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  • Name: Vitaliy Kovalenko ( Vitaliy Kovalenko )
  • Date of birth: 1 September 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia.
  • Marital status: married

    Vitaly Kovalenko : biography

    He was born in Kazakhstan, studied in Yekaterinburg, lives and works in St. Petersburg, and the shooting goes to Moscow. His entire life is a fascinating journey.

    Actor Vitaliy Kovalenko was born on 1 September 1974 in Pavlodar ordinary family. Neither the mother nor the father had any relation to the theatre and cinema. They did not share his son’s passion for theater, hoping that after school it will be held, and Vitaly will go to Polytechnic or Institute of medicine.

    Theater he got sick at school, when I first came to the Studio «Debut». In the 16 years old Vitaly Kovalenko knew exactly what to do in drama school – in their Studio was a very strong team and a strong teacher. Surprisingly, even he did not want his promising student became a professional actor – is too complex and ambiguous craft. Vitaly admits that he felt uncertainty and could not fully understand, if he needed it. And still, received a certificate, it is in the company of seven friends traveled to Saint Petersburg. Six of his companions immediately fell in the contest, Kovalenko was hoping he has a chance, but I went with friends in Moscow.

    The entrance exams they were late and decided to try his luck in Yekaterinburg. The first attempt was unsuccessful – Vitali failed. The year he spent visiting performances and participation in the crowd scenes, worked as a driver, got a job at a furniture factory, then to the CHP.

    The following year, the dream came true and he became a student of the Ekaterinburg theatrical Institute. By the time parents accept the choice of his son and began to support it. In 1996, he received the diploma of the actor.


    First taste of the theatre he felt when he was in the third year. The students passed the test with excerpts from Russian classics, Kovalenko got the role of Astrov from «Uncle Vanya». In the fourth year he collaborated with the theater «Mask» and took part in two performances of the Ekaterinburg theatre.

    After graduation, Vitaly moved to Novosibirsk, where he worked for his friends, and took a job in the theater «Red torch». His debut was the musical «Hello, Dolly». Later In this theatre he had many diverse roles. He played Cherub in «Zoyka apartment», the inspector in «inspector», the Teacher in «Two evenings in the cheerful house», etc.

    In 2002, Vitaly Kovalenko was invited to the Alexandrinsky theater in St. Petersburg. He accepted the invitation, although the decision was not easy for him. In the «Red torch» was his friends, professional and know the Directors. The first seven years he often regretted the move. According to the actor, Alexandrinka – complex theater space need to win. Free he felt only in the play «the Seagull», which was played Shamaeva. This role is not the main hero appears on the scene 4 times and 3 times changing. Also at the Alexandrinsky theatre the actor played albert in the play «Miserly knight,» the soldier-cynic in the play «Man=Man».

    In 2008 Vitaliy Kovalenko was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation. Now he continues to work in the Alexandrinsky theatre and collaborates with other St. Petersburg theatres. In the young spectator’s theater «Anatole», he played a major role.

    One of the last roles on the stage of the theater in the play «Happiness,» though the actor says that he is not experiencing happiness, because it gets tired of the role, both mentally and physically. The very formulation, addresses the issue of life and death, Kovalenko believes is largely terrible, because the plot is based on superstitions and phobias.


    In film actor began acting in 2001, he played a chemist in the serial «Agency NLS».

    The first major project was the series «Adjutants of love», which the audience saw in 2005. Vitaly Kovalenko played in it of Napoleon Bonaparte. During the filming he was able to relax a couple of days, constantly had to go from Peter to Moscow and back. But the role was worth it. Vitaliy says that between him and his character there is a resemblance, on the Playground, he got to know Napoleon, has studied documents from archives and realized that Bonaparte was an ordinary man with weaknesses and faults.

    In the filmography of the actor in many films and TV series. The last time he actively removed.

    Vitaly Kovalenko familiar to viewers of the project «Sea devils», «the Schedule of destinies», «palm Sunday», «Gangster Petersburg» (season 9), «Casting», and many others.

    Personal life

    His personal life is taboo for journalists. The actor says that they often behave tactlessly and ask blatant questions, trying to get into his bed.

    Vitaliy is married and happy in marriage. His wife has nothing to do with the acting profession. Other details of his marriage, the actor does not open, says he’s not a public person, does not like to go to secular events. The free time prefers to spend at home, in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. He hates gossip, because his doors are only open to the few people, friendship which stands the test of time.


    • «The Dutch passage»
    • «Battalion»
    • «Tatyana’s day»
    • «Sea devils»
    • «Love is one»
    • «Heavenly court»
    • «Agency NLS»
    • «Big»
    • «Do not quarrel, girls!»
    • «The schedule of destinies»


    Vitaly Kovalenko

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