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  • Name: Vitaly Haev ( Vitaliy Haev )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Mytishchi
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Vitaly KHAYEV: biography

    Russian actor and TV presenter Vitaly E. Hays was born on 1 Jun 1965 in Mytishchi. Father Vitaly worked as an engineer, my mother was a draftsman. The boy from childhood was active in sports, even joined the Junior team in Moscow. Received the title of master of sports in judo.

    After high school, Hai wants to go to nautical school, but didn’t pass the entrance exam. He was drafted into the Navy. The future actor served in the Baltic sea for three years, was a diver in the exploration fleet. After returning Haev submits documents to the theatre school named after Boris Shchukin and successfully passes the entrance exam. The guy was remembered by teachers as a diligent student, he worked on the course Elena Stavskaya.

    Vitaly KHAYEV: movies

    Career artist began in the theater of Stanislavsky, who invited him in 1994. Hai has played in many productions of «the taming of the shrew», «twelfth night» by William Shakespeare, «last will and Testament in Italian,» and others. Also, the actor appeared on the stage of the «theatre of Nations», Chekhov Moscow art theater and in the Center of dramaturgy and direction p/R A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin.

    In the movie, Hai began working in 2001, making his debut in the film «a Place on earth.»

    He is currently actively removed, his health is enviable — he has sung more than forty roles in such films as «Bless the woman», «Kamenskaya — 3», «Love-carrot», «what the girl» «O lucky man», «Enemy number one» and others.

    In 2007 the artist was nominated for the prestigious film award «Nika» for best male role in the film «

  • Playing the victim». Also, the actor received two awards for work on»
  • Translator» — best male role at the XV International TV & cinema forum «Together» (Yalta) and at the National film festival of debuts «Movement», held in Omsk in 2014.

    Note that most often Haev played negative characters-criminals. Says the actor, such roles he likes. But there are exceptions, for example, the positive role of the Russian Prince, who thinks about the fate of the people in the movie A. Proshkin. Or children’s tale of Yuri Grymov «the Year of the White elephant», where he plays Vitali a good dad.

    In addition to theater and film Haev been able to prove himself as a talented presenter on TV. Many viewers he is better known under the pseudonym Victor Berthier, who leads the popular national lottery «

  • Golden key» on NTV channel. This project added to the actor’s popularity and national love.

    Vitaly KHAYEV: personal life

    About my personal life the actor says. It is known that Hai was married twice. From the second marriage there are two sons. The older son’s name is Vlad, he’s seventeen, and the youngest is George, he was eleven. Sons live separately in Serpukhov. With his second wife

  • Irina actor recently broke up. The reasons for the separation the actor says. However, the former spouses maintain a friendly relationship, and Vitali often comes to children. Irina is not against dialogue of the father with his sons. As the actor in one of his interviews, when he has free time, he immediately rides to the children. Vlad and George admire the talented father, and it is possible that someone of the guys later in the footsteps of his father. The actor has a new love and plans to marry in the near future – is unknown, he is now actively engaged in career and working on new interesting projects. At the moment, the actor starred in seven films.

    Vitaly KHAYEV: filmography

    • Kamenskaya-3
    • Island without love
    • Hunters icons
    • Children Vanyuhina
    • Swan Paradise
    • Playing the victim
    • Chasing angel
    • Enemy number one
    • Bride at any cost
    • Stranger in the house
    • Never mind the girls

    Vitaly KHAYEV: photo

    Vitaly Hai

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