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  • Name: Witold Petrovskiy ( Petrovskiy Vitold )
  • Date of birth: 27 February 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Kolomna
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: Married

    Witold Peter: biography

    A young performer and member of the project «the Voice season 4» Vitold Petrovsky was born in Kolomna on 27 February 1986. His parents, Witold Kolyakov Tatiana Semenova, had no relationship to art in General and music in particular. But the son since the childhood began to demonstrate the ability of the vocals.

    Besides music Vitold Petrovsky childhood «sick» by going for martial arts — Kyokushinkai karate. It is through this passion for the guy’s specific hair pigtail characteristic of the Japanese samurai. Karate and music left favorite Hobbies Witold and after school. At the moment Petrovsky — Candidate master of sports.

    Parents, unfortunately, divorced when he was very young. The name of Witold got from my mother (maiden name Tatyana Petrovskaya).


    Biography of the guy began after his appearance in the program «long live the Muse». This is a project of Oleg mitiaeva, which performed songs on poems by Pushkin and music Tukhmanov. The audience appreciated the beautiful vocal Petrovsky, noting the deep sensuality and beauty of his voice. For participation in the project Witold becomes the winner of the Tsarskoye Selo prize.

    From 2007 to 2010, the young singer held a joint with Oleg Mityaeva tour on cities of Russia. He has visited with their performances and in the neighboring countries. In 2009, Witold participated in the program «the Shelter of comedians».

    First media fame came to the artist after participating in the project «Live sound», where he began his journey with the songs of the group «via Gra» Valery Meladze «one Hundred steps back.»

    Witold repertoire is very rich: he sings ballads, popular hits of different years, original songs, classics in French and Italian, as well as their own works. Petrovsky have a unique range and powerful voice allowing you to sing almost everything. Moreover, the guy writes music and lyrics to his songs.

    Vitold Petrovsky often appears in projects and television shows, as well as in radio broadcasts. To a recital of a talented young man invited the legendary Eldar Ryazanov.

    Petrovsky became a member of the «Artist,» which was broadcast on the TV channel «Russia 1». Petrovsky earnestly sang the famous song Valery Meladze «I can’t live without you.» Julia Savicheva, is present at the program as a jury member, I could not resist and cried. The girl explained your reaction to the fact that the singer «sing heart,» and she couldn’t resist.

    In September 2015, the Vitold Petrovsky participated in the mega project «the Voice», after which he became the object of adoration of millions of admirers of his talent. «Blind auditions» Peter sang «one More minute». All mentors Witold chose the team of Grigory Leps.

    Personal life

    Personal life is the subject, which is one of the patients for Witold. His wife’s name was Tatiana. Young people met at the age of 14 and since then started Dating. When both were 25, Tatiana and Witold were married. Beautiful Couple they look good together. But once there was a fracture, in which the couple divorced a year later. This Witold still can not forgive myself.

    Soon in his life tragedy struck Tatiana died. Petrovsky is very hard going through her care. Since then, a lot of songs by dedicating his former sweetheart.


    Vitold Petrovsky

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