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  • Name: Vlad Kanopka ( Vladislav Konopka )
  • Date of birth: 5 September 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk, Belarus
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Vlad Kanopka: biography

    Vladislav Kanopka was born in Minsk. His mother has long worked as a chef, and at the time of the birth of a son taught his specialty at a local trade College. Father Vladislav was a professional Builder and was engaged in business activities related to repair of apartments.

    Vlad as a child was playful and energetic boy, so to direct his energies in the right direction, parents enrolled a son in the section navigation. Later, as a teenager, Konopka engaged in sports pentathlon and triathlon, even got into a specialized school of Olympic reserve, and was a candidate in the youth team. In 15 years the young man passed all the necessary standards and received a discharge candidate master of sports.

    Until the end of secondary school Vladislav have no interest in the contests of Amateur or student productions. However, while studying in the last class, he began to study with a vocal coach and taking private acting lessons. After receiving the matriculation certificate, 17-year-old Konopka sent to Moscow and entered VGIK in the acting Department, where he works in the Studio of Vladimir Grammatikov.

    Just before the final exams, died of a heart attack father Vladislav. The young man constantly went to Moscow, then to Minsk to support the mother, which is very hard to tolerate the loss of her husband.

    After graduation, Vlad Kanopka decides to stay in Moscow, together with several former classmates rents an apartment and tries to gain a foothold in the Russian film industry, simultaneously working part-time as an animator at children’s parties.


    Vlad Kanopka first appeared in film in 2008. It was a parallel work on the secondary role of Maxim Zavadskiy in melodramatic television series «Justice» and over the little episode in the drama film «Life is getting better».

    The following appears on the screen, the young actor was only after 2 years. First, he starred in episodes of the crime drama «House» and the army Comedy «Stroybat», and then played a more serious role of Sergey Tyurin in the detective series «Signs of destiny 2». The following year Kanopka participated not only in the continuation of this series «3 Signs of destiny», but also played the lead role of Theodore in multiserial film «Moscow Decameron». It can also be seen in an episode of the TV Thriller «the police» and in a small role Maxim zhbanova in the crime drama «Only you.»

    In 2012, Vladislav Kanapki more job offers. However, most of them episodes and the role of the second plan. He starred in the medical sitcom «Sklifosovsky», detective, «Without a trace», crime series «Without a limitation period» and the adventure drama «the Last day of childhood.» But there were key character of the lawyer in the detective series «Crime is inherited».

    The following year they released the first season of youth sports series «Junior», which brought the Government-wide fame. He played Amateur hockey team «Bears» Andrey Kislyak, who stands at number 24. The character is multi-faceted because, in addition, that it was necessary to show the talented athlete, but also to convey the complex nature of the young major, the son of a wealthy attorney, who believes that all relationships in life and specifically in the team are built exclusively on money and material things.

    In parallel with the shooting in the «Junior» Vlad managed to play a major role in the crime series «Balabol» and to take part in such films as the drama «Fun» action movie «Syndrome of Chess» and a war drama about the heroes of Panfilov «the Last frontier».

    Now Vlad Kanopka working on the set of the Comedy film «Classmates» which will be released in 2016.

    Personal life

    While studying at VGIK classmate called the Power of «brad pitt» for attractive appearance. He had many Hobbies, but to a serious romantic relationship is not reached until now. As stated by the actor himself: «neither women nor girls are not. I – a bird a manumission».

    However, it is very often seen in the company of actress Valentina Lukashuk, known to television viewers to participate in the series «School» that has trained with Vlad at the same course. However, the young people claim that their relationship is purely friendly.

    Vlad enjoys songwriting in the style of rap, it has about 10 tracks, one of which «Is stronger than gravity,» he recorded in a Duo with his partner on the series «Junior» Julia Margulis.


    • 2010 — Signs of destiny 2
    • 2011 — Only you
    • 2011 — Moscow Decameron
    • 2011 — Signs of destiny 3
    • 2012 — Last day of childhood
    • 2012 — Crime is inherited
    • 2013 — Junior
    • 2013 — Balabol
    • 2014 — Syndrome Chess
    • 2015 — the Last frontier


    Vlad Kanopka

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