or mother Svetlana Yakimenko, or a sister, Irene.

    Vladi Bleiberg sister
    Sister Irena | VK

    Despite the fact that Bleiberg songs and music is the main love in my life, he has another passion, the transition from hobby to passion. We are talking about fashion and fashion design. The young man even at one time worked as a stylist for stars of Israeli music, before he began touring and performing on stage.


    Vladi Bleiberg

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