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  • Name: Viktor Chernomyrdin ( Viktor Chernomyrdin )
  • Date of birth: 9 April 1938.
  • Age: 72 years
  • Date of death: November 3, 2010
  • Place of birth: village of Chernyy Otrog, Orenburg oblast
  • Activity: politician, statesman
  • Marital status: widower

    Viktor Chernomyrdin: a biography

    Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin — a statesman of the first in the history of the country, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, which later became the Russian Ambassador to Ukraine as an Advisor to the President dealt with the issues of economic cooperation with the CIS countries. Quite a striking feature Chernomyrdin was his extravagant manner to Express their thoughts. Author Viktor Stepanovich belong to many of the aphorisms that have become winged, including common later expression «We wanted the best, but it turned out as always» and «Russia is a continent.»

    Viktor Chernomyrdin
    Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin | E-news

    He was born in village the Black Spur, which is located in the Orenburg region, and became the fourth child in a large family chauffeur Stepan Markovic and his wife, Marfa Petrovna. Only Victor has three older brothers and one younger sister. After the obligatory school classes, the teenager began to study at a local vocational school, and then in the biography of Viktor Chernomyrdin for the first time you receive career. The young man worked for a while as a mechanic at the Orsk refinery, and then went to serve in the army, where he went to aircraft maintenance troops.

    Viktor Chernomyrdin in his youth
    Army photo by Victor Chernomyrdin

    After demobilization Viktor Stepanovich graduated from the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute and got a job as a Deputy head of city Committee of the CPSU. As this post had nothing to do with his engineering degree, Chernomyrdin in absentia received economic education. Since 1973, in the course of several years a promising leader was the head of the Orenburg gas processing plant, and then went on increasing to Moscow and became Deputy Minister of the gas industry. Later, Chernomyrdin was in the Ministerial chair of this industry.


    Because in addition to the post of Minister of the gas industry, he managed to be the Chairman of the Board «Gazprom» after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Viktor Chernomyrdin appointed to deal with the new government fuel and energy complex. And when the candidacy of Yegor Gaidar was met with opposition of the majority of deputies, Mr Chernomyrdin was in charge of the Council of Ministers and the Government of the Russian Federation. In this position Chernomyrdin lasted in fact until the late 90-ies.

    Viktor Chernomyrdin
    Photo Of Viktor Chernomyrdin | Gazprom

    The greatest rise in popularity and support from ordinary citizens Viktor Chernomyrdin was in 1996, when he took on a heavy mission to negotiate with Shamil Basayev after the terrorist attack in hospital in the Stavropol region. Thanks to the proper conduct of the business managed to release most of the hostages. Although the tragedy killed about 180 persons, experts and ordinary citizens believe that these figures could be much higher. Because of this relatively successful negotiations on Victor Stepanovich has additionally assigned the duties of Deputy Chairman of the Council of defense.

    Viktor Chernomyrdin
    Photo Of Viktor Chernomyrdin | Gazprom

    After dismissal from a senior position of government Chernomyrdin briefly, according to the President, is successfully engaged in the settlement of the situation in Yugoslavia. By the way, the politician wrote a documentary book «the Call» in which he outlined his understanding of the crisis in the Balkans.

    In the twenty-first century Viktor Chernomyrdin for eight years was the Ambassador of Russia in Ukraine. His name is even linked the conflict in the government of Yulia Tymoshenko. The Minister of foreign Affairs Volodymyr Ohryzko announced that he intends to accept Chernomyrdin persona non grata because of his undiplomatic comments. In the end, lost his job, it Ogryzko. At the end of life Viktor Chernomyrdin was acting adviser to President Dmitri Medvedev on economic cooperation with the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    Aphorisms Viktor Chernomyrdin

    I should add that as a public person Chernomyrdin has always attracted the attention of numerous unusual phrases that are popularly called «Chernomyrdin». Even during his lifetime became the aphorisms of more than a hundred expressions became winged. Of the most famous «Chernomyrdin» include the following:

    • We wanted the best, but it turned out as always.
    • We have fulfilled all the items from A to B.
    • You can not harness the cart in the horse.
    • Better than vodka no worse!
    • What kind of social organization we may create always turns out the Communist party.
    • Never before such did not happen, and here it is again.
    • The principles that were fundamental, was not fundamental.
    • There is still time to save face. Then have to save other parts of the body.
    • I shall not speak much, but then again, what else to say.

    Personal life

    Still living in the Orenburg region, Viktor Chernomyrdin’s personal life is tied up with Shepelev Valentina, who was his only wife. Valentine, who took the surname after marriage husband, was fond of folk dances and even sang Russian and Ukrainian folk songs. Later, in old age, she and her ensemble «Area of Russia» recorded two albums «Sings Valentina Chernomyrdina» and «Song for my husband, children and grandchildren…».

    Viktor Chernomyrdin and his wife
    With his wife Valentina Chernomyrdin lived for 48 years. Celebrity

    The couple lived together for nearly 50 years and gave birth to two sons Vitaly and Andrei, each of which, in turn, twice became a father, making Viktor Chernomyrdin grandfather of two grandsons and two granddaughters. Main hobby in life of a politician was hunting. And this time linked to a huge scandal. In 1997, during the Christmas holidays Chernomyrdin shot two very little cubs, which caused a sharp negative reaction from the public.


    In March 2010, after a long illness died the wife of Viktor Chernomyrdin. This loss of Viktor Stepanovich to move could not. All his friends confirmed that he changed for the worse after the funeral of his beloved wife, and as the adviser to the President had a more than serious health problems, it’s all very deplorable effect on the body Chernomyrdin. On the background of acute renal failure and severe cancer, he suffered a myocardial infarction, which was the cause of death of Viktor Chernomyrdin on 3 November 2010.


    Viktor Chernomyrdin

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