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  • Name: Viktor Gusev ( Gusev Victor )
  • Date of birth: 27 October 1955.
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: presenter, sports commentator
  • Marital status: married to Olga Domracheva

    Viktor Gusev: biography

    Victor Mikhailovich Gusev is a famous Russian sports commentator and TV presenter. Victor M. communicates in English and French. Lead made your first sports review in thirty-eight years. Nikita has a competent speech, psychological stamina and a good command of the material, which allowed him to become a true professional of his craft. Lead was a three-time winner of the TEFI award, and he is the holder of state awards and a member of the Russian television Academy. His catchphrase: «take care!» became a hallmark.

    Victor Mikhailovich Gusev was born on 27 October 1955. Mother Galina Boldyreva was a doctor, and his father Mikhail Viktorovich Gusev — Professor of biological Sciences. Victor studied at the prestigious school of the capital, in which some items were only in a foreign language. Gusev still lives in Vnukovo, where I tried to comment on your first yard football matches. Ever since childhood, his father took on all matches of club «Dynamo». Victor as a child was acquainted with as a sports television broadcasting Nikolay Ozerov.

    After finishing school with an emphasis on foreign languages Victor continued his education at the translation faculty of the Institute of foreign languages named Torez. Academic achievements allowed him to be as an exchange student in the us city of Albany. Where teachers noticed his journalistic talent. Currently, Victor M. do not forget the activity of a translator and regularly leads his column in the English magazine «World soccer». After receiving higher education the young man was drafted into the army, and he became a military translator. Future TV presenter left in the USSR, and came into service in Ethiopia, which at that period of war in Somalia. In this war Gusev earned their first battle honors. From service he brought the medal «For military merit» and the African order «For courage».

    Viktor Gusev: career

    After two years of service in Africa journalist take in TASS for the position of editor-translator of information Department for foreign viewers. This professional activity was far from the desire of a young man to be closer to sports related. In parallel with its primary work of Viktor Gusev’s always been aware of problems for the sports edition.

    The interpreter got in TASS in 1977 and has served in his position for six years. He made business trips not only in the role of a translator and correspondent. In 1985, Victor is sent to circumnavigate the globe, then it changes the climate is warm countries in the atmosphere of Antarctica, which is sent on the icebreaker «Vladivostok». Viktor visited this southern latitude, where salvation needed the ship «Mikhail Somov». Scientists trapped in ice «captured» and waited for help from compatriots. Viktor Gusev had to sanctify the whole course of the rescue operation.

    On Board the «Vladivostok» as the flight conditions have sky rocketed the helicopter, which was sent food goods, food and mail from home. On Board was Victor Mikhailovich. So the citizens of the Soviet Union learned about the rescue of the scientists. From the expedition Gusev brought the pictures that received the award «Interpressfoto». The country has noticed his contribution to the collection was enriched by a medal «For labour valour».

    After a trip to Antarctica, a young man came to the sports editors of news agencies. As a correspondent Viktor Gusev was related to water sports. He was present not only in competitions within the country, but also covered the European and world Championships, Olympic games and goodwill Games. In 1992, the sports correspondent had the opportunity to conduct his first TV show «Sport weekend».

    In subsequent years, the presenter went to all the major world competitions. Thus began his professional career as a commentator and author of the sports programs. Viewers heard his reviews of the US, European and Eastern countries. Leading copes with the transmission of information about the Olympic games in Nagano, salt lake city and Sydney.

    And 13 April 1994, held the first debut story Guseva with an open football match between Spartak and Galatasaray. In 1997, the translator and commentator was taken to the state of ORT. Since that time, viewers saw him in a sports program blocks. Gusev did not just talk about sports news from the television, and was editor of the colored edition of «the Match» and was also the press attaché of the hockey team CSKA and the football team of Russia.

    Victor M. copes with sports related, involved in television, and his presence in the «Last hero-3» has brought him well-deserved audience award. Football and hockey fans hear comments Victor Gusev almost all matches that are sanctified «the First channel».

    Viktor Gusev: personal life

    Viktor Gusev been married a long time. Married to

  • Olga Domracheva they had three children: daughters Julia and Nina, and son, Michael, who loves football, athletics and hockey. Leading prefers to spend the few free hours that fall in its rigorous work schedule, in the family circle. The Gusev aches for Moscow «Dynamo» and English «Manchester United».

    Viktor Gusev: TV shows

    • Time
    • Football
    • Football with Victor Gusev
    • Sport-weekend
    • The mysteries of Paris
    • The Lord of taste
    • Great race
    • To stay alive
    • The last hero-3

    Viktor Gusev: photo

    Viktor Gusev

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