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  • Name: Violetta Polyakov ( Violetta Polyakova )
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: a psychic, a participant of the show «Battle of psychics season 17»
  • Marital status: married

    Violetta Polyakov: biography

    Violetta Polyakov (at birth Angelov) born in Saint-Petersburg. The date of his birth she keeps in deep secret.

    Violetta has Gypsy origin. She claims that she had a tragic childhood. From her little sick girl abandoned by mother. To 6 years Angelova 14 times suffered clinical death. After that, she allegedly opened the gift of clairvoyance and magic.

    Visit Violetta Polyakova in the social network stated that her mother – Svetlana Berzina. Perhaps this is the woman who adopted the child. In the native language Polyakov calls the novel.

    Violetta calls himself a «witch-housekeeper». In their rituals, she uses various magical items and even their own blood.

    Violetta Polyakov
    Violetta Polyakov | the battle of the psychics

    And the woman said that the rituals that she uses in her magical work, she has built and developed itself. And Gypsy roots helped to develop intuition and give right decisions in difficult cases.

    TV show

    With a hit on the 17th season of the popular project «Battle of psychics» the biography of Violetta Polyakova, of course, received its most vivid page. The participant immediately focused the attention of both spectators and observers TV show. First, many people paid attention and slanted eyes of a woman. But after the first minutes of communication this deficiency has become some kind of «flavor». Probably the reason was the incredible charm and charisma Gypsy.

    In the 1st project series Violetta Polyakov to search for the person in the trunk used the ritual skull. Thanks to the help of this subject, as she claims that she managed to find the hidden person.

    Violetta Polyakov, Vera Sotnikova on
    Violetta Polyakov, Vera Sotnikova at the «Battle of the psychics» | VK

    In addition, many drew attention to the burned woman’s hand. On the question of Sergei Safronov, Violetta explained that at first did not know how to put the so-called magic blocks. Wanting to help the man that took on all the negative and burned.

    The test «Mr. X» Polyakova was brilliant. She was able to talk a lot about hidden actress Nastassja Samburski, including «saw» the man who loves her. Told Violetta and sad love story of the actress with her long-ago past.

    Personal life

    Gypsy reluctantly talks about her family. It is known that personal life Violetta Polyakova has developed well. She has a husband and five children. The older girl Ivilina 9 years old and the youngest child, daughter Camille, a little more than a year.

    Violetta Polyakov husband
    Violetta Polyakov husband | VK


    Violetta Polyakov

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