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  • Name: Viktor Pavlov ( Viktor Pavlov )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1940
  • Age: 65 years
  • Date of death: August 24, 2006
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Pavlov : a biography

    The wonderful artist Viktor Pavlovich Pavlov was born in the capital in October 1940. He grew up in a cultured Moscow family, where the head of the family was an engineer and mother a doctor. A year after the birth of her son came the Great Patriotic war, his father went to the front. C his return of the war left the most vivid impression of childhood Viktor Pavlov.

    Subsequently, Pavel Pavlov became an influential official, he took a prominent position in the agricultural Ministry. A love of theatre instilled in son my dad is. He often visited the theatre, and each time took with him the Victor. Father was pleased that his son likes art. It is hoped that it will eventually turn him into an intelligent young man, because in his youth the future artist was considered a notorious bully.

    But Viktor Pavlov, although he liked the theatre, but his behavior is a little affected. At first he was upset by parents fighting (the result of one of them was damaged ear, and left protruding) and bullying in the classroom. But in the 8th grade, the teenager got into trouble – he was denounced as an accomplice in the theft. And only high post of father Victor was rescued from a colony. But the school still expelled, and he went to work at the plant.

    Viktor Pavlov completed his secondary education at night school. Then he first went on stage theatre group with the teacher. The club has been remarkable. It was directed by Victor Bogomolov, and visitors were listed Alla Pokrovskaya and Vladimir Vysotsky.

    Bogomolov convinced talented guy to go to drama College. Viktor Pavlov filed documents in all Metropolitan institutions. Enlisting at once in two, chose the Schepkin drama school, where in the year recruited its course famous artists Annenkov, Nikolai and Vera Pashennaya.

    Along with Pavlov studied Vitaly Solomin, Oleg Dal, Mikhail Kononov, and many others.


    In 1963, Viktor Pavlov received the diploma of «Chips» and was admitted to the troupe «Contemporary». In that period the artist of this theater was Oleg Dal. They had met on the stage in productions of «Forever living», «the Naked king», «big sister» and others.

    But at some point he seemed to underestimate him. Compared to Dale, he was entrusted with the role of an insignificant and colorless. Pavlov with the scandal left the «Sovremennik» theater Galina Yermolova. Here received him kindly and entrusted a significant role. One of the most successful – beavers in the play «Time and the conways». But after 4 years Viktor Pavlovich again changed the stage and moved to the theatre of St. Mayakovsky.

    The artist has not just changed the scene, due to his difficult personality and unwillingness to compromise. And yet the most fruitful were the years of service in the Mayakovsky theater, where Pavlov was fortunate to work side by side with such stars as Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Tatyana Doronina and Yevgeny Leonov.

    In the «Mayakovskaya» was played the range of roles. In «Man of La Mancha» Pavlov played Sancho Panza, so much so that is overshadowed by his mastery of all the other actors. And there were brilliant performances, gathered a few seasons in a row sold out, «Defeat», «Children Vanyushina», «Conversations with Socrates».

    The last years of his life Viktor Pavlov served in Small theatre.


    A cinematic biography of Viktor Pavlov started with the episodes in several scenes. First major role, the young actor was pleased with 1961, when the screens released tape «When trees were big». It was a kind of springboard, after which the artist was filmed non-stop.

    He did manage well in a Comedy role. The first in this genre was the image of a soldier, Joker in the film «On seven winds». But really to open the Weather comedian was able Leonid Gaidai. After the release of «Operation y», where Viktor Pavlovich got the role of a student and a transmitting radio, the young actor became famous.

    After a few years he was considered the most popular actor. Filmography of Viktor Pavlov has one hundred and fifty roles, many of which are major. He often appeared in comedies Gaidai. Was and serious role in the film «Major Whirlwind», «the Adjutant of his Excellency», «Hello and goodbye», «Gardemariny, vpered!», «Check on roads» and «Battle in the Blizzard».

    Truly star turned role in the cult film of Stanislav Govorukhin «meeting Place can not be changed». Fans of this multi-faceted talent and deep actor agrees that Victor Pavlov is a diverse artist. It is equally organic and in tragic roles Levchenko crime series Govorukhin, and loved by millions Comedy «Children of Monday» and «do Not go, maids, in marriage».

    The last movie in which appeared the favorite actor – Comedy by Vladimir Zlatoustovsky «Moscow smiles», which was released in 2008.

    Personal life

    With his first and only wife actor met at the Yermolova theatre. At rehearsals he eye averted from the beauty of Tatyana Govorova. After persistent courtship she responded to the attentions of gentlemen, and soon their wedding took place.

    This wonderful woman is connected all the personal life of Viktor Pavlov. Marriage was born their only daughter, Alexandra. She was born in 1967, when the father has already managed to star in «Operation y» and his career gained momentum.

    Sasha did not go to parents. She graduated from medical school, but in the end, chose the flight attendants.

    Passion Viktor Pavlov was pigeons. He bred them always, since a young age. Many years pigeons lived under the roof of the Maly theater, where he served as an artist.

    Another talent of the artist is drawing. Notepad with pencil has always been Viktor Pavlovich’s. In spare moments he painted his beloved wife, daughter, or colleagues.


    Actor died at 65. He has overcome a severe heart attack and a stroke which is still able to recover, re-learning to walk and talk. Viktor Pavlov was even able to return to his beloved work. He was full of new ideas and creative plans.

    Heart attack occurred on August 24, 2006 at home. As it turned out, it was another heart attack. The artist died at the hands of his wife.


    • «Operation Y»
    • «Major Whirlwind»
    • «The adjutant of his Excellency»
    • «The meeting place cannot be changed»
    • «Hello and goodbye»
    • Dauriya
    • «Check on roads»
    • «Battle in the Blizzard»
    • «Children of Monday»
    • «Turkish March»
    • «Team»


    Viktor Pavlov

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