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  • Name: Viktor Avilov ( Viktor Avilov )
  • Date of birth: 8 August 1953
  • Age: 51 years
  • Date of death: August 21, 2004
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film and theater actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Viktor Avilov: biography

    «He plays heroes, over which is drawn the rock» – wrote about Viktor Avilov journalists. And all his life he remained an optimist, played heroes and remembered for its power and independence.

    Victor Avilov was born on 8 August 1953 on the outskirts of Moscow. His parents are ordinary working class, his friends – the guys from suburban yards, and he himself grew up a chimney sweep, being naughty, skipping school. Parents are tired of fighting with her son and waved.

    Victor graduated from high school, he enrolled in the industrial College and went to serve in the army. In the army he learned to drive and got my license. About any theatre Avilov then thought, art in General, he was not interested. Recalling that period of life, the actor said he was unstable. At each new place of work is not delayed longer than a few months, and the fact that seniority is not interrupted and the article for parasitism sewed. Avilov worked as a driver, mounted equipment, was the Adjuster of automatic systems. On the stage he was literally from behind the wheel of a car.

    Acting education at Victor Vasilyevich was not, but was a friend of Sergei Belyakovich. His brother Valeri was obsessed with the idea of creating a theatre, it it was infected and Victor. Avilov had no time to recover as it has appeared in Theatre in the southwest, was founded in 1975.


    Viktor Avilov and Valery belyakovich created together this theatre. Avilov has become his trademark, signature style. Here he played in the play by Moliere «Moliere», Actor in the play «the lower depths», Thisbe and Kravets in the production of «a Midsummer night’s Dream». Victor played the part of hamlet, Voland, Caligula, the inspector – his range of roles was so great that most theater actors can only dream about.

    Avilov was so unique that neither the audience nor the critics didn’t even try to relate it to a specific actor type. They just enjoyed the game, empathized and cheerfully laughed, cried and applauded in unison. Victor Avilov was so exposed the soul on stage, in the lobbies and corridors of the theater about it of legends. He was a bold experimenter, his talents on the Theatre scene in the South-West staged «Rhinoceros», «What happened at the zoo» and other ambiguous statement.

    He did not divide the roles into major and minor, he played any with the same intensity. The actor is always placed above the movie theater.


    In the movie, Viktor Avilov began acting at the age of 34. The Directors had previously offered him the role, but in the theatre, to whom he had devoted his life, the actors were not allowed to play in a movie: it had to abandon some interesting proposals.

    His debut was a mystical movie «Gospodin Oformitel». Immediately it was followed by the shooting of «the Prisoner of If castle». Both pictures was released in 1988. Viewers who have missed a good movie, appreciated, and different music, and slightly confusing plot of the film. They created the surroundings and emphasized the drama of the love between the artist and his young model, which was destroyed by consumption. But because there had been a meeting of the artist with his ideal reality. He Avilov said that the scenario of «Designer» seemed to him strange, but without shocks. He did not fully understand what he was offered, but despite this, I decided to try.

    Play the count of Monte Cristo, the actor was easy. The novel by Alexandre Dumas was already filmed, especially the main role was played by Jean Marais. Victor Avilova managed to create an image in their style – riddled with mystery and mysticism. After the release of the film about the actor learned the whole country. The audience was fascinated by its peculiar appearance, sympathized with him, was called a devil, but forget exactly could not.

    Avila starred in the lesser known movie: «Love thy neighbor», «the grass barefoot,» and «the Civil pari» and «Safari 6» never appeared on the screens. Another important work was the series «the Great game», in which Victor appeared in the form of a French journalist. In recognition of the actor, his best role was the film «Masquerade» in which he played Diana.

    In 1992, Director George E. Yungvald-Khilkevich has directed «Musketeers 20 years later». Avilova was offered the role of the son of Milady, a notorious villain. The actor has long disagreed, but Lee convinced him. In the end, the hero was more than convincing, with eyes glowing with hatred.

    Personal life

    Avilov was married three times. About the first wife Larissa, he hardly remembered, with his second wife Galina Galkina worked together in the theater. In the second marriage he had two daughters, but, as the actor, he was gone from them. This topic was painful for Viktor Avilov, he reproached himself for the act, but change nothing.

    The actor met third wife Tatyana on the set in Odessa. She worked as an assistant Director, were married. Husband is a sailor, for six months hadn’t been home. Avilov took the beauty from her husband.

    The actor loved to sit with a fishing rod in the river, but it could rarely, loved the Crimean mountains and the wilderness.


    The rock accompanied him throughout his life. On tour in Israel, when they gave «Master and Margarita», he was twice cardiac arrest. He coped with stomach ulcers, recovered from tuberculosis, but the death did not depart.

    In August 2004 Victor Avilova received a terminal diagnosis – liver cancer 4 stage. He was treated in Novosibirsk, unfortunately, unsuccessfully. 21 August 2004, stopped beating heart of the actor.


    • «Gospodin oformitel»
    • «Safari № 6»
    • «Prisoner of Zenda»
    • «The palmist»
    • «Dissolved evil»
    • «Wolf blood»
    • «FM and children»
    • «Musketeers twenty years later»
    • «Polygon»
    • «The Golden head on the block»


    Viktor Avilov

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