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  • Name: Vitaly Churkin ( Vitaliy Churkin )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the Russian diplomat, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN and the UN Security Council
  • Marital status: Married

    Vitaly Churkin: biography

    Vitaly Churkin is one of the brightest diplomats in the Russian political arena. Occupying a high post as permanent representative to the UN and the UN Security Council, it is against the background of recent events is a real hero of Russia, so as to win defends the interests of the country before the Western colleagues.

    He was born Vitaly Churkin I., on 21 February 1952 in the capital of Russia in the family of engineer-aircraft designer Ivan and Housewives Maria Petrovna. He was the long-awaited and only child of the parents so fully received all their love and care. The childhood of the future of Russia’s permanent representative to the UN was passed without any issues, but he, like all children, loved to play, walk and have fun. But, when it came time for school, young Vitali sharply co-ordinated and focused on the school program.

    Studied Churkin at the 56th special school with advanced study of English language and was in good standing with the teachers, as showed interest, diligence and pursuit of knowledge. In addition to the basic program the parents were fully developed in him a propensity for learning a foreign language, so in addition to the lessons Vitaly regularly worked with a tutor who spoke fluent conversational speech, and was a native English speaker.

    Also one of the most prominent Russian diplomats in the childhood was fond of actively skating and repeatedly became the winner of city competition. While his early years were characteristic of artistry and charisma that allowed Churkin at the age of 11 to become a film actor. To see Vitaly Ivanovich in the films «the Blue notebook», «Zero to three» and «mother’s Heart».

    After high school, biography Vitaly Churkin still has not received the acting direction, the young man decided to become a diplomat and the first try arrived in the capital of MGIMO faculty of international relations. His classmates were well-known personalities in Russian politics Andrei Denisov and Andrei Kozyrev. As the school Churkin was one of the most diligent students on the course, which allowed him to get a diploma. After graduation he enrolled in graduate school, which he graduated successfully and became a candidate of historical Sciences, which opened him the doors to the Ministry of foreign Affairs where the diplomat was promoted to the famous «3 hats».

    Vitaly Churkin: career

    In 1974, the biography of Vitaly Churkin was intimately associated with diplomacy. Immediately after graduating from the University of the future, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN took a job in the Ministry of foreign Affairs as a referent, where the young diplomat every year. In 1979 Churkin was sent to work in the USA on the post of the third Secretary of the foreign Ministry of the USSR. The next 7 years one of the most famous diplomats today have lived in the us, where he worked at the Soviet Embassy. In 1987, he returned to the USSR and was appointed assistant of the international Department of the CPSU Central Committee. A year later he was appointed adviser to Eduard Shevardnadze, and the following year received the position of press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of the USSR.

    At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union Vitaly Ivanovich has managed to stay in the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the first years led the information Department of the foreign Ministry. In 1992 he received his first high office and became Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrei Kozyrev, with whom he studied one year at the University.

    In his post he for the first time in the history of Soviet and Russian diplomacy was to hold open briefings for Western journalists, which allowed him to make a perfect knowledge of foreign languages fluent in English. Thus he gave an example of foreign colleagues, who also changed the style of communication with journalists is banal and press releases began to present information in plain language.

    The Russian diplomat became the official representative of the President of Russia in the Balkans and took an active part in the negotiations between Western countries and parties to the Bosnian conflict. Two years later, Vitaly Ivanovich was appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belgium and in parallel, he became the representative of Russia to NATO.

    In 1998, Churkin was sent to Canada, where he was on a diplomatic mission for five years. In 2003, the diplomat was appointed Ambassador-at-large of the foreign Ministry and in fact was the personnel reserve of the Russian foreign Ministry.

    Since 2006, a career diplomat went to take off. He was appointed permanent representative of Russia to the UN and the UN Security Council, whose duties performs for almost 10 years.

    Vitaly Churkin: postbed the UN

    Held the post Vitaly Ivanovich opened his professionalism and fully justified the confidence of the Russian government and people. He is called a genius of diplomacy with nerves of steel, who proudly and confidently defends his country’s interests in international organizations. Thanks to the composure and restraint he has repeatedly proven her ability to engage in dialogue, fully weighing all the risks and uncomfortable situation in any matter.

    Achievements Vitaly Churkin for Russia is hard to overestimate. He regularly demonstrates the ability to solve complex and sensitive issues exclusively in the key state interests of the Russian Federation. Speech of the Russian Ambassador to the UN show in the world, despite the fact that he can skillfully deliver any Western counterpart to a standstill.

    He to this day defends the interests of Russia in the UN security Council meetings, engaging in hard clinch with Western colleagues. Also the period of his diplomatic activities has repeatedly used its veto power and blocked draft resolutions which were prepared to support the vast majority of his Western colleagues.

    In particular, Churkin vetoed in 2012 on a draft resolution on Syria, in 2014 in Ukraine, and in 2015 became the only opponent of the adoption of the resolution establishing the international Tribunal for the crash of the Boeing 777, crashed in the Donetsk region in Ukraine. In his opinion, this disaster does not threaten security around the world, therefore, should be investigated as a criminal offence.

    Vitaly Churkin: personal life

    Personal life Vitaly Churkin permanent as his diplomatic career. The diplomat does not like to advertise their family business to society. It is known that the wife is younger than him by 5 years, currently she is not engaged in any activity, devoting all his time to the household and family.

    Vitaly Churkin has two children Anastasia and Maxim. The daughter of the Russian Ambassador at the UN working as a journalist on the Russian TV channel Russia Today. This repeatedly caused the controversial replica from the West, who believe that a daughter takes the biased reporting on the activities of his father. Vitaly very quickly put a stop to attacks by foreign journalists. He said he believes Nastya professional that adheres to strict distance and do not mix family with work.

    Son Vitaly Churkin has also followed in his father’s footsteps, he graduated from Moscow state University and currently resides in Moscow. About the professional activities of Maksima Churkin is not known.

    In addition to the work, Vitaly Churkin, he enjoys playing tennis and swimming. He also does not forget the children’s passion for cinema and likes to review movies of the past.

    Vitaly Churkin: photo

    Vitaly Churkin

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