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  • Name: Vitaly Mutko ( Vitaliy Mutko )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Village of Kura, Krasnodar Krai
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian statesman, Minister of sports of the Russian Federation, RFU President
  • Marital status: Married to Tatiana Mutko

    Vitaly Mutko: biography

    Vitaly Mutko – the main character of the Russian sports. He since the advent of the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation is the only and unchallenged to his chair. Thanks to its «economic» ability of the Minister of sport easily manages important sector in the Russian government and not being a professional athlete skillfully oversees the sport in the country. In 2015, he was re-elected President of the RFU. In the next year, Vitaly will organize football and confidently lead the team to brilliant victories.

    He was born Vitaly Mutko December 8, 1958 in Krasnodar Krai near the city of Tuapse in the village of Kura. Parents of the future Minister of sport of the Russian Federation were ordinary people – his father worked as a longshoreman, and his mother was sanochnitsa in the timber industry. This did not prevent them to raise her son as a good man who neither in childhood nor in adolescence was not able to cause them trouble. The school Mutko was a diligent boy, hungry for knowledge and was one of the best students in the class.

    Dreaming from childhood to become a sea captain, he after 8 classes went to Rostov-on-don, and wanted to go to river school, but failed the entrance exams. Then a determined young man did not lose courage and clearly decided not to return home with nothing – he went to Leningrad and enrolled in the construction vocational school, where after a year he transferred to the professional nautical school in the Petrokrepost, from which he graduated with honors and received a diploma of «minder».

    The next two years after finishing vocational school Vitaly worked as a sailor in the Leningrad sea port, on Board excursion ships and dry cargo «river-sea» on which repeatedly sailed over the border. In 1978, future Russian statesman decided not to stop there and enrolled in the Leningrad river College, and after graduation became a student of the Institute of water transport.

    After graduation Mutko has acted in the St.-Petersburg state University of Economics and in 2006 became a candidate of economic Sciences, with a thesis at the University of Economics and Finance. Despite a passion for the sea, the biography of Vitaly Mutko the result was redirected to the world of big politics and valuable connections helped him to become the main «face» of the sport in the Russian government.

    Vitaly Mutko: politics

    In College years Vitaly Mutko also active in the Komsomol, which in 1979 led him into the Communist party. Party activities has made of the future sports Minister of Russia the head of the Kirov district the cultural capital of Russia. Then he with other heads of regions became one of the founders of the Council of presidents, which a year later was nominated Anatoly Sobchak, the mayor of St. Petersburg.

    Support and loyalty to Sobchak allowed Vitaly Leontyevich to achieve great heights in politics – he was mayor of St. Petersburg and was in charge of health, culture and sports. In that period the team of Anatoly Sobchak was part of many of the currently known political figures of Russia, among them the current Russian head Vladimir Putin.

    Also in 1992, Mutko got into football and became the curator of the government of the football club «Zenit», which was later headed. In 1996, the career of Vitaly Leontyevich was under threat because the whole team Sobchak in the event of his losing the election and promised to resign. In the result, the ex-mayor of St. Petersburg lost the fight for the seat of mayor, but left the government only Mutko, Kozak and Putin.

    After leaving government, the future sports Minister has devoted himself to Zenit and led the team up to and including 2003. On a busy post achievements Vitaly Mutko it is hard to overestimate – he led the team to a decent level, and introduced her to the elite of Russian football.

    Vitaly Mutko Minister of sport of the Russian Federation

    In 2000, after winning the elections of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to Mutko opened the road to the world of big politics and sports. The first step of ascension to political heights to become President of the Premier League, and in 2005 he was appointed head of the Russian football Union. Under the patronage of Valentina Matvienko, he came to the Federation Council from the government of St. Petersburg and received the appointment to the post of Chairman of the Commission for youth Affairs and sports.

    In 2008 after Dmitry Medvedev became President and Putin Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko headed the newly created Ministry of sport, tourism and youth policy and not lost the portfolio of the President of the RFU. Then in society ambiguous attitude to such a combination of duties in connection with what Vitaly has left the Federation Council and devoted himself to the work in the Executive branch. In 2009, the officer joined the Executive Committee of the International football Federation (FIFA) and the fall fell out of favor with the major leaders of the country. In particular, Medvedev said that sports organizations should lead officials, and professionals who are ready to give the sport 24 hours a day, thus focusing on the relevant Minister. Then Mutko has left a post of President RFS, retaining the portfolio of Minister of sport of the Russian Federation.

    In 2015, Vitaly Mutko once again regained the post of the head of the Russian football Council – 2 September, he was elected President of the RFU, as he was the only candidate. To combine the work of the Minister of sports and head RFS Vitaly Mutko will be until September 2016. But Mutko intends to lead the RAF until 2018, and that by the time Russia will host the world Cup.

    Vitaly Mutko: personal life

    Personal life Vitaly Mutko does not differ from all Russian officials and family secrets of the sports Minister always remain «behind the scenes» to society. It is known that with his future wife Tatyana Ivanovna President of the RFU met in a moment of its activities in the personnel Department of the Baltic Maritime traffic. Now Tatiana Mutko is a homemaker and is engaged exclusively in the household.

    In 2010, the wife Mutko became a key figure in the scandal that unfolded around the visit of the Russian delegation to the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Then it turned out that it was not an official member of the delegation and for the state money made the flight. A scandal Mutko was settled, and the wife of the Minister of sports of Russia paid 52 thousand rubles as compensation for my ticket.

    Vitaly Mutko has two daughters – Elena and Maria, 1977 and 1985 of a birth. The eldest daughter of the Minister of sport Helen became a successful businesswoman and headed the dental clinic Leon. Maria Mutko went in his father’s footsteps and graduated from the economic faculty of Saint Petersburg state University.

    Vitaly Mutko: revenues

    According to official data, the income of Vitaly Mutko for 2014 has decreased by almost two times – he has declared 6 million rubles, and his wife 1.5 million rubles. In their property are two plots of land, garage, apartment area of 118 square meters. They also have shares in two apartments the area 150 and 250 square meters.

    Vitaly Mutko: photo

    Vitaly Mutko

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