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  • Name: Vitaly Solomin ( Vitaliy Solomin )
  • Date of birth: 12 December 1941.
  • Age: 60 years
  • Date of death: may 27, 2002
  • Place of birth: Chita
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, Director, people’s artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: married

    Vitaly Solomin: the biography

    Vitaly Solomin is a Soviet and Russian actor, one of the most significant figures of the Russian theatre and cinema. Most of the spectators it is associated with the role of Dr. Watson in the film adaptation of «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson». Also in his biographies of such famous paintings as «Winter cherry», «Silva», «die Fledermaus» and many others. For great achievements in the field of art, Solomin was awarded the title people’s artist of the RSFSR, and was also a member of the theatre Union and the Union of cinematographers of Russia.

    Vitali was born in Chita, and both his parents had a direct relationship to creativity. Mother Zinaida was was father Methodius V. was music teachers who not only instilled a love for the son this kind of art, but also taught him to play the piano. However, Vitaly was not very anxious to hours of lessons over the black and white keys, as a child he liked to engage in sports. Especially a lot of the time he has devoted to Boxing.

    In 1959, after his elder brother Yuri Solomin, Vitali goes to Moscow to study at the Higher theatre school named after Schepkin. He was on course Nicholas Annenkov and his neighbors in class become future stars of the Russian cinema, Mikhail Kononov and Oleg Dal. I wonder what the world would never know such an artist, because being a perfectionist he nearly left University after the first year. The thing is that straws used to study only on «excellent» on one of the exams next session was just «okay», and his first impulse was to drop the class.

    Already on 2-m a course of the young actor made his debut on the professional stage of the Maly theatre in the play «Your uncle Misha». After graduating from College, Vitaly Solomin has become a full member of this troupe. In the theater, he mostly played bright characters of Russian classics – Chatsky, Astrov, and gave Protasov.

    In the 70-ies of the Solomin’s beginning to try his hand at directing. Have been highly praised his productions of «the Living corpse» on the play by Leo Tolstoy and «My favorite clown» based on the novel of Vasily Livanov. Except for a Small theatre, about two years Vitaly mefodyevich collaborated with the Theater Mossovet.

    Also, the actor well known as a great literary reader. Still very popular detective novels of the series «the adventures of father brown» and the famous monument of old Russian literature «the Word about Igor’s regiment», performed by Vitaly Solomin.


    The first film in the career of Vitaly Solomin was the role of a young philologist Bartseva in student drama «Newton Street, building 1». He had a little bit of film, but the experience was useful, and soon he played Eugene, the son of the main character in the melodrama «Women». This role gave him his first popularity.

    But the all-Union fame came to the actor role of the right hand of the famous expert in deduction in multiserial film «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson». Partner Solomin became a legendary actor Vasily Livanov. The first film consists of 2-piece, was released in 1979. Then the Director Igor Maslennikov made another 4-d pattern consisting of several series. In General, Livanov and Solomin recreated on the screen 12 of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Soviet adaptation has received recognition not only among the domestic audience, but throughout the world, and at home Sherlock Holmes Duo of actors were officially recognized as the best of all who tried to play movie images of famous detectives. In recognition of the British government initiated the installation of the monument to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, on the Smolenskaya embankment in Moscow, opposite the British Embassy. Moreover, in the exterior characters of a monument unmistakable figures and faces of Vitaly Solomin and Vasily Livanov.

    Another cult film with the participation of Vitaly Mefodyevich – drama «Winter cherry». The actor in this picture is mixed, diverse and interesting role married a selfish-lover Vadim Dashkov. But Solomin was able to bring in this way a part of himself and made Dashkova and even charming man. The popularity of the picture, especially in the female half of the audience, led to the fact that within 5 years it was filmed two sequels of this dramatic story.

    Also increased the popularity of the actor, his comedic roles in the film adaptation of the classic operetta «Silva» and «die Fledermaus,» directed by Yan Frid. In these films fully reveals comic talent of the actor that brings the ease and skutocnosti overall dramatic line of the plot.

    Personal life

    Vitaly Solomin was married twice. His first wife was actress Natalia Ore. They met in 1962 on one of the student performances, and a year later became husband and wife. However, this marriage was not long, and after a divorce Vitaly vowed never to walk down the aisle. More the way of Ore and Solomin do not intersect, and they never saw each other.

    In a few years, the actor auditioned for the film «the City romance». There the assistant Director was invited to the student of textile Institute, Maria Leonidova, which I saw on the street and offered to try yourself in the movie. Solomin in the cast picture has not got, but noticed the girl, proposed to her, and in 1970 they were married. To this marriage were born two daughters, Anastasia and Elizabeth. My younger daughter is following in the footsteps of her parents and also became an actress.

    Vitaly Solomin was known for his love of parties and celebrations. For example, once to pick up all the friends mood, he organized a meeting of New year in the middle of spring.


    The actor has long suffered from hypertension, and the disease manifested itself on 24 April 2002, when Vitaly Solomin was on the stage of the Maly theater, playing a role in the play «Wedding Krechinsky». Bad as he had experienced that day still early, but still decided to go on stage.

    Vitaly mefodyevich played the first act, after which he had to get on hands. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a stroke, and doctors for more than a month of fighting for the life of the great actor, although most of that time Solomin was in a coma.

    Vitaly mefodyevich repeatedly said that he would like to follow in the footsteps of molière and Andrei Mironov, meaning that they died at the scene. We can assume that the desire of the great actor turned, as it until the last minute of his life was devoted to the theatre.

    May 27 2002 Vitaly Solomin died and was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

    Selected filmography

    • 1966 — Women
    • 1971 — Dauriya
    • 1978 — Sibiriada
    • 1979-1986 — Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
    • 1979 — bat
    • 1981 — Silva
    • 1985 — Winter cherry
    • 1992 — the Black square
    • 2000 memories of Sherlock Holmes
    • 2002 — Casus Belli


    Vitaly Solomin

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