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  • Name: Ville Haapasalo ( Ville Haapasalo Juhana )
  • Date of birth: 28 February 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Hollola, Finland
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, broadcaster
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ville Haapasalo: biography

    28 February 1972 in the Finnish village of Lahti was born Ville Haapasalo. This is perhaps the only actor from Finland, which is popular in Russia than at home.

    In Lahti, where passed the childhood of the future actor, all of the people were sporting. Willie also played sports, tried his hand in hockey, skiing, swimming, played football and baseball: a few sports, the guy worked in parallel.

    In adolescence, Ville Haapasalo was acquainted with the theatre and fell in love with him. He took part in Amateur productions and have been thinking about how to combine sports and acting. Combining did not work – had to choose. Willie chose the theatre. To learn he was planning in England have been preparing for the Sats, even paid them. But fate stepped in.

    Haapasalo went to the ticket office, when I met an old friend and told about the upcoming trip to England. He convinced him to enroll in a Russian University, because that’s where the drama school is stronger and Russia is closer.

    Ville Haapasalo listened to him and decided to arrive in theatrical Institute in Leningrad. Came passed the exams, not knowing a word of Russian. The selection Committee did not understand him, but he did not understand what was said to him. Despite this, the Finnish guy paid training and became a student.

    The first six months, for Willie was torture – he was sitting in lectures, and after they were intensively studied Russian language. Besides, you had to earn a living, in dashing 90-e it was not so easy — for the year Finn was robbed nine times. Ville Haapasalo was a diligent student: the first year of study he found time to get acquainted with the Leningrad.


    Leading Finnish television he began to work in 2005, and two years later appeared in the Russian program «Main road».

    Then there were several documentaries on «the Fifth channel» St.-Petersburg. In 2010 the Villa together with Alexander Oleshko led the program «Minute of fame».

    Often an actor appears in advertising. He appeared in advertising the attractions of Kotka and Hamina have been the face of the fashion brand Finn Flare, advertised brand products Sinebrychoff.


    In the movie, he came by accident and immediately became a star. It was a Comedy by A. Rogozhkin «peculiarities of national hunting». Ville Haapasalo was in my last year of high school, and the Director was looking for a characteristic type. Someone you know Rogozhkin said that in theater studies student from Finland. Willie was invited to audition.

    The role became iconic Willy was out on the streets, took his autograph. He was scared by the sudden popularity and closed from society. After high school the actor went home and spent a year as a driver. But then I decided to get back into the profession. As he says himself, he called again from Rogozhkin and invited to appear on «peculiarities of national fishing».

    In Finland Ville Haapasalo long time no one knew until the screens came the film «Cuckoo». It was shown in both countries. For her role in this film, the actor received the State prize of the Russian Federation in 2003.

    Ville Haapasalo took part in the filming of romantic Comedy «Love in the city», singing the role of merry Saunas (Oli). The film tells about friends and playboy, who work abroad, and in his spare time off, «as adults». But once carefree and razgildyayski life intervenes case. The film was shot in USA, In new York. It played such stars as Aleksey Chadov, Vera Brezhneva, Vladimir Zelenskiy, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Philip etc. Haapasalo starred in the next two parts of the Comedy, which was released in 2010 and 2014.

    Today, his filmography includes more than 40 roles in Russian and Finnish projects. The Villa has a private Studio which he opened in Russia.

    Personal life

    After graduation Haapasalo returned to Finland and met his first wife Sarah Hadland. The couple has three children.

    The marriage broke up when the actor was fascinated by Director Tina Barclay, whom he met on set in Russia. Soon the press started talking about the affair and about what pregnant Tina. The Villa was born as the fourth child.

    Tina believes that children should grow up in official marriage. There were press reports that Ville Haapasalo made her an offer, but they are not yet legalized relationships.

    The actor wants to retire and do the forest, to view the films in which he starred, flipping through a comic book while sitting by the fireplace. He has a collection of more than 1000 comics.

    Haapasalo loves to drive, and it does not matter, a snowmobile or a car, but is afraid to fly on airplanes. Several times he had refused to fly, listening to the inner voice.

    He says that person is non-confrontational, to get him hard. The main thing – not to invade personal space, which he identified half a meter around him.


    • «Peculiarities of national hunting»
    • «Pregnant»
    • «Dad for rent»
    • «Love in the city»
    • «The irony of fate. Continued»
    • «Queen of the gas station 2»
    • «Veselchaki»
    • «Suicide»
    • «Peculiarities of national fishing»
    • «KGB in a tuxedo»


    Ville Haapasalo

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