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photo Vitas

  • Name: Vitas ( Vitaly Grachev )
  • Date of birth: 19 February 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Daugavpils, Latvia
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: pop singer and actor
  • Marital status: married to Svetlana Grankovsky

    Vitas: biography

    He was famous for his unusual falsetto Vitas (real name-Vitaly Grachev Vladasovich) was born in the Latvian Daugavpils on 19 February 1979. Vitas is a Latvian version of the name of the singer. His passport is Russian name Vitaly. Shortly after the birth of her son Grachev’s family moved to Odessa, where he lived the grandfather of Vitas Arkady Marantsman. Vitas himself considers himself more of Odessa and Ukrainian, as he left the Baltic States in early childhood. Now Grachev has Ukrainian citizenship and place of residence.

    Parents of Vitas in no way associated with the music. Loved to sing only grandfather Arkady Marantsman. The boy’s father wanted to see son a football player, and his grandfather, who was a war the military. But the guy was drawn to music and drawing. He graduated from the regular secondary school in Odessa for three years he studied in one of the music schools in the city to play the accordion. While still a boy he worked in local theater plastics and vocal parody. Soon Buchanan began studying jazz vocals with teacher Anna Rudneva.

    In childhood Vitas perfectly copied the movement of Michael Jackson, and later, engaging in the theater plastics, brilliantly parodied a variety of people, and equally successfully to both men and women. Besides the stage, he loved to draw. His work is reminiscent of Dali art. The boy was fond of computer technologies.

    After graduating from ninth grade, Grachev went to conquer Moscow.

    Vitas: creativity

    At the age of fourteen Vitas wrote the song «Opera No. 2». When the guy came to the capital, I immediately started working with Sergey Pudovkin, who noticed unusual boy in Odessa. Pudovkin producer of Vitas and Sergey’s mother, in recognition of the singer, took care of him as his own, replacing dead his own mother. With the help of a fist appeared in the video for the track

  • «Opera No. 2», which immediately appreciated by the audience. First of all, their uniqueness. Listeners struck by a piercing falsetto, the young singer and strange «gills» on the neck. Solo singer started in December 2000. Actually, it was zero and began his artistic career Vitas. After the debut Grachev on Russian stage as many listeners and experts wondered: what is the secret of an amazing falsetto, and how a man can pull those high notes? Music critics and teachers could not understand why the contractor is not singing in the chest register. Vitas producer Sergey Pudovkin tirelessly explained that it was not fraud, but a special device of his throat and ligaments. I must say, believed in it enough. For example, associate Professor of vocal of the Moscow pedagogical University Elena Kerashvili claims that the «singing» of Vitas on the low notes and not singing and the recitative, which is characteristic only for artists who have never studied singing.

    «Vitas was originally conceived as a project, shocking the audience, but not the vocal data, and the overall situation, which is injected around it. The main role is played by the media support. And her voice Vitas, I would put in second place» — said Kurashvili.

    Success in the capital Grachev received. His first touring was a failure and did not bring in income, barely covering the losses. But the producer of the performer did not give up, claiming that everyone who came to the concert of Vitas, will become its adherents. By the way, colleagues at the scene claimed that Vitas sings under a soundtrack. But in fact, all concerts will be performed live.

    Interestingly, Grachev was able to sing even Sergey Penkin, the voice of 4 octaves named silver. Vitas can take five and a half octaves. If necessary – able to sing with the bass. Debut CD-single of by «the Opera №2» it was released, making disk small scraps of her red scarf, which was allegedly on his neck in the video.


  • «Opera No. 1» was filmed in the Vietnamese temple of the emerald Buddha. It should be noted that Vitaly love the East and its contemplative ideology. Rumor has it that Vitas during the trip to Tibet was initiated as a monk.

    Vitas: China and criticism

    Her solo programs Vitas during his career has visited dozens of countries. I especially love Grachev to China where it is somehow considered the most famous singer of Russia. In China Vitaly made his debut as an actor. He played in several films, most famous of which is «Mulan», «the Last secret of the Master» and «Create party». In China only the official fan club of Vitas consists of more than a million fans. In Shanghai has installed a statue in honor of the «Russian miracle».

    But in the homeland of Vitas is not only supporters, but also critics. For example, Dmitry Umbrasko in the nines defeated the work of the singer, saying that his album «Kiss of a lifetime» can only listen to people with very strong mind. Approximately the same opinion about Draw Artemy Troitsky, who in one interview said that he sees no difference between the songs of Vitas.

    However, the performer boasts a solid discography: 14 albums. The debut called «Philosophy of miracle» was released in 2001, the «fresh» today – «I’ll give you the world. The story of my love-2».

    Vitas: personal life

    Vitas and his wife

  • Svetlana Grankovsky together for a long time. When they met, Vitaly was already a star, and the Light of an ordinary 15-year-old schoolgirl. Their acquaintance took place in the theatre of musical Comedy. Seeing the girl behind the scenes, Vitas immediately realized that it was love at first sight.

    «I fell in love with her. I so much loved her, I couldn’t live without her and 10 minutes. And then I decided to steal it,» says the artist.

    And stole. Today Grachev argues that only now, when he became a father, realized the horror of such an act.

    From Vitas and Svetlana with two children. Daughter Alla appeared in November 2008 and my son’s new year’s eve 2015.

    Vitas: discography (albums)

    • Philosophy miracle
    • Smile!
    • Mom
    • Kiss as long as eternity
    • The homecoming-1
    • Homecoming-2.The cry of cranes
    • Hits of the twentieth century
    • Tell me that you love
    • You’re the only one. The story of my love-1
    • I’ll give you the world. The story of my love-2

    Vitas: photo


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