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  • Name: Viktor Ahn ( Ahn Hyun-Soo )
  • Date of birth: 23 November 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Seoul, Korea
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: the Russian short-tremist, six-time Olympic champion
  • Marital status: Married

    Viktor Ahn biography

    The emergence of new national heroes – the process is not quite predictable and unexpected. Often popularly beloved heroes are people who have recently had to Russia is irrelevant. But the true nationality does not play any role, if a person truly loves the country where he resides, and is ready to bring her worldwide fame. A vivid example – a short-tremist Viktor Antonov.

    Viktor Ahn was born 23 November 1985 in the capital of South Korea – Seoul. Real name Victor Ahn Hyun-soo, where he lived until 2011. At first, the boy grew up like a normal Korean kid, until the age of eight have not seen broadcast the Olympics in Lillehammer.

    Viktor Ahn in childhood
    Viktor Ahn in childhood | VK

    1994 can be considered the period when the boy’s heart got a new passion for this sport. Idol Victor became a fellow member of the national Olympic Tea JI-Ung. This athlete won in Lillehammer two gold and kindled in the soul of Ahn Hyun-soo irresistible attraction to the short track.

    Almost immediately Victor Antonov persuaded his parents to enroll him in classes in the partition. Training base, as now, were at the highest level, so the boy had all the opportunities to develop their abilities.

    Career in Korea

    Sports biography of Viktor Ahn began at home. His career in Korea have evolved quite rapidly. The early success of the boy interested in famous coach in the past three-time winner of the Olympic Games Kim Ki una, who without hesitation invited promising athlete in his elite group.

    Experienced Manager, of course, was a great help to progress the talent of Victor Ana, but the skater did not work hard skate» – up to ten hours daily. The trainer motivated and has taught him not only to run, but the habit of constantly analyzing your performance and the reasons for their changes, viewing videos of performances to increase the skill of the skater.

    Viktor Ahn
    Viktor Ahn | News portal

    And the long wait was not necessary. The first resounding victory, drew the attention of all sports leaders of the country, was a gold performance at the world championship among juniors in 2002. This victory was the lucky ticket skater in the national team of South Korea, but at its core, the adult structure. But here, the young talent quickly showed that he was not going to be a long time for beginners.

    In the same year, not even reaching the age of majority, Viktor An won gold in the relay race, as well as three times became the silver prize-winner in the adult category. Together with the South Korean men’s national team he won the bronze step of the podium in the team standings.

    Viktor Ahn in Korea
    Viktor Antonov | Russian newspaper

    But with the Olympics this busy for him in 2002-m to year not quite happened: Viktor Ahn won only the fourth place. Although the word «only» is not quite appropriate – some athletes do not achieve such a result throughout his career in the sport.

    Next year Viktor Antonov’s ahead of all its competitors in the world, four times won the world championship three times in the competition short-track athletes of Asia.

    Year 2004 was a year of absolute triumph, Victor an – he brings six gold medals from world Championships (five individual and one for the winning team). Not gone unnoticed and his incredible victory at the Universiade in Innsbruck in 2005.

    Viktor Ahn on the Olympic games in Turin
    Viktor Ahn on the Olympic games in Turin | History of the Olympic games

    But a moment of real happiness and the realization of children’s dreams became the Olympic games in Turin. Remembering the failure in 2002, Viktor Ahn did everything possible not to repeat his failure. And he won, three times up on the first rung, and once having won «bronze». In that year, Viktor Ahn did the rounds and became the undisputed leader of the world short track.

    Scandal and injury

    Further, the biography of Viktor Ahn takes on the traits of a Hollywood drama about the UPS and downs in big-time sports. It all started because of the conflict of the father of the skater with the head coach, because of which the whole team was divided in opinion. Soon titlewasnow athlete even had to train with the women’s team.

    Viktor Ahn
    Viktor Ahn | VK

    Or was it bad luck, or someone’s intent, but after that, Viktor Antonov gets a very serious knee injury because of which missed several world Championships. He had lost form and was not included in the composition of the Korean national team at the Olympics in Vancouver.

    It would seem that the career is completed. But there would be no happiness, Yes the solution helped the Russian Olympic leadership on strengthening the team for short track by acquiring athletes from other countries.

    Career in Russia

    Move to Russia, change citizenship and name in 2011 and opened for Ahn Hyun-soo second wind in life and sport. He chose a new name for the Victor to quickly feel like a citizen of a great country, to feel at home. He loves to stress in his interview with Viktor Antonov, the choice was due to two reasons: the meaning of the word «victory» and respect for another famous «Russian Korean» – Viktor Tsoi.

    Viktor Ahn in Russia
    Viktor Ahn in the national team of Russia | First Internet TV

    Anyway, Victor Ahn gave our team hope for rewards in this sport and immediately began to show the «medal» results for team Russia at the world Championships.

    Olympics in Sochi became Viktor Ahn a real challenge and opportunity to prove himself and others that he is one of the world leaders in short track.

    Sochi Olympics

    Former colleagues in the Korean national team already nervously bit her lip, looking his debut performance in the 1,500 meters. 10 February Viktor Antonov brought the first bronze medal in a moneybox of the Russian Federation. Note that prior to that, Russia has never received an Olympic medal in the individual competition at the short track.

    But Viktor Ahn was not going to stop on achieved results. 15 Feb 2014 Russian short-track athletes won two medals. At a distance of 1000 meters, Viktor Ahn won the gold medal. Never before Russian national team has achieved such results.

    Viktor Ahn on the Olympic games in Sochi
    Viktor Ahn on the Olympic games in Sochi | tvnz

    But that’s not all. The benefit that the Olympics has a lot of range, allowing athletes to take «their». Took advantage of this unique athlete.

    21 February was held the final in short track at a distance of 500 meters. And here is Victor Ana was not there. He once again climbed to the top step of the podium, winning 8-MUI medal for Russia.

    That’s only on the second «gold» Sochi Viktor Ahn did not stop. Athlete and also won the team relay at the 5000 meters along with seeds by Elistratova, Vladimir Grigoriev and Ruslan Zakharov. At the last stage of Viktor Ahn not just finished first, but managed to beat the Olympic record. It was not just a victory, it is a real sensation.

    Star Viktor Ahn in Sochi
    Star Viktor Ahn in Sochi | VK press

    In Sochi there were new marble star laid in honor of the famous skater and six-time Olympic champion Viktor Ahn.

    Public reaction to the victory brought to the Treasury of a foreign country a compatriot in South Korea was rapid. Media Korea unleashed a barrage of criticism on skating Union Republic. The sports Minister and the President even promised to eradicate corruption and infighting in the sport, and also to prepare for the Olympic games 2018.

    In General, in the homeland of love and support, Victor an, understanding of the reasons for his emigration.

    Viktor Antonov now

    After the Olympics 2014 Viktor Ahn has decided to be engaged in training of the Russian national team in short track. The Olympic champion has presented two bedroom apartment in an elite house in St. Petersburg. The house is in a landscaped complex «Prince Alexandre Nevsky».

    Viktor Ahn
    Viktor Ahn | VK

    As it became known, is now a six-time Olympic champion Viktor Ahn is preparing for the European Championships in short track, which will be held in Turin in January 2017. Skater in great shape and promises to give it full force, defending the honor of Russia.

    Personal life

    During the Olympics, the world media have shown footage of crying, rejoicing in the results and achievements of the loved one, his girlfriend. Name Oriental beauty Yu-na Ri, or simply Nari.

    Journalists had previously shot a couple during a walk in Moscow. Training occupied most of the time Viktor Ahn, so those short hours of free time that he fell to the sportsman, he tried to spend with your loved ones.

    Viktor Antonov and his wife Nari
    Viktor Antonov and his wife Nari | VK

    The pair met a few ago. Nari, a long – time fan of Viktor Ahn, a member of his club. She closely watched his career and rejoiced in every victory.

    In 2013 Nari moved to Russia and became a citizen. And in 2014 the couple were married. Viktor Ahn said that Nari with their presence, attention and care helped him to adapt in Russia and feel like a citizen.

    In December 2015 Viktor Ahn became a father: the couple was born Jane An. The personal life of Viktor Ahn has developed as well as his career.

    Viktor Ahn with her daughter
    Viktor Ahn with her daughter | VK

    In 2016 Victor Ahn visited the popular Comedy show «Evening Urgant», where he came together with Evgeny Plushenko. The famous skater has demonstrated that not only is in excellent shape, but has a great sense of humor.


    Viktor Ahn

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