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  • Name: Viktor Proskurin ( Viktor Proskurin )
  • Date of birth: 8 February 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Atbasar, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Viktor Proskurin : biography

    Beloved by many generations of viewers artist Viktor Alekseyevich Proskurin, who played a notorious quitter and a dance fiend Gena Lyapicheva in the «Big change» might not be an actor. Too many obstacles were in his way for acting.

    First of all, the Viktor Proskurin at a young age dreamt of becoming a clown. Very much he loved the fun of the circus world and always a festive atmosphere in the arena. But Proskurin did not. In circus school took after the 4th grade, and he came to join the «Mature» age.

    But the creative nature sought out to Express themselves. Therefore, Viktor Proskurin, reaching the age of 15, went to drama club at Palace of pioneers. There he noticed the assistant Director Georgy Pobedonostsev, looking for guys to film «Orlyata Chapaya». This film started the great cinematic biography of Viktor Proskurin.

    After filming in the Crimea, Viktor Proskurin returned home with a immature life goal: make haste to get even with the school and to enroll in one of the Moscow theatre schools. The uncertainty was only in one: which Institute to choose.


    But life is not hurried to Victor Proskurina with the proverbial lined plate. The Mat Proskurina pointed to a way through the growth. In the field of the applicant offended too easily impressed member of the Commission. When the future artist expressively read stories, the lady decided to concentrate on tying my shoes under the table. But Victor was important to see her eyes, so he too bent down, pochityvaya passage in this position. And in the Shchukin school Commissioner did not see on the face of the entrant’s eyes, believing that with such appearance he had nothing to do on stage.

    It is unknown why of all universities, where he was refused, Viktor Proskurin for the next year it came to the Shchukin. This time the school was «taken by storm».

    In 1973, he received the diploma of theatrical school of a name of Boris Schukin, Viktor Proskurin was accepted into the troupe of the Taganka theater. It is not known what happened there, but in all biographical stories are just so dry wording: «does not work with the team.»

    Left artist not just anywhere, but in the «Lenkom», where he was invited by mark Zakharov. Here the stars for the young actor came together in a desired configuration, and career rapidly went up. The image of the Executioner in the play «til» was a success. Then there were several performances, among which the most striking was «the Guy from our yard» on the works of Konstantin Simonov. But 10 years later, in 1988, Victor A. left the theater.

    For many years, from 1988 to 2012 the actor played in the theater named after Maria Yermolova. But the new artistic Director of the theatre who became Oleg Menshikov, decided to restore the Ministry’s own order. Made it peculiar: it pointed to the door to Victor and Proskurina Tatyana Dogileva. But if the actress gone with the scandal, Victor A. was manly restrained. Saying that «the domestic» he is not willing to participate and left.


    Beloved by millions of «Big change» Proskurin starred as a student. It is known that Viktor Alekseyevich wanted to be a Ganja, but this role came Alexander Zbruev. But Gena Lyapicheva the Director accepted him without trial. His catchphrase «go, Go to school, and then – Bang! – the second shift!» repeated the entire country.

    After the «Big change» in the cinematic biography Proskurina breaks. He regularly starred, and tried to make his roles were diverse. We need only to recall the films and images in which the artist appeared. Hussars in «the Last sacrifice» rookie Kononov in the «Spring call», the driver in the drama «Turn,» the father of many children from the melodrama «Once twenty years later», the captain of the guard from the movie «to marry a captain,» Herman from the Queen of spades and the twins Solti from the series «Treasures of Agra» in «the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes». All of the images are not just different – they are even different.

    But the real peak of popularity, which turned out to be an actor, happened after the release of the drama by Eldar Ryazanov, «Cruel romance». Vasily Vozhevatov, at first kind and gentle friend Larissa, who at some point turned into a cruel merchant, for whom «word merchant» crossed all human – so he could only play Viktor Proskurin.

    In the mid-90s, the artist has ceased to appear on the screen. The reason was not a decline in art, but a severe trauma after a car accident. But Proskurin was able to return to normal life. And again, the audience saw their favorite artist. He appeared in the TV series «Love.Ki,», the Comedy «day of the hamster», movies «the adventures of the magician», «Oh, frost, frost!» and «Persona non grata». Again, this is a diverse role and always new, surprising Viktor Proskurin.

    Personal life

    Conversations about personal Viktor Proskurin breaks immediately. He did not understand why viewers are interested in details of private life, family secrets and squabbles of the artist. Because this profession is very «strips» of a person, forcing him each time to confess before the audience in his film or play.

    It is known that the personal life of Viktor Proskurin was not easy. The current wife of the actor Irina Honda fifth. His first wife was a classmate, the actress-drag Queen Olga Gavrilyuk. To this marriage was born the only daughter of Sasha. From Olga Proskurin left, not having lived with her. His second wife was also artist Tatiana Derbeneva. This marriage lasted 3 years. But as soon as the couple got an apartment from the «Lenkom», it disintegrated.

    The reason for the breakup was a new love Proskurina – assistant Director Svetlana Kolganova. They lived together for 20 years. Experienced the consequences of a terrible accident. But this marriage came to an end.

    Difficult was years after the expulsion of Viktor Alekseevich from the theater in 2012. He contracted a rare for men disease – anorexia. Looks like this was caused by the nervous shock of the actor. But together with Irina Honda he managed to survive this ordeal. Proskurin has returned to the profession and removed to new projects.


    • «Big change»
    • «The last victim»
    • «Spring call»
    • «The school waltz»
    • «Turn»
    • «Bribe»
    • «Once twenty years later»
    • «The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes»
    • «A cruel romance»
    • «Love.Gee»


    Viktor Proskurin

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