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  • Name: Vitaly Kudryavtsev ( Kudryavtsev Vitalii )
  • Date of birth: 6 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Vitaly Kudryavtsev : biography

    Vitaly Kudryavtsev was born in early 1977 in Moscow. He grew up a normal guy and not dreamed about the acting profession. At school age he was fond of sports, choosing for themselves in athletics.

    After leaving school He entered the Moscow state University law faculty. After receiving his law degree, began working in one of the capital ships. The fate of Vitali changed the case. A tall man with a remarkable appearance was invited to try himself in the movie. Then, in 2000-m to year, filmed the popular series «Maroseyka, 12». One of the series called «Indian summer» required young men on the role of the tax police. Vitaly Kudryavtsev came to audition with a friend who received a similar offer. Soon after samples of young people called the representatives of the Studio and was invited to the shooting.

    In the process of working on the film Vitaly Kudryavtsev realized that acting profession is really what he needs. Law practice he left here, enrolling in the School-Studio of MKHAT. At that time, Vitaliy was already 24 years old. It would seem, to begin College life later, but AMEDIA has focused on adults, determined to recruit them as part of a creative experiment.

    The Studio school Kudryavtsev attended with pleasure, because the teachers of the experimental group was Sergey Zemtsov and Igor zolotovitski. Vitaly Kudryavtsev, so got a taste of theatrical training, have decided to continue it. For this he chose the Slavic Institute of a name of Derzhavin. In 2006, Kudryavtsev graduated from the course leaders which was Lyudmila Ivanova and Vladimir Baucher.

    Vitaly Kudryavtsev: movies

    After graduation, the young actor was accepted into the acting troupe of the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. But his teaching did not stop. Vitaly Kudryavtsev is a graduate of GITIS, where he graduated from the Department of directing. During the training he took a two year break and returned to the stage in 2011. First after a short break, the role of Tana in the play «Six characters in search of an author». The next artist on stage was the production of «Menu» in the Theatre «the Comedians».

    As for film roles, in a short time the audience could see Vitaly Kudryavtsev in several popular series, including «Moscow Saga», «shadow Boxing», «Medical secret», «Servant», «wolf messing: who Saw through time» and others. Recent work is the role of Alexei Mikhailov in the TV series «Studs». Kudryavtseva can be seen in the three seasons of this serial of the tape.

    The artist is convinced that success in acting is not only talent, but the ability to build relationships with your colleagues, because in this profession the whole work is based on personal relationships.

    In 2012 Vitaly Kudryavtsev played the General’s adjutant in the multi-tape «Ludmila», dedicated to the legendary singer Lyudmila Zykina.

    Today, the artist works in two theatres. This children’s theater «Ekspromt» and the Moscow drama theatre of a name of Stanislavsky. The most vivid role of Vitaly performed in a production of «Lady invisible» and the show «Profitable».

    Vitaly Kudryavtsev: personal life

    Personal life Vitaly Kudryavtsev hidden from prying eyes. The artist about her says nothing and refuses to comment on the rumors. We only know that in 2010, Vitali Klitschko and actress Seraphim Nizovskaya was born the son of Sam. But information about their marriage not.

    Vitaly Kudryavtsev: filmography

    • Maroseyka, 12: Indian summer
    • Moscow Saga
    • Shadow Boxing
    • Airport
    • Servant
    • Arkady wolf messing: who Saw through time
    • Studs
    • Lyudmila

    Vitaly Kudryavtsev: photo

    Vitaly Kudryavtsev

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