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  • Name: Viktor Rakov ( Viktor Rakov )
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Viktor Rakov: the biography

    Viktor Rakov was born in Moscow, in a simple working family. His parents, and later the older brother, worked at the Moscow machine-building plant «Molniya». The only man in the family located on the scene, was a father who loved to sing and even participated in Amateur performances in the local Palace of Culture.

    In childhood Victor was very fond of sports, is seriously involved in judo children and youth sports school, and in the yard chasing a football. But public school was for boy torture. The only item that he perceived positively, was an art lesson.

    Often Victor was surprised his family when dressed up in their clothes and it seems pretty copied the mannerisms, gait and gestures.

    After finishing the 10th class in 1979, Victor Rakov in the year were employed at the same engineering plant, where for many years he worked all of his family, and was even able to pass the exam on the third level of the installer of radio equipment and devices. But after a year decided to try to change his life and enrolled at the famous drama school GITIS behalf Lunacharsky. Cancers were enrolled in the acting Department, his course was led by Vladimir Andreev. After graduation was accepted into the famed troupe «Lenkom» Mark Zakharov. In the interview he showed the number of «Cowboy jokes» and fight in the style of the Wild West. In this team he is still working.


    Thanks to the excellent vocal data, the actor took a part not only in performances but also in musical productions and rock operas. After leading roles in the play of Mark Zakharov on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky’s «the Wise man», Victor Rakov became very popular and in demand as a theater actor.

    He played the main role in the rock-operas «Juno and Avos», «the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta», «Hoax» to the music by Alexey Rybnikov. And in the cult play «Juno and Avos» Crayfish played just 4 role. His repertoire also includes the role of Laertes in Shakespeare’s «hamlet», the role of Thomas Cromwell in «the Royal games», the image of a mountain Troll in a beautiful play by Henrik Ibsen «peer Gynt», role in the children’s performances «the Golden key» and «Il Trovatore and his friends», as well as many other wonderful characters of the famous performances.

    Recently Rykov toured with the repertory company «hostess» on the play by Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni.


    In the movie, Cancers debuted in 1983 in the film «the Oath» entry in a cameo role of Gabriel. Then there have been episodes in the children’s movie «the Strong personality of the 2 «A» and romantic Comedy «Akseleratka».

    Talking about Rykiv as a good actor after the release of the film «Kill the dragon» on the play by Yevgeny Schwartz’s the Dragon. The actor played the role of son of the mayor of Henry, he did all the stunts and got very high marks from experts.

    Next iconic role on screen was the image of Pavel Vlasov in the film adaptation of the novel of Maxim Gorky’s «Mother». Collaboration with film Director Gleb Panfilov was so impressed the actor that he starred in two movies.

    Viktor Rakov perfectly good at the role in film adaptations of famous books, it is not surprising that the place of Masters from the famous Bulgakov’s novel «Master and Margarita» Director Yury Kara invited him. Cemented the popularity of the actor the television series «Petersburg secrets», filmed on the novel by Vsevolod Krestovsky «Petersburg slums» in which Cancers plays Prince Chechemisha.

    This was followed by a waterfall of interesting roles in the movie «Love in Russian», «Dunes and his bodyguard», «Silver samurai» and TV series «the Detectives», «Kamenskaya», «Satisfaction», «Dasha Vasilyeva», «wolf messing: who saw through time» and many others.

    The latest work in the movie Victor Cancer the role of haberdasher bonacieux in the film by Sergei Zhigunov Three Musketeers».

    In 2003, Viktor Rakov was awarded the title people’s artist of Russia. He is also a member of the theatre Union since 1989 and a member of the Union of cinematographers since 1990.

    Personal life

    The first marriage of Viktor Rakov concluded, when he was a student of GITIS. He married classmate Olga. They had a son Boris. This Union lasted 5 years, after which Olga went from Rakov to the other men.

    The second wife of actor became Lyudmila. At first they lived in a civil marriage but before the birth of his daughter Anastasia in 1992 officially married and were married in the Church. In 2009 Victor and Lyudmila adopted a boy Daniel and raises him as his own son.

    In his free time Viktor Rakov is engaged in painting, his paintings were exhibited at the Bakhrushin Museum in Moscow and the House-Museum Yermolova.

    In many films with the participation of Rakov the audience hear the songs performed by the actor. This is mainly ballads or soulful ballads.


    • Sage
    • The star and Death of Joaquin Murrieta
    • Hamlet
    • Juno and Avos
    • The Royal game
    • Jester Balakirev
    • Peer Gynt
    • A white lie
    • Celestial travelers
    • The landlady

    Selected filmography

    • 1988 — Kill the dragon
    • 1990 — Mother
    • 1994 — the Master and Margarita
    • 1994 — St. Petersburg mysteries
    • 1995 — Love in Russian
    • 1996 — Dunes and his bodyguard
    • 2003 — Kamenskaya 3
    • 2009 — Wolf Messing
    • 2010 — Three women Dostoevsky
    • 2013 — the Three Musketeers — Constance bonacieux


    Viktor Rakov

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