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  • Name: Vitaly Milonov ( Vitaly Milonov )
  • Date of birth: 23 January 1974
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 193
  • Activity: the Russian politician, member of the party «United Russia», Deputy of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg
  • Marital status: Married

    Vitaly Milonov: biography

    Vitaly Milonov – one of the most eccentric politicians of modern Russia, known for its high-profile bills that cause a strong reaction in society. He considers himself a «political hipster» and a fighter for Orthodox values, but many see it as a banal political careerist who is using the image of the ultra-conservative trying to get through to political heights. Due to this he became the first and only in history a member of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, the resignation which wants the majority of the population of Russia’s Northern capital and cultural figures who are not willing to put up with the «senseless and absurd» policy initiatives.

    He was born Vitaly Valentinovich Milonov January 23, 1974, in the cultural capital of Russia. His parents were a naval officer Valentin Nikolaevich, the teacher of initial classes Kuznetsova, who adored my son, as he had them of late, the only and very desirable. Spoiled parents future Deputy in childhood was a naughty boy, prefer the Amateur company of schooling, therefore, were of high achievers and was a C-student.

    At the end of the school Milonov wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and intended to join the Military engineering technical school. His plans to become a soldier was not a success – Vitaly Valentinovich was not accepted into school for health reasons. Thereafter, the future legislator was admitted to Leningrad state University, philological faculty. But this attempt to obtain a higher education also proved a failure, as he was expelled from the University because of poor academic performance.

    In 2006 alone, Milon graduated from the Northwest Institute of public administration under the President of the Russian Federation, where he studied on the faculty of the state municipal management. Later he became a student of the correspondence faculty of the Orthodox St. Tikhon humanitarian University.


    Vitaly Milonov’s political career started in the early 90-ies. Then he joined the free democratic party of Russia, co-chairs, who at that time was the famous Russian opposition Lev Ponomarev and Marina salie. At the same time to the surprise of his family, which was dominated by the spirit of atheism, an aspiring politician showed interest in religion and began to attend meetings of the Evangelical Church.

    Then his work was noticed by the state Duma Deputy Vitaly Savitsky, who in 1994 made Milonov and his assistant, thus giving him a «ticket» in the world of politics. In the same period Vitaly Valentinovich creates movement «Young Christian Democrats», the head of which showed unusual activity and has loudly declared itself in the political world. After a few years he was the leader of the democratic movement St. Petersburg, state Duma Deputy and human rights activist Galina Starovoitova, who took Milonov in his team and became his so-called «godmother» in his political career.

    In 1998, on the proposal of the school of Vitaly Valentinovich has filed his candidacy for the elections in the Petersburg Parliament, but in just a few days before the vote, refused to fight for the Deputy mandate in favor of Vadim Tulip from the party «Unity», which was the main rival of the democratic party. This act Milonov’s colleagues is regarded as a betrayal, but it did not change the opinion of the novice politician, who, having vacancy on its main rival the Tulip, became his assistant and in 2004, he began a career in the ranks of the party «United Russia».

    He was first elected Deputy of the municipality in the district of Country, and a year later became head of the municipal administration in the district Krasnenkoe river. 2007 Milon was elected to the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, where he occupied several senior positions in various committees. Vitaly Valentinovich was elected Chairman of the standing Commission on the structure of the government, the administrative-territorial structure and local self-government, and also received membership in the budget and Finance Committee.

    In 2009, the policy headed the standing Committee on legislation and in parallel joined the parish Council of the Orthodox Church of St. Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow, which now regularly participates in worship services.


    Widely known Deputy Vitaly Milonov has become in 2011, after the initiation of the law on homosexuality and pedophilia, which was approved and adopted by the deputies, but has caused ambiguous reaction not only in Russia but also abroad. In accordance with this law, he unsuccessfully tried to prosecute Lady Gaga, Madonna and Rammstein, who decided to come to the Northern capital of Russia and to conduct their shows in support of the gay community.

    In 2012 the Government acted to ban the teaching of Darwin’s theory, as he considers the concept of «evolution» is meaningless, because man, in his opinion, happened by the will of God. In the same period, a politician has put forward another resonant bill, proposing to grant citizens ‘ rights to embryos, what his colleagues called «crazy idea».

    Also Milonov actively opposes the international competition «Eurovision», which, in his opinion, promoted homosexuality, and arbitrarily initiate a ban on free abortions in Russia. Vitaly V. in addition, there is a bright fighter against illegal migration and unlawful on the web that contains false information.

    However, not all bills have Milanova extravagant character – his proposal to ban production, sale and import products containing more than 2% TRANS fatty acids, as well as the introduction of serious penalties for utilities that do not comply with the rules for the provision of services to the population, are welcomed by the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg.

    Personal life

    Personal life Vitaly Milonov is not hidden from the public eye. He married in 1996, his fellow member of the movement «Young Christian Democrats» eve Liburkin. The couple has four children – Martha (2009), Nicholas (2012), Petra (2013) and Evdokia (2015). It is known that Peter is the adopted son and Liburkin Milonov, whom they adopted immediately after his birth.


    Vitaly Milonov income for 2014 amounted to almost 3.5 million. According to the official Declaration on the income his wife earned a little more than 65 thousand rubles. In their joint ownership there are two plots with total area of 2000 square metres and 2 apartments with an area of 72 and 42 sq. m. of the vehicles the family owns only Milanova Japanese motorcycle «Kawasaki Vulcan».


    Vitaly Milonov

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