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photo by Vitaly Raskalov

  • Name: Vitaliy Raskalov ( Vitaliy Raskalov )
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1993.
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Smila, Ukraine
  • Activity: a roofer, a photographer, a blogger
  • Marital status: not married

    Vitaly Raskalov: biography

    Vitaly Raskalov is popular in Russia and abroad, a roofer, a photographer, blogger and, as he says, the headache service of protection of all high-rise buildings.

    He was born 19 Jan 1993 in Cherkasy region. To grade 6 Vitaly lived and studied in Ukraine, and then his family moved to Russia. He graduated from high school in Moscow, but the Russian citizenship and has not received.

    After school Raskalov entered the faculty of journalism, Moscow state University, but dropped out of University in my first year. Higher education he never got, he considers it unnecessary.

    In the 16 years old Vitaly Raskalov bought a camera and started taking pictures, but soon realized that conventional photography is no surprise. Then he decided to engage in extreme shooting – capture the city from the roofs of tall buildings. Before climbing a tall building Vitaly was not engaged in sports. Then have mastered the basic skills of parkour, learned how to jump and land, and run fast, because he sometimes has to run away from security of buildings and law enforcement officials.

    Raskalov gets on the roofs of the buildings illegally. He is not afraid of getting deported from the European Union, China and other countries. Says first and last name are fictional.


    Vitaly Raskalov is better known in Germany, in Russia and Ukraine learned about him when he started the blog in «LiveJournal» where he posted photos from the conquered roofs. The money for this thing first he had received.

    The guy made hundreds of ascents, but most of all he remembered the main building of MSU, the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, the Shanghai tower in China, the bridge on island Russian in Vladivostok, Cologne Cathedral in Germany. Rufer recalls how three years was set on the conquest of the tower of Moscow state University. Its spire is a separate Elevator with combination lock, Vitaly felt that the ascent was impossible, but he did it. To climb the famous Egyptian pyramid, with a partner he had five hours to spend in the tomb, hiding from the guards.

    Climbing the Shanghai tower was a bigger gamble, because in China the laws for the roofers severe. Raskalov decided to climb to the Chinese new year, when the guards are not so alert. Their team had to overcome 120 floors at night and then almost a day to sleep there, waiting for good weather.

    Now Vitaly Raskalov is actively cooperating with popular channels CNN, BBC, NBC – it sells videos of climbing. Extreme show without insurance are popular in the West and channels, leading Newspapers are willing to pay for them. Popular Russian channels, according to rufer, to pay for the stories you want. Once a year, Vitaly Raskalov and his partner Vadim mahorov video spread free Internet access.

    Vitaly earns and brand advertising: is photographed in t-shirts and caps with their logo, and then upload pictures in LJ and other blogs. He says he is earning enough for a comfortable life.

    April 4, 2016 on TV «Che» premiere extreme show «Roofers». The program tells viewers about a difficult sport, the beauty of architectural structures in different countries. All the plots for the new show Vitaly and Vadim filmed themselves, so they have no staged photography and installation. The audience creates the effect of presence, they can feel the height and the same emotions that I feel the roofers on the top.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Vitaly Raskalov does not reflect yet – the conquest of new tops takes up all his free time.

    In 2011, he was deported from Russia, banning entry into the country until September 2016. He now lives in different countries, in Thailand, in China, in America. Rufer loves to ride a motorcycle around Phuket to explore the jungle.

    Vitaly Rascalov day starts with checking the news feed on Facebook. Rufer says that most of his friends there. He likes to read Wikipedia, mostly articles about the countries, attractions, and religion. Policy Raskalov not interested. Says that would be a triple citizenship.

    His day starts with cleansing, exercises on a press. In warm countries it adds to the morning gymnastics, Jogging, because climbing requires not only courage, but also good physical shape.


    Vitaly Raskalov

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