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  • Name: Vincent Cassel ( Vincent Crochon )
  • Date of birth: 23 November 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Paris, France
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor, producer, Director, writer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Vincent Cassel biography

    Vincent Cassel was born in the French capital. His father, Jean-Pierre Crochon, who took the stage name Kassel, was quite famous in France an actor. Mother Sabina Leticia was a journalist and was a homemaker. The Vincent has a brother, Matthias, the future founder of the rap group «Assassin», and sister Olivia. Except they have a half-paternal sister, cécile Cassel, who was born after the divorce, Jean-Pierre and Sabine.

    Vincent attended Catholic school as parents were very religious people. But the boy did not reach for the prayer book too much. It is much more interested in a school play in which he regularly participated with great pleasure.

    After his parents divorced in 1980, 13-year-old Vincent left to live with her mother, but then he showed his teenage rebelliousness. The boys was caught several times stealing small items from stores, was accused of trying to steal a car. Deciding to change his life the young bully, Kassel goes to a circus school, after which travels to new York to earn, depicting a living statue. Realizing that such work will bring no popularity, no wealth, the young man returned to France and entered the acting Studio of Jean-Louis Barrault and then stands some time in his company.

    Being a popular actor, he dabbled in the movies, but the first small roles in the films «Keys to Paradise», «Hot chocolate» and the television series «Warburg: a Man of influence,» he was not satisfied and popularity.


    First major role of Kassel in the movie was the picture of his friend Mathieu Kassovitz «Metiska» in 1993. And after 2 years a major role in black-and-white drama «Hatred» brought the actor’s first nomination for a césar award at the Cannes film festival. And if this film is the Vincent Cassel took whatever offered the role, but now he began to choose scripts that fit him. His favorite scenic image is charming and seductive villain.

    In 1996 comes the melodrama «Apartment», and a year — crime drama with elements of black humor «Doberman». These paintings further raised the rating of Kassel, and in 1998 he was offered the role of Duke of Anjou, in the historical film «Elizabeth» to be nominated for an Oscar and will be the best British film of the year. The following year, in his filmography there is another historical tape — «Joan of arc», in which Vincent plays Gilles de Rais, a real historical character, who is considered the prototype of Blue Beard.

    In 2000 paired with another famous French actor Jean Reno Kassel starred in the sensational Thriller «Crimson rivers» based on the novel by Jean-Christophe Grange «Purple river». For participation in this film the actor was nominated for the award European film Academy. A year later he was again nominated for this award for his starring role in crime drama «Read my lips», was also nominated for the award «Cesar».

    In other papers the first of the 10th anniversary of the new century, it is worth noting the Western «Blueberry», crime Thriller «the Secret agent» and the biographical Thriller «enemy of the state № 1» in 2008 in which actor got the role of a famous French criminal Jacques Mesrine. In the same year, came the sequel of this film «enemy of the state № 1: Legend». Kassel also took part in the filming of movies about con artists «the Twelve friends of Oushena» and «Thirteen friends of Oushena».

    From the latest movies of the actor are highlighted in the drama «Our day will come», in which Cassel has played the role of a producer, a colorful adaptation of the fairy tale «beauty and the beast» and another fantasy-magic tape «Scary tales».

    In addition to acting, Vincent was also engaged in the production of the film «Irreversible», «Shaitan» and «Fever the night of the Sabbath». In the latter he acted as a screenwriter and Director.

    Personal life

    In the film «the Apartment» in 1996, Vincent Cassel met Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci. Later the couple several times to play on the same site. In 1999, Vincent and Monica have officially registered their relationship. In this marriage the couple had two daughters in 2004, was born of the virgin, and after 6 years Leonie.

    The family has long lived in France, but in 2013 moved to Brazil to avoid increasing French taxes. But in the same year, it appeared that the marriage has exhausted itself, and with Cassel Bellucci broke up.

    Vincent Cassel is fluent in not only his native French but also English, Portuguese and Italian languages, in addition, knows a little Russian, which was taught in 2007 for the filming of crime Thriller «Eastern promises».

    A hobby actor – Brazilian martial art capoeira.

    Selected filmography

    • 1995 — Hate
    • 1997 — Doberman
    • 1998 — Elizabeth
    • 1999 — Joan of arc
    • 2000 — Crimson rivers
    • 2001 — Read my lips
    • 2004 — Blueberry
    • 2008 — enemy of the state № 1
    • 2014 — beauty and the beast
    • 2015 — Scary stories


    Vincent Cassel

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