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  • Name: Viktoriya Romanenko ( Viktoriya Romanenko )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Viktoriya Romanenko : biography

    The bright star actress Victoria Romanenko broke out after the release on the domestic screens wonderful pictures «Pop» and the TV series «Kuprin. The duel».

    Victoria – Muscovite. She was born in July 1988 in a family where no one is associated with the world of art. But that didn’t stop the girl at an early age to dream and make plans. And like the Age of one to become a famous actress. At school age she was an activist of initiative and enjoy taking part in all school activities. In addition, she attended classes drama club, where even more ardent desire to become an artist.

    After school, Victoria Romanenko on the first attempt arrived in the Moscow theatre school named after Mikhail Schepkin. It was adopted in the course of Viktor Korshunov, under whose leadership has turned into a real theatre and then a movie star.


    On stage Victoria Romanenko made his debut in student age. In 2008, he received the diploma of «Chips», the young actress was accepted into the troupe of the legendary «Contemporary». In the same year, theatergoers saw Romanenko in the new edition of the play «Three sisters». The debut was more than successful. Victoria, who played one of Chekhov’s three sisters – Irina, noticed immediately.

    Soon the young and talented actress the star was entrusted with new roles. She played in performances of «Jinrikisha,» «the Cherry garden» and «Gentleman».

    But a wider audience learned about Victoria Romanenko only after the release of the movies and TV shows with her participation. The debut was the film Arkady Cordon «house on the embankment». At that time she was still a student. It is noteworthy that the debut was the main role. The film was released in 2007 and became an excellent career springboard for Muscovite.

    After 2 years, during which Victoria Romanenko appeared in several soap roles of the second plan, she got an offer to play in a Comedy movie Natalia Novik «Give myself in good hands». Although in this project the actress got the role of the second plan, but she was lucky enough to work at the same stage with such stars of Russian cinema, Renata Litvinova as and Marat Basharov.

    But the real popularity of the Victoria Romanenko came after the broadcast in 2009, the acclaimed project of Vladimir Khotinenko «Pop». This painting is dedicated to priests-missionaries, who performed during the great Patriotic war the mission for the revival of Orthodoxy in North-West Russia. The film was shot under the auspices of the Moscow Patriarchate and Patriarch Alexy. The role of Masha in this tape made the young actress a recognizable, although the project itself was perceived ambiguously.

    After 2 years, the cinematic biography of Victoria Romanenko got a wonderful continuation: the young actress starred in 3 feature films, each of which received quite high assessment of film critics and a warm reception of the audience. This movie «the hand», «the Year of the white elephant» and «Atonement.»

    Comedy of Nurbek Egen «Rolls», where Romanenko appeared in the form of a girl named Jay, the actress managed to draw easy and very organic way. But in the drama «the year of the white elephant», written by Director Victor Grymov, Victoria Romanenko was able to play quite deep and complex way.

    But the most notable role went to a Moscow artist in the project «Redemption». It’s a drama Alexander Proshkin, talks about the events of the first postwar years. Romanenko went to the complex and contradictory image of the daughter who brings his own mother and hates her. In the course of the story girl is changing and reconsidering their actions. To play such a transformation naturally Victoria had to delve into the psychology of her character.

    This challenging role, the actress took a lot of strength, was a real breakthrough in his artistic biography. Along with the role of Masha in «the Priest» she was a business card for Victoria Romanenko.

    In 2013, the talented Muscovite again collaborating with Director Nurbek Agenom. She appeared on the screens in the new project «mine».

    Today filmography of this young but already known actress has more than two dozen film credits. And when you consider that Victoria Romanenko manages not only to act, but does not leave work in the theater, you can get an idea of its considerable efficiency and demand.

    Recent TV projects artist as the brightest can be called lyrical Comedy «Peter-Moscow», the melodrama «you will Have a child…» and the series «Orlova and Aleksandrov». All the movies released in 2015. In the first two tapes Victoria played the main characters.

    Personal life

    A young artist, like many of her colleagues, does not like to answer the difficult questions, preferring to remain silent. Personal life Victoria Romanenko was in the spotlight after it emerged in social networks rumors about the alleged is the place to be the novel of the actress with her star counterpart in «the Contemporary» Leonid Yarmolnik. In the same «omniscient» networks easy to find images where she is depicted together with Leonid not in the theater. Rumor has it that the photo was taken in Courchevel, where supposedly this couple was vacationing in the winter of 2015.

    The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that Leonid Yarmolnik married. But the question of how the rest of the artist on winter vacation in 2015, she said, that all this time hasn’t been out of Moscow, as he was busy working in the theater.

    Quite possibly, the photo shows the girl like Victoria Romanenko.


    • «House on embankment»
    • «Pop»
    • «The teacher in law. Continued»
    • «True love»
    • «The fatal inheritance»
    • «Glory»
    • «From where the Motherland begins»
    • «Orlova and Aleksandrov»
    • «Peter-Moscow»
    • «You will have a child…»


    Victoria Romanenko

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