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  • Name: Viktor ( Viktor Stepanov )
  • Date of birth: 21 may 1947
  • Age: 58 years
  • Date of death: December 26, 2005
  • Place of birth: Severo-Kurilsk, Sakhalin oblast
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Viktor Stepanov biography

    Viktor Stepanov — Soviet and Ukrainian theater and cinema actor, is considered to be an outstanding performer in the role of a «real Russian man». The popularity came to him after reaching the television screens of the historical series «Mikhailo Lomonosov».

    He was born in the town of Severo-Kurilsk, located on the island of Paramushir, part of Sakhalin. The family was large – the parents of Victor were raised five children. To live was a little easier, his father decided to move his family to the Central part of Russia, but rather in the Penza region. Therefore, the childhood of future passed in another small town Serdobsk.

    At school, Victor could not clearly identify their future profession, but in the end he came up with the idea of becoming a theater Director. He goes to Tambov and entered the directing Department at the local branch of the Moscow Institute of culture. Despite the specialization, Stepanov after the release starts to go on stage. He played in theaters in Tambov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Leningrad.

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the actor travels to the Ukrainian capital Kiev that plays on the stage in local theaters and in antrepriznyh performances, and frequently appears in Russian and Ukrainian movies.


    Stepanov Victor was already 36 years old when he first asked to star in a movie. Debut in the biographical drama about the famous Russian scientist «Ivan Pavlov. The search for truth». The following work has been significant and brought the actor the all-Union popularity of historical TV series «Mikhailo Lomonosov».

    Despite the fact that Stepanov has come to the cinema quite late, his diligence and perseverance allowed him to take part in more than 80 paintings. Sometimes he has been involved in a dozen projects. Great success enjoyed his rural policeman of the militants «Cold summer fifty-third…» and the chief of criminal investigation Department of the satirical Comedy «Deja vu».

    Also, the actor starred in the tragicomedy «You know, our government does not like?», the historical film «Cyrano de Bergerac», a military picture «the War on the Western direction,» the social drama «Chocolate rebellion». In 90-e years on the screens came out such works of Viktor Stepanov as a criminal detective «Mystery Villa,» the Comedy «Last business Boiled», a biography of Maxim Gorky’s «Under the sign of Scorpio», the Thriller «dead end», war drama «Purgatory».

    But was particularly Stepanov historical paintings – «Prince Alexei», where he played Peter, «Storm over Russia», «Richard the Lionheart» and especially «Ermak». In the new century, the actor is not handed over revs. From recent works it is necessary to highlight the melodrama «Under the Polar star» detective «Ashes of the Phoenix», another historical film «Zaporogi» family Saga «Banker». Viktor Yanukovych was shot so much that five films were edited only after his death.

    Personal life

    Viktor Stepanov was married twice. First wife Elvira, he met in his student years. They lived for almost two decades, but then the woman decided to devote his life to the Church, and gradually, the marriage fell apart.

    Many years after the divorce Stepanov on the filming of the movie «the War in the West» met a wardrobe mistress Natalia. She was 20 years younger, and at first they were United by a purely friendly relationship. But after the second meeting, a year later, Victor and Natalia did not leave.

    In 1992 they moved to the Ukrainian capital, built near Kiev on the banks of the river, the house where Victor loved to watch the sunset. Own children, the actor has never happened with any of the women, but he adopted the boy Nikita, the son of his best friend who was left an orphan.


    In 1994, Viktor Stepanov took part in the filming of the historical movie «Ermak». In one of the takes, he rode a horse, but fell awkwardly and injured his spine. Here comes trouble: after the restoration of bones, it became clear that the injury caused sarcoma Jung, also known as bone cancer.

    Subsequent years the actor lived with severe pain, but he never stopped working until the last days of his life. In 2005, Viktor Yanukovych was in Moscow six weeks of a course of antineoplastic treatment but no result is not given. Unfortunately, cancer claimed the lives of Victor Stepanov, who died December 26, 2005 and was buried in the cemetery Berkovtsah in Kiev.


    • 1986 — Mikhail Lomonosov
    • 1987 — Cold summer of the fifty-third
    • 1990 — the War in the West
    • 1992 — Storm over Russia
    • 1992 — the Secret of the Villa
    • 1994 — the Last thing Boiled
    • 1995 — Under the sign of Scorpio
    • 1996 — Ermak
    • 1997 — Purgatory
    • 2004 — Ashes Of The Phoenix
    • 2005 — Banker


    Viktor Stepanov

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