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  • Name: Vitaly Gibert ( Gibert Vitaly Shop )
  • Date of birth: 21 March 1988.
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Elista, Kalmykia, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: psychic, magician, esoteric, finalist of season 11 of the show «Battle of psychics»
  • Marital status: not married

    Vitaly Gibert: biography

    Cute red-haired guy Vitaly Gibert is known throughout the country as a talented esoteric and mystic, possesses extraordinary psychic abilities. Popularity came to Vitali recently. To «the battle of psychics-11» guy, prefer to hide their abilities, but when the young clairvoyant showed their skills on the big screen, and later became a winner in the show, it spoke about the whole country.

    Vitaly Gibert
    Photo psychic |

    Vitaliy Gibert was born the second of three children in the family on March 21, 1988 in the capital of Kalmykia, city of Elista. Vitali has two more sisters. The boy’s parents did not possess supernatural powers, so Vitaly, the first in the family «not so». At birth Gibert was already strangely beautiful, not like all children. In the hospital, all women of the nurses and mothers flocked to see this miracle.

    Childhood Gibert was held in an apartment of a five houses. The young man studied in secondary school in a class with a legal slant. In childhood Vitaly’ve seen an increase paranormal abilities, saw and felt something strange, but in full color of his talent was not immediately apparent.

    Vitaly Gibert in childhood
    Baby photo |

    In the biography of Vitaly Gibert, despite his young age was a tragic loss of a loved one. Psychic mom died of cancer when he was still very young. Doctors discovered the «simple inflammation» and simply killed the woman, assigning her warming. It later turned out that Vitaly mom had cancer, which by heating has started to progress quickly. He took little sister to the relatives that the child had not seen the mother fades.

    Vitaly Gibert
    Soon realized his superpowers | Official website

    According to Gibert, during the funeral he saw the Ghost of his mother, but that did not scared. Then the young man realized that he sees what others can’t. Acne is understood that about her abilities it is better to remain silent, as in society he could not understand. Gibert seriously began to study the esoteric. Father Vitaly belonged to a hobby son as whims, but the guy did not stop to get involved in unknown.

    «The battle of psychics»

    In the «Battle of psychics» Vitaly Gibert came as a regular guy. It is 2 hours before the broadcast asked the family to turn on the channel TNT at the appointed time. The father of the psychic was very surprised, and my sister on the contrary, was delighted. Before this event, Papa Gibert openly disliked the program, but with the participation of Vitaly had to watch to the end. Vladimir Yakovlevich was impressed by the abilities of the son. Almost in tears, he called Vitaly said that he was proud of them. The psychic was very impressed by the recognition of the Pope, it was important for him to have the parent thought of him that way.»

    Vitaly Gibert in
    In the first test in the «Battle of the psychics» |

    Vitaly Gibert says without other people’s work, and talking about himself reluctantly. Since his participation in the «Battle» the guy was an idol and object of desire for many of the tele-viewers. In the prediction Vitaly Gibert believed the whole country. Psychic stalking on the street crowds of fans.

    Among Gibert there are those who do not consider it «God’s dandelion». There were suspicions that he’s an actor, well playing its role. Psychic answers to such suspicions with a smile. Nevertheless, Gibert won the «Battle of psychics», having collected more than 42 thousand audience votes.

    Vitaly Gibert
    The winner of season 11 of «the battle of psychics» Around TV

    After the first series of «Battle» fans have become night and day to fill up the online messages with declarations of love. Then one could not assume that Guibert considered myself ugly, doubting that he will ever be a girl. In his small town he was the object of ridicule because of his konopatski. The boy teased and mocked, but the boy did not give up. Their taunts, rather, increased his confidence and helped to become stronger.

    Vitaly childhood acutely aware of the lies and injustice, so don’t try to cash in on their abilities. Gibert explicitly States that although it has a supernatural gift, but can not cure the deadly disease or guarantee wealth or mutual affection, therefore will never promise to desperate people, and the like. He believes that all who seek help, actually, can handle themselves if the time to suggest how and guide.

    Vitaly Gibert with a beard
    Psychic has changed and lost after winning the show | battle of the psychics

    For a long time he’s not appeared on television and refused any proposals connected with the filming, but the summer of 2015, he accepted the invitation to participate in the special issue of «Battle of psychics.» Former «sunshine boy» surprised viewers. Gibert has changed: he lost a lot of weight, came on the show with long hair and a beard. Loyal fans began to worry about the idol, fearing that the mystic was crazy. But Vitaly explained his asceticism and appearance so he tried to cope with the unwanted fame.

    Books Vitaly Gibert
    Esoteric writing books

    Now a psychic again got a haircut and became more similar to all the beloved manner. There is no mystery in social networks, and he did not advise online. Vitaly Gibert does not lead esoteric practice, but holds seminars and writes books on the fact that everyone can discover their psychic abilities. In his popular book «Modelling the future» Vitaly assures readers that can influence their own destiny and everyone can, and shares his knowledge on how to awaken his true love and supernatural abilities.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Vitaly Gibert wanted to know many fans, hoping for the attention of a prominent guy. A psychic told that his first girlfriend was a 17 — year-old Marina, in which the psychic was deeply in love because she reminded him of mom. At that time acne was 18. First it was his girl Marina cared for Hibbert, strongly attracted the attention, and when finally achieved his love, he became uninteresting to her, and she turned away from the young man. Acne tried several times to get her back, but the story is constantly repeated.

    Vitaly Gibert and Victoria Kamahina
    Victoria And Kamahina | Khaahi.Gee

    Vitaly several times attributed to relationships with celebrities, but because of the secrecy of the psychic, none of the rumors have not been confirmed nor refuted. In the 12th season of the BAA, was among the spectators Gibert comforted a sharp tongue clairvoyant Victoria Kamahina. After a conversation with Vitaliy girl shone with happiness, and supporters were hoping for the emergence of feelings.

    Vitaly Gibert and Nelly Ermolaeva
    Psychic and Nelly Ermolaeva

    There were rumours about the relationship of Marilyn Hibbert with Kerry. Estonian witch confirmed that he was one of her first friends in Moscow, but their friendship ended before it began – mystic unflattering comments about her abilities. Another possible contender for the heart of a psychic called Nelly Yermolaev. After her divorce from her husband girl looks very in love and mutual attraction, Nelly and Vitaly noticed all the familiar Gibert.


    Vitaly Gibert

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