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  • Name: Victoria Tolstoganova ( Viktoriya Tolstoganova )
  • Date of birth: 24 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Viktoriya Tolstoganova biography

    Victoria Tolstoganova is one of the most popular Actresses of Russia, which shines brighter and brighter in the firmament of show business. Victoria plays equally well in all genres of theatre and cinema, it easily transforms from romantic young ladies sassy girl and business lady in the plain.

    Born to be a star at the end of March 1972 in Moscow, in a large and happy family. A reverent attitude mom and dad have always admired the little Wiki. My parents grew four daughters Victoria, the eldest. Girls loved animals and was constantly brought home cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and even geese. Sisters attended the school of music, class of violin, so regularly played at home. However, in the Wiki it did not cause delight, and she often ran away from home from the constant bustle and noise, to spend a couple of hours in silence and solitude.

    Even from a young age, the girl dreamed about the stage, often locked himself in a room and singing into an imaginary microphone hits of Alla Pugacheva. At eleven years old Vika went to the Theatre of young Muscovites (SCI) at the Palace of pioneers, and after finishing school became a participant in the Moscow art Theater. That’s where the girl lit up the stage.

    The desire to play at the theater was incredibly strong, after failures in the entrance exams Victoria did not give up and worked even harder, and she managed to arrive in GITIS on the third attempt. Tolstoganova is also studied at VGIK in the workshop of Hero of Socialist labor, people’s artist of the USSR Joseph Yefimovich Heifits. There, the artist gained invaluable knowledge of the traditional Russian psychological theatre.

    Victoria Tolstoganova theater

    In his student years she began working at the Moscow drama theater of Stanislavsky, where he worked until the mid-2000s. Just at this time directed by Vladimir Mirzoyev gained the troupe of young and talented artists, which came from Victoria.

    The young actress has begun work on several projects. Best known for her roles in the theater (the taming of the shrew Vladimir Mirzoyev and «Plasticine» directed by Kirill Serebrennikov) received prestigious awards. And with a performance of «Boris Godunov», which was directed by the famous English scientist Declan Donnelan, Victoria visited a theatre festival on a world scale in Venezuela.

    Viktoriya Tolstoganova movies

    Working in the theatre Tolstoganova’s always been my dream to one day appear on the big screen. Work in film Victoria has attracted to its constant improvisation, the actress liked to be every other day, she didn’t like repetitions. That is why Tolstoganova with great enthusiasm was called for the auditions and screen tests, sometimes several a day. Debut of Victoria as movie star took place in 1997 in the short film «the Daily duty».

    Dynamically activities in cinema started to develop only in 2002, then obtained several works, including work in the television series «Hot Saturday». The same year saw work light with her erotic romance «my first Teacher, a Bachelor party or in Russian,» Comedy «silver Lily» and the melodrama «Love». This fruitful work has borne fruit, the actress began to learn on the streets.

    In the work of Nikita Mikhalkov’s «Utomlyonnye solntsem 2: Predstoyanie» Victoria was filmed being pregnant. Series star prefers to call a multi-part feature films and starred in them, as well as in commercials, only to perfect their acting skills.

    Victoria does not consider himself a fan of extreme rigor, so in pictures it can often be seen naked. If Tolstoganova trust the talents of Director and photographer, never refuses the filming of explicit scenes. As she says actress, she starred for pages of the world famous erotic magazines.

    Victoria is incredibly manages to transform into wives large, these roles are her best works. For example, she played the role of Xenia, Vicentini, wife of the founder of the Soviet space program Sergei Korolev in the drama «Queens», Natalia Rachmaninova, wife of composer Sergei Rachmaninoff in the melodrama «the Branch of lilac», wife of division commander Kotov, Marousi in the films «Burnt by the sun 2» and «Burnt by the sun 2: Citadel».

    The actress was invited as a judge at various film festivals, such as the Vyborg and Moscow. She’s a very responsible attitude to their judicial role and makes a decision based solely on your own impression represented on the nomination of the paintings.

    Victoria Tolstoganova — winner of numerous awards. In 2005 she became a laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of culture for his work in the film «Magnetic storms». Two years later, Victoria received the award «Beauty Cinema Awards» in the nomination «Revelation» for his work in the film «May». And in 2012 the artist was awarded the prize «Golden eagle» as the best performer of female role of the second plan awards of the magazine «the Hollywood Reporter» («Spy»)

    Viktoriya Tolstoganova: personal life

    The actress lived 14 years in marriage with the famous Russian artist

  • Andrew Kuzicheva, the acting couple had two children: a girl Barbara and boy Fedor. In 2011, Victoria gave birth to another son, Ivan, whose father is a theater Director Alexei Agranovich. Star interested to the Countries of South America, travel, Caucasian and Italian cuisine.

    Viktoriya Tolstoganova: filmography

    • Lily of the valley silver
    • Request stop
    • Burnt by the sun
    • Model
    • Prodigal children
    • Maternal instinct
    • Games adult girls
    • Moscow Saga
    • Branch of lilac
    • Angel road
    • Give me a life
    • My first teacher, or the Hangover in Russian
    • Queens
    • Burnt by the sun 2
    • Burnt by the sun 2: the Citadel

    Viktoriya Tolstoganova: photo

    Victoria Tolstoganova

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