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  • Name: Vlad Topalov ( Vladislav Topalov )
  • Date of birth: 25 October 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: singer, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Vlad Topalov: biography

    Vladislav Topalov was born in Moscow. His mother Tatiana was a historian-archivist, and Michael H. Topalov did some business, as the owner of the law firm, had some relevance to the production center. Vlad has a little 3 year sister Alina.

    As a senior Topalov in his youth was seriously interested in music, was a member of several music groups in Rostov-na-Donu, Moscow and St. Petersburg, including professionally he has performed with the rock group «the Fourth dimension», its children at a very early age began to visit various children’s studios and circles. Vlad studied at music school on a violin class, and in 5.5 years became a member of the famous children’s music ensemble «Neposedy». Its head was Elena Pindzhoyan.

    Vlad was one of the soloists of the choir and also sang in a duet with Yulia Malinovskaya, which would later become known for leading the program «Morning star». Children’s collective has toured in many countries, has repeatedly won in international competitions.

    When Vlad was 9 years old, parents sent him to the English College closures, in which the boy studied for 3 years. But in 1997, the teenager returned to the capital of Russia and further training takes place in a specialized school with advanced study of foreign languages.

    When Vlad was 15 years old, his parents divorced. The boy was left to live with his father, and his mother took with him a daughter, Alina. Subsequently, Tatiana remarried and Vladislav in 2008 was born the half-sister Anna.

    In 2002, Topalov became a student of Russian State Humanitarian University, by the faculty of law, which he successfully graduated in 2006.


    In 2000 Topalov-senior decided to release the CD to the 10-year anniversary of ensemble «Neposedy». This was re-recorded the best songs, they made new arrangements. Vocals performed including Vlad Topalov and Sergei Lazarev. In parallel they decided to record a single duet and sang a few songs, including a beautiful Aria in French «Belle» from the musical «Notre Dame de Paris», which was then rattled for the whole world. Thus was born the group «Smash!!», already in 2001 he signed a contract with the French Studio recordings «Universal Music Group».

    In the spring of 2002, the Duo wins in the competition of young executors in Jurmala «New wave» and gets into the Studio to record songs. First released promo single and video for the song «Should have loved you more». And then in 2003 was published his debut album «Freeway», which quickly went platinum, and not only in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, but also in many countries in South-East Asia.

    In December 2004 they released a disk group «2nite», and immediately Sergey Lazarev is leaving the Duo to start a solo career. In his place was invited vocalist Cyril Dee-Dee, but Vlad refused to work in another, and «Smash!!» ceased to exist.

    Solo career

    Vlad Topalov is following the example of former bandmates decided to start a solo project. The first was released an album «Evolution» in 2005, which included the best hits of the duet in a solo performance of Vlad, as well as several new songs. He then signs a contract with the company «gramophone music» and in 2006 released his debut solo album, «Lone star».

    After 2 years is the second album by singer — «Let your heart decide» which was recorded in studios of Moscow and Miami. And at the same time released the album «I Will Give It All To You», which is a collection of all English songs by Vlad Topalov.

    The last musical work Topalov today is the recording of the song «Let it go» in 2015, and the video for this song.

    Personal life

    First love singer Yulia Volkova, with which he was familiar even in the collective «Neposedy». Their romance began when both were already famous, rapidly proceeded, with periodic ruptures of relations. Volkova even managed to strike up a romance with another man and bear him a daughter, but later returned to Power. In 2006, planned a wedding, but due to the complex relationship young people have decided to break the novel, this time permanently.

    Another serious love Power again could lead to marriage, but his relationship with Olga Rudenko, Director Sergei Lazarev, also came to nothing.

    In September 2015 Vlad Topalov has entered into a formal marriage. His choice was the owner of a luxury Atelier Xenia Danilina.

    In addition to music Vlad takes part in theatrical productions, for example, in the play «the Result is», trying his hand as a film actor in the films «Inadequate people» and «Deffchonki».


    • 2003 — Freeway
    • 2004 — 2nite
    • 2005 — Evolution
    • 2006 — Lone star
    • 2008 — Let your heart decide
    • 2008 — I Will Give It All To You


    Vlad Topalov

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