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  • Name: VIN Diesel ( Mark Sinclair Vincent )
  • Date of birth: 18 July 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter and producer
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    VIN Diesel: biography

    The star of «fast and Furious» VIN Diesel was born in new York. He was born in July 1967. The real name of actor mark Sinclair Vincent. The guy was raised in a single parent family who lived in high-rise new York home.

    VIN Diesel
    A photo of the actor with The most beautiful

    Mark Sinclair – one of the twins. It is noteworthy that the brothers are absolutely not similar in appearance or character. Up to three years boys were raised by her mother. His own father they had never seen.

    The origin of the father of the twins and today remains a mystery. There is a version that mark Sinclair Vincent half Italian, half African-American. And in another version in his veins mingled German, Italian, Mexican and Dominican blood. But the famous actor doesn’t like to talk about its origin. He always tries to emphasize their belonging to different cultures.

    First acting ability, the boy began to show in three years. Then the mother of Mark and Paul got married, and the twins emerged half brother and sister. Stepfather Irwin taught at the University of acting and directed theater. This circumstance greatly influenced the formation of character of Mark Sinclair, a boy showed intense interest to the craft. The husband took the children almost every theatrical performance and to all the premieres of new films.

    VIN Diesel in childhood
    Baby photo

    The rest of the childhood of the future actor was the same as all children his age. Only one unpleasant feature eclipsed by his teenage years mark has grown rapidly, but in comparison with peers was very skinny, for which he received an insulting nickname «Worm». Shyness Diesel for a long time did not give him open up and realize yourself. He worried about their cattle, and to change a few years exhausting yourself many hours of gym training.

    If you believe in the hand of fate that she «led» VIN Diesel in the theatre. At the age of seven a boy in the company of friends snuck into the theatre to get a closer look at the props and, if possible, to play in these mysterious ruins. The boys have not calculated that at this time was a rehearsal scheduled. Hooligans by surprise. The Director as punishment forced them to read the script. This task is best done mark, so the Manager allowed the guy to perform on stage, promising a reward of $ 20. Diesel was delighted. Since then, he attended every rehearsal.

    VIN Diesel in his youth

    Acting debut of Diesel held in the play «the dinosaur Door». After the applause died down, the guy made the final decision to link their future career with the actor’s craft, which was later improved to 17 years.

    After some time the young artist realized that he will not be able to earn a lot of money. By this time, VIN Diesel has changed in appearance. Through constant visits to the gym his muscles became a relief and the guy is Mature. No one else came to mind to call his old insulting nickname «the Worm.»

    To make ends meet, VIN Diesel started moonlighting as a bouncer in a night club «Tunnel» in Manhattan. Here the guy worked for three years. He shaved his head and changed his name to «Diesel». Then he became a student of hunter College, where he studied English and classical literature. In parallel, the actor wrote scripts, in the future played in the biography VIN Diesel a special role.

    VIN Diesel
    Talented artist |

    In 1987 VIN Diesel decided to radically change lives. He left the «Tunnel» and dropped out of College to pursue a longtime dream: becoming a Hollywood star. But to conquer Los Angeles with a swoop he failed. Proper impression on «the dream factory» and its inhabitants, the guy is not made. I had to look for work in order not to die of hunger.

    VIN Diesel got a job as a salesman in a TV shop and worked there for about a year. Working day of Diesel lasted 18 hours a day. Guilt managed to have a good reputation, so the earnings of the guy was pretty decent. But he soon returned home to his native new York.


    And yet the guy managed to get on the big screen. A cinematic biography of VIN Diesel began in 1990, a tiny episode in the drama penny Marshall’s «the Awakening». Future star got the role of a nurse. But it was so slight that the actor’s name is not even stated in the credits to the film. But the painting itself was nominated for the award «Oscar».

    VIN Diesel in the movie
    In the movie «Multifaceted» |

    But it was a start, and inspired VIN Diesel began writing his own screenplay. After 5 years he took his picture of the «many faces» in which he assumed a major role. The film received a screening at Cannes, while winning it is not «showered». However, it was the first success.

    VIN Diesel returned to Los Angeles, close to Hollywood, and found work in the same stores. In this time he cherished the idea of a new movie that came up with the name «Vagabonds.» After 3 years at the Sundance film festival premiere of the picture. Diesel played «Homeless» key character – Rick. And although the picture did not have much success, but bright and promising actor was noticed by a famous Director Steven Spielberg. Having tried the game VIN Diesel, he offered him a role in his project «Saving private Ryan». The film was released and instantly became a cult classic. And VIN Diesel for their work in this stellar project was nominated for the prestigious screen actors Guild award nomination the United States.

    VIN Diesel
    The ceremony | Famosos ao minuto

    Since then, the movies with new Hollywood stars began to emerge one after another. They broadcast not only in America but also in many countries of Europe. In 2001 filmography VIN Diesel has been joined by three loud paintings: «Boiler room», «Black hole» and «fast and furious». For the last project in which the artist performed the main role, he received an unheard of fee of several million dollars.

    In the «fast and Furious» Rob Cohen VIN Diesel played the leader of a gang of street racers Dominic Toretto. For a better entry into the role, the actor was training in a school for stuntmen. Therefore, from viewing scenes of the chase and stunts «fast & Furious» from the audience breathless.

    In the same film, a major role was played by the then little-known Paul Walker. Two new stars of Hollywood, received the prestigious award channel «MTV».

    VIN Diesel in the role of Dominic Toretto
    In the role of Dominic Toretto in «fast and furious» | rremierFilmek

    Unfortunately, the shooting of the sci-Fi film «pitch Black», VIN Diesel hurt your eyes special contact lenses that made his eyes glow in the dark. The actor had to undergo rehabilitation. But the film received great reviews, the audience’s warm reception and generous fees twice cut shooting costs.

    In the spring of 2002, the company Universal Pictures has begun shooting «the Double forcing». But VIN Diesel for his role in the film asked too large a fee. The company has decided to withdraw the project without him. (The picture was published in the summer of 2003 and was unexpectedly more successful than the first part, grossed 236 million).

    The main role of VIN Diesel in the movie
    The main role in the movie «xxx» |

    In August 2002, in the United States and Canada came the famous Thriller by Rob Cohen «xxx,» in which VIN Diesel played a superhero Xander cage, something reminiscent of James bond. First, Columbia Pictures wanted to refuse the services of the star requires for his work, $ 10 million, but Cohen insisted on the participation of VIN Diesel. The gunman was a resounding success and great box office.

    But in the fall of 2003, when it was decided to shoot the sequel to «xxx» VIN Diesel refused to shoot. His place was taken by another actor ice cube. Diesel himself was at pains to film in the movies F. Gary gray’s «Single» and David TUI «Chronicles of Riddick». The latest project is the sequel to the acclaimed Thriller in the genre of fantasy «Black hole».

    Premiere of «the Chronicles of Riddick» took place in the summer of 2004, but the movie did not bring the generous fees. The creators have managed only to return to the shooting means. Reviews of film critics are not pleased with the producers. And VIN Diesel for this work in 2005 was nominated anteprime «Golden raspberry» for worst actor.

    VIN Diesel on the walk of Fame
    Received a star on the walk of Fame | Cosmopolitan

    In 2009, the Russian fans of VIN Diesel joyfully met the Hollywood star in Moscow. About Russia said there was a very warm experience. And the following year it became known that the favorite of millions back to the legendary «fast and the Furious» began work on filming the fifth part of the movie. The project returned all the «old» team.

    Premiere of «fast & furious 5» was held in Rio de Janeiro in April 2011. Not only VIN Diesel has played Dominic Toretto, but also acted as the producer of the project.

    In 2013 and 2015 fans of the Hollywood actor saw the 6th and 7th part of «fast and Furious». Shooting 6-second part was held in the UK, Los Angeles, in the Canary Islands and Glasgow. Filming of «fast & Furious 7» was marred by tragedy. Because of the death of Paul Walker in the fall of 2013 production stopped. Resumed only in the spring of next year. Picture the audience saw in April 2015. In the same year, VIN Diesel introduced his fans to the movie «the fast and the furious: reloaded».

    VIN Diesel in the movie
    In the movie «the Last witch hunter» |

    2015 will be remembered to fans of the Hollywood star and the project of Breck Eisner award «the Last witch hunter», where VIN Diesel has starred in lead roles in the company rose Leslie. This is urban fantasy and at the same time action adventure. The actor not only appeared on the screen, but was one of the producers of the film.

    2017 the favorite of millions of viewers promises to make surprises. He announced the release of three projects: the 8th part of the «fast and Furious», sequel to «xxx» and a fantastic project «Guardians of the Galaxy-2».

    I VIN Diesel Dwayne Johnson
    With Dwayne Johnson | Photo Database

    As it became recently known that on the set of «the fast and the Furious-8» actors VIN Diesel and Dwayne Johnson have reconciled after a quarrel. Johnson did not like that the Diesel is delayed for a long time in his trailer, causing the entire crew to wait for itself. But if all the other actors are accustomed to such behavior, then Duane did not remain silent. Fortunately, the quarrel between the two stars over.

    From VIN Diesel has a personal star on the Hollywood walk of fame. And in the box of the actor there are 7 prestigious awards and 26 nominations for various awards.

    Personal life

    Muscular handsome man had never suffered from a lack of fans. Personal life of VIN Diesel – it is many novels with beauties whose names are widely known in Hollywood. On the set of the first «fast and the Furious» in 2001, the actor met with charming Michelle Rodriguez. But their bright affair that broke out on the set, died away pretty quickly. The couple was together only six months. Michelle decided that they are too different to build a serious relationship. Old lovers parted easily.

    VIN Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez
    Michelle Rodriguez | Things-Dryukov

    The same was short lived and the novel model of the Czech origin of Paula Harkaway. With her VIN Diesel first met in the movie «xxx», where a girl appeared in the episode. But after the release of Thriller on the screens in 2002, the novel faded. As explained by Paul, the Wines too often goes for the shooting, and her schedule does not allow you to ride with him around the world.

    VIN Diesel and Paloma Jimenez
    Paloma Jimenez |

    The personal life of VIN Diesel found another beautiful Mexican model Paloma Jimenez. Civil wife gave her husband three adorable children, forcing to think seriously about family. In April 2008 the couple had two girl Hania Riley. In the fall of 2010 my wife gave birth to her famous husband, son Vincent Sinclair. Third child – babe Paulina – came to light in March 2015. VIN Diesel called it in honor of their fallen friend Paul Walker.

    VIN Diesel with wife and children
    Family | Just Jared

    In 2016, the shooting of the project «xxx: the Return of Xander cage VIN Diesel met co-star Nina Dobrev movie. Attentive fans of the two stars talking about their affair. The reason was the provocative positions of the actors on their pages in social networks, where they exchanged compliments.

    But most fans agreed on the opinion that Nina Dobrev so would «annoy» her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder. Meanwhile, the marriage of VIN Diesel and his beloved Paloma these a friendly relationship with Nina is no threat.


    • 1998 – «Saving private Ryan»
    • 2000 – «Boiler room»
    • 2000 – «Black hole»
    • 2001 – the fast and the furious
    • 2001 – «Dodgeball»
    • 2002 – «xxx»
    • 2004 – «The Chronicles Of Riddick»
    • 2006 – «the fast and the furious: Tokyo drift»
    • 2013 – «fast & furious 6»
    • 2015 – «fast & furious 7»
    • 2015 – «the Last witch hunter»


    VIN Diesel

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