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  • Name: Victor Loginov ( Viktor Loginov )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Kemerovo
  • Height: 190
  • Activities: actor, radio host, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Loginov: biography

    Actor Viktor Loginov was born on 13 February 1975 on the outskirts of Kemerovo. His childhood and youth were spent in distant Siberia. Acting talent was evident from his school age when he arranged a presentation for classmates and friends. And Victor loved adventure and believed that only trained at the theatre Institute and the shooting of a movie will provide them. But the path to that dream was long.

    After graduating from eighth grade, Victor was going to continue training in a fashion school. The actor recalls how it was analyzed the rosters of the institution. In historical and legal class were mostly boys, and in a class with a theatrical slant – girls. Then Loginov decided to go to drama class. Says that love to the girls marked the beginning of a love for the theater and cinema.

    In 17 years, Victor moved to Kiev and entered the theater Institute. However, in parallel with his studies he had to work as a machinist, a firefighter, a mountain climber, a guide, a DJ on the radio, art Director at night club, and worked as a TV presenter on RTR-Ural. Loginov admits that his best years have passed in Ekaterinburg. This city has become a second home for him.

    Acting career of Viktor Loginov was launched from the Ekaterinburg academic drama theater, and then he passed to the Chamber theatre of the Museum of the Urals writers. The actor quickly became one of the best. On account of his many important roles (Bob in «squaring the circle», in Pasquino «the Romantics», etc.).


    Viktor Loginov had long hair which was gathered in a ponytail and an earring in his ear. When in Yekaterinburg was held a casting for the shooting of the series «Happy together», he was not invited to audition. The main character of Gennady Bukin Director saw a hefty guy from the Urals: appearance Loginova did with him didn’t tally. But the actor has risked to come to the casting and immediately was among the main contenders for the role. Soon it was approved. Victor admits that shooting in the sitcom became his life’s training taught feelings and emotions to develop.

    Prior to filming «Happy together» actor changed his image and moved to live in Moscow. For six years he starred in the TV series, during which time became famous throughout Russia. Even in Ekaterinburg, a monument to a hero of his man Bukin Gennadiy.

    The TV series «Happy together» is not the only work of Victor Loginov in the movie. His debut was in the film «About a cat» in 1985. The following role was in 12 years in the film «hurt me». In 2006, Loginov played in the movie «the Golden mother», and a year later the spectators saw him in the film «Ensign or «E-mine»». Two years later, was the film «the Last secret of the master».

    Another popular series with Viktor Loginov – «Univer». The role of the brother of the pretender was occasional but vivid. One of the last works of the actor – «Muscovites».


    Viktor Loginov appeared before the audience in the role of presenter. Since 2007 he began to program «Intuition» (TNT), had previously led a «joke» (DTV). In 2010, he became the host of TV’s «Eat and hudey» that in 2012 «Doctor…». He also participated in the filming of such programs as «I Want a house Abroad», «Car», «Love under the stars.»

    March 12, 2016 Loginov is a leading TV program «Culinary duel», while speaking in the role of a judge.

    Personal life

    Viktor Loginov was married three times, has four children from those marriages. His first wife Natasha he met on Sakhalin, when he was 19 years old. The actor was not disturbed by the age difference (11 years) and wife’s son from her first marriage. Soon the couple got married, had a daughter, Anya. Natasha and Victor have lived together for 7 years, and when the feelings passed, I decided to leave.

    Shortly after the divorce, Victor met with Snezhana, carried away, proposed to her. This marriage lasted less than 7 months, – Victor Loginov quickly realized that they are different. Snezana gave birth to a son Dmitry, and after the divorce, remained in Ekaterinburg. The actor admits that the son actually grew up without a father.

    Third wife Olga Loginova. He first saw her on the casting of «Happy together», where she worked as an assistant producer. «Moscow thing», as dubbed him the Victor, something caught him. Olga long didn’t respond to the advances of actor – sizing, and then gave up. In November, began filming in January, they already lived together, and in March, Olga was pregnant with son Sasha. Less than 5 years the couple had a second child – a son, Ivan.

    Viktor Loginov, learned two previous failures, don’t hurry with marriage. But the actor knew that Olga is waiting for suggestions from him. He did it spontaneously. They got married in 2011 in a narrow range. At the ceremony were their sons, the parents of Olga and father of Victor Loginov. Journalists they are about the celebration did not speak, did everything quietly and modestly. The couple wants to be married again, this time in Bali, exotic surroundings, with a feast and friends.


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    Viktor Loginov

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