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  • Name: Vitaliy Abdulov ( Vitaliy Abdulov )
  • Date of birth: 15 March 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: Glazov, Udmurtia
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Vitaly Abdulov : biography

    The face of this actor familiar to millions of viewers. And this despite the fact that among the roles played by Vitaly Abdulov, no one home. He is considered a master of supporting roles, but it is too expensive.

    Vitaly Abdulov Zinurovich was born in March 1970 in a small Udmurt town of Glazov. But almost immediately after his birth the family moved to Irkutsk. Here passed his childhood and youthful years of the future actor.

    Since childhood, Vitaly Abdulov was fond of sports, choosing for himself one that «answered» the growth of basketball. The guy reached a height of 192 centimeters. Soon he was playing in the team of Irkutsk. But at an older age, Vitali «cool» to sport and left the game.

    After graduation, he enrolled in the local energy construction College and got a profession of a technician-Builder». After serving in the army, Vitaliy Abdulov returned to his native Hawaii and began to seek their place under the sun. Whom he not worked. Builder-installer, an orderly in a local hospital, the administrator and even the security guard in the cafe. Probably go through all these stages was necessary for their future profession – acting.

    By the way, about it Vitaly Abdulov has not dreamed to adulthood. And it is not clear what prompted the 25-year-old boy to take this step, but at this age he decided to radically change life and enrolled in drama school, which was in his hometown. A couple of years, the guy realized that finally appeared in its place.

    Once in one of the reporting performances of the game novice artist saw the famous theatre teacher from the capital Olga Firsova. She invited the guy Irkutsk to Moscow. Vitaly Abdulov without hesitation gathered her things and was soon one of the students of the legendary School-Studio of MKHAT. The course of Eugene Kamenkovich he continued to learn the secrets of acting.


    A cinematic biography of Vitaly Abdulova started in 2001, when he was still a student. As often happens, it was the episodes in different series.

    A turning point for the young actor was 2004. First, he starred in the film «Shukshin stories». But popularity came after the release of the rating of the series «Soldiers». Here the young artist from Irkutsk got the role of seniors Evseeva. Hit on Vitaly Abdulov popularity brought him a new role in a movie. In the action film «the First after God», he played a brave motorman submarine. Then there were the images of the Boa constrictor in the film «ticket to the harem» and Zagibalov in the «Warm November».

    The wave of popularity has covered the actor after his appearance in the famous TV series, so popular with the domestic audience. Vitaly Abdulov is lucky: he starred in two television series loud: «kadetstvo» and «Ranetki». In the first series the actor appeared in the form of the Deputy mayor, the second played fair and confident PE teacher, Viktor Mikhailovich.

    During this period of time Vitaliy Abdulov played another prominent role in a TV project, which looked at middle and older generation of viewers. This series «Zastava Zhilina» in which the actor appeared in the form of captain Durov.

    Many domestic viewers Vitaly Abdulov medal for his participation in the advertising of mobile operators. «Megaphone», «MTS» and even the Swedish company «Tele2» involved a famous actor in their commercials. In «Tele2» he played the hapless mobster.

    In recent years, Vitaly Abdulov often appears in various projects, but most often it is a series. As before, he gets a secondary role, or episodes, but all of them vivid and memorable. Most popular was his work in the film «Second revolt of Spartacus,» «Junior» and «Sea devils». In the box of the artist has even one job in a Hollywood movie: he played the taxi driver in the project «the Bourne Supremacy».

    Personal life

    In his native Irkutsk Vitaly does not often happen, although I missed the city of his childhood and adolescence. In interviews he complains that he lacks the lake. Huge employment in the film and is not Abdulov allows you to go from Moscow, where he has already managed to acquire their own housing. But the family, which was a long dream, the 45 year-old artist yet.

    On the set of the TV series «Ranetki», the artist met a young colleague Elena Tretyakova. But broke novel, about which wrote all the media and failed marriage.

    Personal life of Vitaliy Abdulov had all the chances to change after meeting with Kseniya Baskakova. The pair appeared at one of the resorts of the Crimea. But the affair soon ended.

    Abdulov said that has made several attempts to twist a family nest, but was just starting to arrange housing and proceeded to repair the relationship with your loved immediately approached the finish line. So the actor does not change the situation in his apartment, getting used to that which is.

    Not so long ago social networks were rumors that the personal life of Vitaliy Abdulov began to improve and he has a new girlfriend. Fans hope that this novel will finally lead to long-term bachelor life in his home can be heard the laughter of children.


    • «Shukshin stories»
    • «Soldiers»
    • «First after God»
    • «Ticket to harem»
    • «Warm November»
    • «Kadetstvo»
    • Ranetki
    • «Zastava Zhilina»
    • «The Bourne Supremacy»
    • «The perfect couple»


    Vitaly Abdulov

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