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  • Name: Viktor Baturin ( Viktor Baturin )
  • Date of birth: 2 October 1956.
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: businessman, producer
  • Marital status: married

    Viktor Baturin biography

    Viktor Baturin – the entrepreneur who became famous due to a scandalous personal life: squabbles with her sister, wife of the mayor of Moscow and the former wife of the famous producer.

    Born Viktor Baturin in Moscow on 2 October 1956. After graduation, he entered the Moscow Institute of management. Ordzhonikidze, who graduated in 1983, receiving an engineering degree in «Organization and management of production». Then he joined the famous plant «Sukhoi», where he held positions related to aerospace manufacturing.


    With the beginning of perestroika in the years 1998-1991 Viktor Baturin was engaged in various business projects, did not bring much income. However, if prior to 1991, his life was similar to what happened with millions of people born in the USSR, this year was a turning point. And it happened not because of any personal abilities and skills, and thanks to family connections.

    Elena Baturina
    Elena Baturina | latest news

    His sister Elena Baturina this year, she married Vice-mayor of Moscow. A little later her husband, Yury Luzhkov headed the capital that had a positive impact on the business of his wife and turned her into the richest woman in Russia. Not left behind and her brother.

    The company «Inteko», the Director’s position which he occupied, in the time produced plastic products. And almost immediately after the wedding Baturina and Luzhkov, the firm has plenty of municipal orders, which has brought huge profits. For example, Baturin was charged with the production of chairs for the reconstructed stadium «Luzhniki». Not less favorable there were other contracts entered into with the Moscow government.

    Viktor Baturin
    Viktor Baturin | Forex

    Appeared in the company of their own production, organized at the Moscow refinery, which took care of the government of Moscow. But the plastic brother and sister did not stop, but continuing to use the opportunities of an influential relative, undertook the construction of the Moscow objects.

    In addition, in the period 1998-1999 Buchanan worked as first Deputy Prime Minister of the government of Kalmykia, and then Advisor to the President of the Republic. Using the familiarity with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Buchanan became a contractor for the construction of City Chess, Russia is expected to attract grandmaster tournaments.

    Viktor Baturin
    Viktor Baturin | TV Program

    After a while there were accusations of misuse of budget funds. The developer was threatened with criminal term, but thanks to the support of the government of the Republic he took a seat in the government, however, lasted only a year.

    The gap with my sister

    Pair Baturina started to promote the construction business in the province. So a company «Inteko-agro», which was acquired in the Belgorod region and many plots of land. Things were going uphill until that moment, when began the accusations from law enforcement that the land is used for other purposes, and just is bought for a pittance, and sold at exorbitant prices.

    However, it became clear not only that «Inteko» changed the designation of land, but that their activities interfered with local authorities to develop a mine that is on this site. The situation has reached the point that in 2003 the leadership of the company was organized a few assassination attempts. Elena Baturina even appealed for help to Vladimir Putin.

    Viktor Baturin
    Viktor Baturin | Starhit

    Until 2006, both Baturina was listed as partners with equal rights. However, in the beginning of the year, according to Baturina, quite unexpectedly for him Elena through the media announced that her brother no longer holds the position of Vice-President «Inteko» and can not speak on her behalf and represent her interests.

    The volume of assets «Inteko» has amounted to billions of dollars, and Baturin after the division of the company got half of the «inter-agro» and development business in Sochi. He went to court with demands for compensation, but lost the case. In response, the sister filed 3 lawsuit for $ 300 million. But this claim was not satisfied.

    The causes of the quarrel were never made public, but even on a rare joint photo former companions look at each other with hatred. More brother and sister have worked, and things Baturina went down.


    Our troubles were not over, in 2011, the businessman was accused of real estate fraud. After 2 years of proceedings in 2013, the businessman was found guilty on all counts (fraud, tax evasion) and received 7 years of a General regime.

    After prison

    Now Victor Baturin is on the loose. In 2016, he was released from prison early. First, the media showed interest in the former oligarch, but now barely remember.

    Viktor Baturin
    Viktor Baturin | Woman

    According to the former oligarch, he breeds pedigree horses. The stories Baturina, the business is growing well.

    Personal life

    Buchanan has been married four times. About the first wife little is known, it is non-public person. The couple have a daughter Alexandra Bayborodina, who lives in Coloma and contact with the father does not support.

    From his second marriage in your personal life Baturina started scandals. Julia Saltovets gave birth to a son after a year of living together. But she had seen him only three days, while lying in the hospital. At the time of release from the hospital Buchanan with the guards took, and took the newborn. After that, he told the media that Julia has abandoned the baby, but she denies it. The cause of action, according to the girls, was the fact that Saltovets filed for divorce pregnant.

    Julia Saltovets
    Julia Saltovets | Mom-plus

    Just one month Viktor Nikolaevich married the famous producer Yana Rudkovskaya. Rudkovskaya and Saltovets before that was friends, they say that after the wedding, Jan took an active part in the process of deprivation of ex-girlfriend’s parental rights. In this marriage the town adopted a child Rudkovskaya from a previous marriage.

    Viktor Baturin and Yana Rudkovskaya with children
    Viktor Baturin and Yana Rudkovskaya with children | Cosmopolitan

    This marriage too did not last long and ended in a scandal, involving the press and TV. Rudkovskaya went to the famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, and Buchanan took two children and gave his ex-wife to see them.

    After divorcing Rudkovskaya was an attempt to take away her most successful producer project — brand «Dima Bilan», but Yana won their rights. After Buchanan was convicted, the children returned to Rudkovskaya, and she was allowed to meet his first wife ex-husband with a son.

    Viktor Baturin and Ilona Obraztsova
    Viktor Baturin and Ilona Obraztsova | Woman

    Almost immediately, the entrepreneur married again. This time his wife was the model, Ilona Obraztsova, who in 2009 gave birth to his daughter.


    Viktor Baturin

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