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  • Name: Viktor Vekselberg ( Viktor Veksel’berg )
  • Date of birth: 14 April 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Drohobych, Lviv oblast, Ukraine
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: the Russian businessman, the billionaire, the head of Renova group, President of SKOLKOVO Foundation
  • Marital status: Married

    Viktor Vekselberg: biography

    Viktor Vekselberg – one of the little-known and modest businessmen of Russia, which occupies the 7th position in the ranking of the richest people in the country. It long time was known only in narrow circles of the business sector, but in recent years the oligarch began to cause public interest to his person as the President of the Foundation of innovation of science city SKOLKOVO.

    Viktor Feliksovich Vekselberg was born on 14 April 1957 in the Soviet Union, the Western Ukrainian city of Drohobych in the Lviv region. His father Felix Gusman was a Jew and the only representative of its genus, as all the other relatives died during the genocide of the Jews in 1944. The mother of the tycoon, Morozova Elena Arthropoda, was Ukrainian.

    Childhood and adolescence Vekselberg were like many Soviet children. He studied at local school number 3, where he proved inquisitive, capable and motivated boy. At the end of high school, the future businessman was admitted to the Moscow engineering and transport Institute at the faculty of computer science and automation, graduated with honors.

    After graduation Victor Vekselberg enrolled in the graduate school of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, which allowed him to work as a research fellow at the special design Bureau of Rodless pumps «Konnas». In this venture businessman from an ordinary employee promoted to head of the laboratory.

    In 1990, during the collapse of the Union Viktor Vekselberg, like many other young and enterprising people decided to direct its activities in the field of business and founded the cooperative, which was a great start to the huge success of the businessman.


    The first company of Viktor Vekselberg was called «KAM» and «Komvek», one of which was developing software and the other the sale of copper and aluminum abroad. This business was profitable, and scarce in the homeland of nonferrous metal from waste cable at $ 100 per ton, the businessman sold it in Germany for 3 thousand, which allowed him to earn the first capital and establish their own business Empire.

    In the early 90s during a trip abroad Vekselberg met my student friend Leonid Blavatnik, who for many years lived in the United States and was a successful businessman. On a fateful meeting friends agreed to open a business in Russia.

    In 1991, Vekselberg and Blavatnik created the company «Renova», which in the period of global privatization bought the equipment abroad and changed her in Russia for privatization vouchers. This scheme has made the business owners of a huge number of checks, which soon began to be used for the purchase of plants. Next to itself, branches of partners chose the non-ferrous metals, the result of which became the owners of two of Russia’s largest aluminum plants (Irkutsk and Ural), turning them into one company «SUAL».

    Over the next five years, «SUAL» have expanded their territory and absorbed the 4 and 19 aluminum smelter that made of aluminum magnate Vekselberg in the country and allowed to make billions of dollars. In the early 2000-ies of the business of Victor Vekselberg and expanded on the oil industry. He became the largest shareholder of Tyumen oil company, but in 2013 sold their shares of «Rosneft» $ 7 billion in cash.

    Apart from oil and aluminium business, the assets of Viktor Vekselberg include large companies in the chemicals, engineering, housing and energy. The businessman also controls the Ural turbine plant-based telecommunications company «AKADO», airport Yekaterinburg, Samara and Rostov-on-don.

    Since 2010, Viktor Vekselberg headed the Fund «SKOLKOVO», the development of which considers himself the most interesting direction. The businessman decided to participate in the project due to its interest as a science city covers five segments of the Russian economy, namely, Biomedicine, IT, nuclear technology, space and energy, which is active and functioning Viktor Felixovich for all of its activities.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Viktor Vekselberg as transparent as his biography. He married while still a student, his classmate Marina Dobrynin, which has more than 30 years, is a homemaker of the family of the oligarch. Wife Vekselberg is strictly non-public man, it is impossible to meet in any social events that characterizes it as a very modest person subject to inherent Dobrynin rank.

    The wife bore her husband-billionaire two children – Irina and Alexander, who was educated abroad and working in companies father. Their personal life has never been the object of scandalous Chronicles, as their children’s aluminum magnate raised in his characteristic modesty.

    In addition to business and family Viktor Vekselberg pays special attention to the development and revival of Russian culture. To do this, he created the Foundation «Link of times», which deals with the return home of the Russian cultural values from abroad.

    The most notorious project of the Foundation was a private collection of Russian jeweler Peter Carl fabergé. Oligarch to host the collection of fabergé made in St Petersburg Museum, which has invested $ 40 million. Also, thanks to billionaire in Russia returned the bells of Danilov monastery and the archive of the Russian philosopher Ivan Ilyin.


    The status of Viktor Vekselberg in 2016 is estimated at 10.5 billion dollars. It occupies the 7th position in the list of the richest oligarchs in Russia. The oligarch has a number of real estate abroad in Croatia and Italy, and is quite a prominent figure among the oligarchs in the global market.


    Viktor Vekselberg

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