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  • Name: Vlad Sokolovskiy ( Vsevolod Sokolovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 24 September 1991.
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: singer, songwriter, dancer, television presenter
  • Marital status: married Rita Dakota

    Vlad Sokolovskiy biography

    Vsevolod A. Sokolowski (nickname Vlad Sokolovsky) was born 24.09.1991 in Moscow, where he still lives. The parents of the young singer also associated with art: father Andrey is a popular choreographer, and mother, Irina Vsevolodovna — Honored artist of Russia, Director, youth artist of the circus.

    Thanks to the active employment of parents in show business, the childhood years of the boy took place in a close relationship with the art world. My entire adult life Vsevolod was doing choreography, vocals, and the debut of Vlad in the film industry in General took place when the boy was not yet three years: he starred in an episode of «the sting, music, love.»

    The story of the first performances of Vlad on the stage interesting: his parents were preparing a concert performance for Philip Kirkorov, and at the concert after one of the songs a boy went up to the singer to present a bouquet of flowers. Having a love for unexpected acts, Philip Bedrosovich Vsevolod invited to stay and sing a duet. And this trick is so loved by both the audience and performers that two years Sokolovsky sang together with Kirkorov’s song «

  • My Bunny». Two years later, the young Sokolovsky appeared with this song at the concert «Morning star», where they Philip Bedrosovich made a real mini-show. Even before enrolling in school Vlad spent much time in vocal and dance group with his father.» K. S. mission.» Employment in the team went to the detriment of schooling, so she and Andrew at some point took the decision to remove son from show business.

    The boy began attending the school of classical dance that allowed him to sacrifice less General education, and five years later He began working with show-ballet «

  • Todes». The team «Todes» has become very important to him, and even now pursuing a solo career, he maintains friendship with Alla Duhova — the artistic Director of the ballet.

    Vlad Sokolovsky: «Bis»

    Young Sokolovsky wanted to finally show what he is capable of and to finally start a solo career, so he decided to try his hand in show «Factory of Stars-7» reasonably calculated that the professionals in the jury won’t be able to miss such a talent. The parents of the young man reacted to this decision cautiously, considering that in her almost 16 years Vlad is not enough on its feet in terms of professionalism.

    Contrary to parental fears Sokolowski passed the audition and appeared on the show. Once on the project, Vlad instantly became a favorite of the public and the media: a charming young man more than once won the audience vote and was several times recognized as the best participant of the project according to the audience. During the transfer of a significant event occurred that pushed the singer to the top: under the direction of Konstantin Meladze has formed a duet of Dima Bikbaeva and Sokolovsky — «Bis».

    In the end, the duet «Encore» became the bronze medalist of the project, losing to Anastasia Prikhodko and Mark Tishman. Bikbaev and Sokolovsky began to speak in late 2007, soon entrenched in the top rankings, thanks to a few hits.

    In 2009, Bis released their first album «Bipolar world», where Vlad co-wrote several songs. The album and individual songs was a great success, and it seemed that it only gets better. However, in June 2010, Sokolovsky said the band that, judging by later developments, came as a surprise to his colleagues Bikbaeva. Later, Dmitry was involved in theater and his own group, and Vlad Sokolovsky continued cooperation with Konstantin Meladze.

    Vlad Sokolovsky: solo career

    In September of the same year, the singer presented her solo vocal-dance project «

  • VS». He produced several notable songs and gets the title of best singer of the year by the famous magazine «YES!», occasionally starred in the TV series and is actively working on their repertoire. In the spring of 2011 the team of the Konstantin Meladze Vsevolod participated in the project «Star Factory: the Return», which is fighting for the victory with the best guys from different seasons of the project. Like last time, Vlad doesn’t win, but became one of the finalists. At the same time on the First Channel is a different show with his participation, «Cruel intentions».

    In the fall of Vlad and Konstantin Meladze stop working together, justifying this by the lack of time from a producer. Sokolowski said that with Constantine, they remained on friendly terms. After some time, despite previous declarations about the beginning of independent work, Vlad begins to cooperate with Dima Bilan and Yana Rudkovskaya, declaring them his co-producers. Together with this team Vlad has released several successful singles, but in October 2012, announced the decision to work without a producer at all.

    In 2013 he released his first solo album, Vlad called «

  • Soul shards». Most of the songs the singer wrote their own. Now he has launched the nonprofit project on YouTube «VS-DEMO» in which the singer shares with the students «unformatted». He also continues to speak and work on new compositions: in March of this year, the singer presented the song «On the edge», and in April — and the clip on it.

    Vlad Sokolovsky: personal life

    Ever since «American idol» any hint of a loving relationship, Power becomes an object of close vnimaniya from the media and the army of fans. The singer started Dating a colleague at the «Factory» Yulia Parshuta. After the show, the pair immediately broke up, therefore, the idea that the whole novel was a fiction designed to draw attention to the talented participants.

    In 2008, Vsevolod began Dating a girl named

  • Daria Garnizov, a student at MGIMO, whom he met at a concert of the band «Bis». Singer year was hiding these relationships from the media. The couple has been together for three years, the singer in an interview said that he wanted to make an offer to girl. It was said also that Vlad Sokolovsky met with Kira Plastinina, but both deny this information and insist that their close Association is the result of another child’s friendship.

    In 2014 Vlad began a serious relationship with Rita Dakota, the young people met on the project «Factory of Stars-7» and continued to chat amiably after the project. As told by the singer, and close they met after one private party. Less than six months after the start of relations Vsevolod introduced to the darling parents, and a year later the pair confirmed its intention to tie the knot. In the interview Dakota admitted that the proposal of marriage occurred in a romantic atmosphere and was a pleasant surprise for her.

    Sokolowski and Dakota signed 3 June 2015. The singer said that the date has special significance: on this day we celebrate the silver wedding of his parents. June 8, the couple staged a lavish celebration in retro style.

    Vlad Sokolovsky: songs

    • Popcorn
    • Interesting
    • To heaven
    • Dreams
    • Showers
    • The world has gone mad
    • After the winds
    • A new day
    • La-La-La
    • Soul shards

    Vlad Sokolovsky: photo

    Vlad Sokolovsky

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