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  • Name: Vitali Klitschko ( Vitaliy Klichko )
  • Date of birth: 19 July 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: village of Belovodskoe, Kirghiz SSR
  • Height: 201
  • Activities: the mayor of Kiev, leader of the «UDAR», the ex-boxer
  • Marital status: married

    Vitali Klitschko: biography

    Vitali Klitschko — the visible character of Ukrainian politics. Currently Vitali Klitschko — the mayor of Kiev, he also heads a political party «UDAR» (Ukrainian democratic Alliance for reform). His activity goes far beyond policy: the current policy is incredibly successful past in the field of professional Boxing, he is also a businessman. Vitaly had a hand in the production of the craft — along with Silvestra Stallone and brother Vladimir acted as the producer of the famous musical «rocky.»

    Biography of Vitali Klitschko originates in the village of Belovodskoe, which in those days was part of the Kirghiz SSR. There is a future politician and sportsman, was born on 19 July 1971. The father was a soldier. In 1985, the year Vitali Klitschko together with his family moved to live in the USSR.

    A great future in sport Vitaly was conditioned from the very childhood — from the earliest years the boy was attracted to the fights at the professional level. The boy attracted a lot of martial arts, but my favorite was kickboxing, in which he six times became the world’s best fighter. In the ring kickboxing for the sports activity Vitaly spent 35 matches, 34 of them have won unprecedented.

    Vitali Klitschko: Boxing

    After a fairly successful period in kickboxing Vitali Klitschko has passed in professional Boxing in this area has been active since 1995. Then the athlete became the world champion on Boxing among military personnel. In professional Boxing, the current mayor of Kiev operated from 1996 year. Boxer spent a huge number of successful fights during his Boxing activity had won 45 of 47 fights. During his Amateur career in Boxing, the athlete also showed excellent results. In total, he played 95 of the fighting, 80 of them ended with victory.

    As usual in such a highly competitive sport, what has happened and defeat. For the first time in his professional career boxer was defeated in April 2000 year: then there was the fight with Chris Byrd of the United States. Between 9 and 10 round Vitali Klitschko voluntarily surrendered, giving victory to Byrd. Initially, the Ukrainian was supposed to be in a fight with Donovan Ruddock of Canada, but the athlete felt health problems before, so in battle it was replaced by a bird. The reason for the defeat — the current mayor of Kiev received a shoulder injury which kept him with the usual success to conclude the battle because of the unbearable pain, he voluntarily gave the victory to the opponent.

    In 2005, the year Vitali Klitschko has publicly announced that he was forced to leave professional Boxing because of the injury. Later, in 2007, the year that he intended to return to wrestling, but de facto held a return a year later as in 2007 again, the athlete received a serious injury — this time he has experienced back problems that could only be eliminated through surgical intervention.

    The first fight after a three year pause was held in December 2008 in Germany — then the Ukrainian boxer was in a fight with the WBC champion Samuel Peter. Vitaly team dominated during this match, therefore, between the 8th and 9th round Peter refused to continue the fight.

    Vitali Klitschko: politics

    In addition to the achievements in the field of sport Vitaly Klitschko actively manifests itself in Ukrainian politics. Klitschko has taken an active part in the period of Euromaidan and November together with Arseniy Yatsenyuk headed the protests in Ukraine. Also, the ex-boxer spoke publicly about his intention to participate in the presidential elections on 25 may 2014 year, but later all of a sudden Ukrainian politicians refused this idea. According to Ukrainian media, it was published «compromising evidence» in which they talked about cooperation of the Klitschko brothers with one of the most violent gangs time 1990-ies «Fish». Instead of the presidential race, Klitschko decided to become mayor of Kiev.

    In 2014 he was voted nearly 56,70% of voting respondents. The program Klitschko spelled out five main areas, among them is transparent-optimal use of the Kiev budget, the fight against corruption, constant dialogue with citizens, improving living comfort in the Ukrainian capital.

    The first thing that made the mayor of the newly — beginning of the so-called «war» with illegal Kiosks (Small architectural forms): the Chairman of the Kiev intensified the struggle with the owners of the stalls who do not pay taxes to the Treasury of the city. Another innovation in Kiev, with the advent of boxer as the head of the Ukrainian capital is a significant rise in price of utilities — the mayor has raised their cost in half to two times that caused the indignation of the townspeople.

    Vitali Klitschko: fun

    The Internet and the media, popular jokes Vitali Klitschko of Kiev, the head did not skimp on the funny, sometimes even absurd statements. A former athlete is aware of this its popularity: its fun Vitali Klitschko once even wanted to publish in Russia in the form of a book-collector, in order to raise money to provide Kiev missing the warmth.

    The most popular joke Vitali Klitschko — message to the people of Kiev, in which the mayor of Kiev called on residents of the Ukrainian capital to «prepare the ground», the proviso in the word «winter», because it was said in the context of the coming of winter and the beginning of the heating season in the capital of Ukraine.

    Quotes Klitschko immediately received in a society a huge response, Internet users began to mount a variety of video jokes — some of these movies instantly gained millions of views on a famous video hosting sites.

    Vitali Klitschko: personal life

    Personal life of Vitali Klitschko is not hidden «behind the seven locks» from the press, as sometimes happens in political circles. It is known that on 26 April 1996, the year the current mayor of Kiev is married with a former model and athlete

  • Natalia Yegorova, who was born in 1974 year, after marriage she took her husband’s name. Married Klitschko Egorova and has three children — two boys and a girl. The first child Yegor-Daniel was born in 2000-m to year, and in 2002-m to year the family of ex-boxer enriched her daughter Elizabeth-Victoria. It is known that the April 1, 2005, the year Vitali Klitschko became a father for the third time — he was born son Maxim.

    Vitali Klitschko: pictures

    Vitali Klitschko

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