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  • Name: Viktor Horinyak ( Viktor Horinyak )
  • Date of birth: 22 March 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Minusinsk, Russia
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Viktor Horinyak: biography

    About this young and talented actor loud talking after his appearance in the rating sitcom «the Kitchen», where the guy played a major role. Since the release of the series biography and personal life of Viktor Horinyak very interested fans of his talent.

    Viktor Horinyak
    Talented actor | Compa

    Viktor Horinyak was born in March 1990 in the cold of Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk region. Victor is the older brother and sister. Parents had nothing to do with the art world, however, their youngest child grew up very artistic.

    His passion is not limited and controlled by the senior. Since childhood, he enjoyed participating in school productions and KVN, beautifully recited poems. And yet the boy was fond of sport, particularly highlighting the volleyball, judo and Boxing. He studied the boy very well. After school, he could choose any University in the country, as the results of the exam was brilliant.

    Viktor Horinyak
    Since childhood, fond of sports | Movie Theater.RU

    Interested in Victor professions were few. In the first place was medicine. The guy could no exams to pass into med school. Strangely enough, the acting in the list of Horinyak were on the last line of the list.

    When choosing a city where to be a student, he decided not to be penny wise and chose the capital. When the guy arrived to conquer Moscow, the priorities suddenly changed: in first place was the acting. Amazingly, a simple guy from the province the first time entered the School-Studio of Moscow art theater, after a huge contest. He studied in the Studio of Victor and Kozak Brusnikina.


    To play on the stage of a Small art theater Victor began as a student. It was not easy, as the student used to study thoroughly the lessons missed. So home aspiring artist was getting very late: rehearsals and performances after school in the theater took almost all day.

    Viktor Horinyak in the theater
    At the theater | Russia 2

    The Director of the Moscow art theatre Alexander Mokhov, noting the efforts of the talented student, took a chance and entrusted him with the starring role in the play «Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk». The performance was in «Snuff», and was accompanied by considerable success. Theatergoers immediately noticed the excellent play of an unknown young actor brilliantly played the role of don Giovanni in the province. For his work in the play moss Horinyak was awarded the prize of Oleg Tabakov.

    After graduation, the actor was immediately admitted to the theater troupe of the Moscow art theatre. His repertoire includes productions of «the Pickwick club», «the humpbacked Horse», «Undina», «Man-pillow» and many others. But there are favorite role. The actor plays Razumihin’s in the play «Crime and punishment». The nature and motives of actions of this hero Victor is clear and close. The same fun game entertainer gets when he’s performing in a production of «Man-pillow.» There he transforms into an evil policeman.

    Viktor Horinyak in the theater
    On the stage of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov | RIA Novosti

    Perfectly played by the actor another hero, this time Bulgakov. The artist was entrusted the role of the Wizard in the production of the novel «Master and Margarita».


    The popularity of the young artist came recently. A cinematic biography of Viktor Horinyak not as big as theatrical, but it is the appearance in the movie brought the actor in the commercial.

    Viktor Horinyak in the series
    In the series «shell-Shocked, or swimming Lessons freestyle» | Around TV

    He first appeared on screens in 2007, starring in the episode of «Law and order». Between 2007 and 2011, Viktor Horinyak he played a small role in television «Stroybat», «risk», «Team Th» and «Night swallows».

    But «Wake up famous» he was helped by the popular TV series «Kitchen». In this project, the actor starred in 2012, playing insecure and cute bartender Kostya, who came to Moscow from Krasnoyarsk. During the shooting of this series beloved by many tape Victor met with such masters of cinema as Dmitry Nagiyev Dmitry Nazarov.

    Viktor Horinyak in the series
    Charming Barista in the sitcom «Kitchen» | onedio

    A huge ratings of the show forced the creators to write the continuation of an exciting story. In 2014 came the continuation of the series — «Kitchen in Paris», and 2016 has given fans a new dose of humour in the Comedy «the Hotel Eleon» where Horinyak also plays a major role along with his on-screen wife Olga Kuzmina. After so successfully played the image of the actor received interesting offers from the Directors.

    Movies Viktor Horinyak begin to enjoy great interest from the audience, and, as noted by some critics, the actor has great prospects and a lot of creativity.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Viktor Horinyak, despite the relatively young age, already arranged. With his future wife, the actor met in his native Minusinsk. The young people were married as undergraduates. But to tell the details of his personal life the actor does not like. It is only known that the wife of Viktor Horinyak work child psychologist.

    Viktor Horinyak wife
    Wife | VMire Teatra.Ru

    Actor dreamt of my firstborn-a boy. So it happened — the wife of Viktor Horinyak gave him a son. The talented actor says that his wife is both his best friend for life. All the free time the couple spends together.


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    Viktor Horinyak

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