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  • Name: Viktor Bychkov ( Viktor Bychkov )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Bychkov: biography

    It so happens that the actor appears in more than 80 films will play many diverse roles, but fans choose the brightest image and forever associate the actor and the character. That’s what happened with Viktor Bychkov. No matter, it will rise in the coat of Santa Claus in a lab coat or costume of the 19th century, the audience immediately cried out: «It’s Kuzmich from «Peculiarities of national hunting»! Although small children faster remember him as the household of uncle Viti of «good night, kids!».

    But it could be that the world would never have learned of the actor Bychkova. The fact that Victor grew up in a multi-room communal apartment in Leningrad, without any financial frills. Along with his family shared a flat with another 40 people. Although from an early age, Victor showed a pronounced artistry, mother, bringing up a son without a father, persuaded him to get a «real» job that will allow one to stand firmly on his feet.

    Because the boy is a good student in school, he could easily enroll in any school. So after the 8th grade Steers submits documents in a medical school. But then fate intervened: in the interview Victor once unsuccessfully joked, the teacher reprimanded him, and the young man… was offended and did not do!

    Not to return to school he began to study at a vocational school, but the school appeared less than in a theater Studio where he recorded, once became a student. Steers started out with small roles without words, but very quickly he began to trust the Central characters.

    After serving in the Armed forces, Viktor went to higher education. And this time no one was not able to dissuade him from acting the profile of the University. At the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography to reveal the talent he was helped by people’s artist of the USSR Igor Petrovich Vladimirov, known to viewers of detective «Inspector Losev».

    And then the actor has opened wide perspectives in theater and film.


    The first picture, which starred Viktor Bychkov, was the drama «the Last escape», however, there it wasn’t even mentioned in the credits. The actor then appeared in several films, mostly military-dramatic character.

    But Bychkov opened, the viewer is directed by Alexander Rogozhkin. And if in their first joint film «For a few lines of» airtime Victor is not so big, then everything changes radically. Their film «Operation «happy New Year!», «Miss millionaire», «the Third planet», «life with an idiot» and many others always arouse great interest among the public.

    But this furor has made the role of the huntsman the poet in the Comedy «peculiarities of national hunting», the Director spoke again, Alexander Rogozhkin. The film received just extraordinary popularity among all Russian-speaking audiences regardless of their country of residence. Comedy literally brick by brick dismantled for quotes, and Victor Bychkov forever in the vastness of Russia remained the Ordeal.

    By the way, he himself was happy to exploit this image. For example, the actor performs excursions in Karelia and in the costume of the famous Ranger tells visitors about the most beautiful places of this amazing region.

    Movie Kuzmich also disappeared from the screens. The story continued in such comedies as «peculiarities of national fishing», «peculiarities of national hunting in winter», «peculiarities of national policy» and «peculiarities of Russian bath».

    When Calves were shot in the first part of «Features», one of the storylines was based on the fact that Finn and Russian, speaking different languages, understand each other. The actor came up with the idea to repeat such a moment, but in the drama version. He spoke about this idea to a favorite film Director, and Rogozhkin wrote the script, and then removes his most triumphal painting «the Cuckoo».

    In 2002, the drama has collected almost all the awards at the film festival «Golden eagle». Bychkov himself was named best male lead and received the State prize of Russia, and personally from the President.

    The last in the filmography of an actor to date is the Comedy series «Kitchen», where he appeared in the final 6th season.


    In 2007, Viktor Bychkov was invited to the legendary children’s program «good night, kids!» and he’s in for 5 years was uncle Vitya. There the Bulls took the missing niche of a male teacher, and created the image of the master on all hands, and planted a small audience love to work.

    In 2012, the actor showed their dance skills in the show «dancing with the stars», but being the first participant who was eliminated, was very unhappy with this project.

    It can also be seen in music videos. He starred in the video for the song «Lonely» group «Heaven» and in the clip «Audio aggressor» show group «Kar-man».

    Personal life

    Viktor Bychkov was married three times. My classmate Natalia Vasilieva gave birth to his son Gregory, but they soon broke up. Second marriage he made with the actress Elena Simonova. In this family were born two children – a son Theodore and a daughter Arseny. But now the actor is living with a theater Director Polina Belinskaya and raising a young Dobrynya. Interestingly, Victor and Pauline were married on the birthday of the actor — September 4, 2007.

    Father and son spend a lot of time together. Victor leads the boy to a variety of children’s performances, exhibitions and other programs, preferring educational and not just for show. And, of course, Bychkov is still a great storyteller. Fairy tales and stories read Dobrynya it. By the way, Victor is the author of your own short sketches about film and theater, which puts on its website called «Rasskaziki».


    • 1995 — peculiarities of national hunting
    • 1998 — peculiarities of national fishing
    • 1999 — peculiarities of the Russian bath, or bath history
    • 2000 — peculiarities of the national hunt in the winter
    • 2002 — the Cuckoo
    • 2003 — peculiarities of the national policy
    • 2004 — Four cabbies and a dog
    • 2008 — the Highest measure
    • 2006 — Graf Montenegro
    • 2008 — home sweet home
    • 2016 — Kitchen


    Victor Bychkov

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