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photo: Viktor Sukhorukov

  • Name: Viktor Sukhorukov ( Viktor Suhorukov )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Orekhovo-Zuyevo
  • Activities: Actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: not married

    Viktor Sukhorukov: biography

    Viktor Sukhorukov was born on November 10, 1951 in Orekhovo-Zuevo. His family does not stand out and was far from the art: my mother and father worked at a textile plant and did not understand the aspirations of the young Victor to become an artist. The boy from early childhood began to show his innate artistry: it is very similar parodied famous Soviet actors. But most of all, little Victor liked to entertain his audience, including their laughter, their reward.

    At school Victor studied carefully, giving preference to the Humanities. Most of the young artist liked the lessons of literature, where he wrote serious works for which he praised teachers. Then the guy wrote his first adventure scenario «Fate or life», and summer is a satirical story about daily life in a camp. Biography Sukhorukov was not limited to literature, he dabbled in dancing, drawing, track and field, but always dreamed of becoming an actor.

    With twelve years Viktor Sukhorukov a secret from the parents went to Moscow for the casting of the film Studio «Mosfilm». Being an eighth grader, he tried out for the circus school, but the young entrant was asked to wait two years.

    After graduating from high school in 1970, against the advice of parents, Viktor Sukhorukov went to Moscow to enroll in the school-Studio of MKHAT. Here it was a total disappointment: not only that, he has not passed the admission contest, the proctors of the school told the guy never to become an actor. Left without a place in higher education, Sukhorukov forced to serve in the army. After the service, the future actor took the plant and worked for two years as an electrician.

    In 1974, Victor tries to enter GITIS. This time the selection Committee praised his speech, and Sukhorukov were identified in the course of Vsevolod Stalskogo.

    Viktor Sukhorukov: theatre

    After GITIS, in 1978, Viktor Sukhorukov went to Leningrad and at the invitation of Director Peter Fomenko started to work in the troupe of the Theatre of Comedy named N. P. Akimova, where the artist worked for four years, playing in a total of six productions. In 1982 Sukhorukov was fired from the show in connection with his addiction to alcoholic beverages (the official version).

    At this time, the actor was forced to work at various low-paying jobs and to forget about an acting career. Only in 1986 he was able to return to the theatre scene. First, it took the troupe of the native theatre of Comedy, but later, Victor went to Leningrad state theatre named after Lenin Komsomol. There he performed a total of about six years, having participated in six different performances.

    In 1995, the actor returned to the Leningrad Comedy Theatre. There he spent five years of his life, playing diverse characters: the ubiquitous footmen, drunken doctors, and romantic dreamers. In subsequent years, Sukhorukov rarely performed in the theatre, giving preference to the movie.

    In the period from 2002 to 2012, the actor has played in seven productions in various theaters of Moscow. A remarkable performance

  • «Players», staged on the novel by Nikolai Gogol in 2002. In order to participate in the formulation Suhorukova had to abandon the filming of the movie about James bond.

    Viktor Sukhorukov movies

    The way Victor Sukhorukov in the world of cinema was long. Up until 1989, the actor played a cameo role, some of which even missing from the credits of the film. One day, luck smiled, and he was invited to the shooting of the film «Sideburns» for the lead role. This picture Sukhorukova opened the way to further projects of the Russian cinema.

    His second main role, the actor obliged the happy occasion. On the «Lenfilm», he met with Belsky, who was in charge of casting for films, which introduced him to screenwriter and Director

  • By Aleksei Balabanov. In 1991, the world saw the film
  • «Happy days» by Samuel Beckett story, where the actor played the role of man with no name.

    But the real fame came to Suhorukova after the release of the crime film

  • «The brother» Director Alexey Balabanov. The actor got the role of the elder brother of the hero of Sergey Bodrov-younger — assassin Victor Bagrov. Later in world war II firmly established the role of bandit, he was often invited to the role of negative characters. The success and popularity Sukhorukov has secured the continuation of the movie
  • «Brother 2», which was released three years.

    In 2003, the state moved away from his «gangster» role and took part in the filming of two historical paintings:

  • «Golden age» and
  • «Poor, poor Paul». The role of conspirator Palena and of the Emperor Paul I for steel challenge and an opportunity to show their talents reincarnations. The role of Paul brought the artist at once three awards: two for best actor and one — in the nomination «Best actor».

    In total, Viktor Sukhorukov took part in the filming of more than eighty films and is now a very popular Russian actor, acting in two-three films a year.

    Viktor Sukhorukov: personal life

    About the personal life of the actor Viktor Sukhorukov does not like to talk, believing that intimate and personal should not be public. The actor has no wife and children, his entire life he devoted to art.

    His free time the artist devotes his career to the cinema and is engaged in educating his nephew, Ivan, the son of his sister Galina.

    Viktor Sukhorukov: filmography

    • Sideburns
    • Happy days
    • Comedy strict regime
    • Brother
    • Brother 2
    • Antikiller
    • The Golden age
    • Poor, poor Paul
    • The goddess: how I fell in love with
    • Pushkin. The last duel
    • Haze
    • Redemption
    • 22 minutes

    Viktor Sukhorukov: photo

    Viktor Sukhorukov

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