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  • Name: Vika Tsiganova ( Vika Tsyganova )
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1963.
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Khabarovsk, Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: the Russian singer, actress, composer
  • Marital status: married

    Vick Tsyganov: biography

    Probably not a person who knows the name of the stars of chanson Vicki Tsiganova. But few know that the famous singer trained as an actor and could be a theater artist.

    Victoria Zhukova, and it was the name of the singer in her girlhood, was born in October 1963 in Khabarovsk. Her dad was a naval officer and served in the Navy, and mom kept the home fires burning and took care of the long-awaited daughter. Vika grew up an artistic child. At first it was performed at the home of the «scene», giving concerts and performances at home, and then debuted on the school stage.

    So after graduation in 1981, Victoria Zhukova went to Vladivostok, where the first try went to the far Eastern art Institute. 4 years later, she received a specialty of the actress of theatre and cinema. But while studying Vika not for a moment forget about developing their vocal abilities. All these years she attended the Department of Opera singing, where the teachers worked on their voices.


    For the first time the young actress took the stage in thesis play «His people – are numbered». In this play by A. Ostrovsky she got the role of Libocci. Thus began a theatrical biography Wiki Tsiganova.

    In 1985, the aspiring actress took in the Jewish chamber music theater. But a year Tsyganov appeared on the stage of regional drama theater in Ivanovo. But here, too, stayed only a year. Creative search continued. To rate this game talented actress, which, the Directors were offered the leading roles, the audience was able Magadan. Here at Youth music theatre, Vick Tsyganov played in 1988.

    She played a lot of interesting and notable roles. And all this time Tsyganova not only played, but sang beautifully.


    The soloist of the group «Sea» Vika Tsyganova began in 1988. Singing career is so captured that the singer left the theater. Together with the team she began touring across the country. Her performance was a huge success. Each victory spurred at once to the idea that she has exhausted herself as a theater actress.

    For two years in the «Sea» Tsyganov has released two albums – «house of love» and «Autumn day». But in the late 1980s, Vika realized that she is quite ready for a solo career. Next to her was a musician Yuri Pryalkin and wonderful songwriter Vadim Tsyganov, was the husband of Victoria. A year Tsyganov released their album «walk, anarchy».

    Solo concert debut of the Wiki Tsiganova took place in 1992 at the capital Theater stage. Up to this point the singer has pleased music lovers more than one hit in his performance. Tsiganova performances include concerts which are broadcast on the Central channels. Mostly songs Victoria was performed in the style of chanson.

    Every year since 1990, it turns out one album of Vika Tsiganova. The singer tours frequently and is becoming a universally recognized pop star.

    In 1996, the performer changes position. In Gypsy appear lyrical songs that are radically different from all the previous repertoire. In 1998, fans were again surprised by the changes to the beloved singer. To attract a wider audience, Vika Tsyganova completely changed her image. Has changed not only the songs, but she is. It’s not lost on the audience, and the singer was back on the crest of popularity. Her new disc «the Sun» not like the others.

    And in 2001, Victoria was again the old, familiar to her fans the singer of a chanson. This year Tsyganov cooperated with Michael Around. Together with him was executed on the 8 songs included in the album «Dedication». And the song «Come to my house» appeared in 2001, for many years, becoming not just a hit, but a card Vicki Tsiganova.

    Since 2011, the singer rarely appears in public. This year came out the last 2 albums under the title «Romances» and «Golden hits». Vika Tsyganova more time devoting to his passion grew into a profession. She has created her apparel brand «TSIGANOVA» and launched its designer collections, which are popular with stars of domestic stage.

    Personal life

    And singing career and personal life of the Wiki Tsiganova has developed happily. Her husband Vadim Tsyganov not the only and beloved man, but also a creative collaborator. Almost all the songs performed by the star, written by him. The marriage of Victoria and Vadim took place in 1988. Since they are constantly together. Unfortunately, children in the Tsyganov family with no.

    In 1994 the pair were married in the Church of St. George. Matters of faith the singer attaches great importance.

    The couple lives in a lovely house in the suburbs, like a fairytale castle. They have a few Pets, which have long become family members. This two dogs Pluto and Lordi, cat Frosya, the parrot Zhora and the goat is white.


    • «Walk, anarchy»
    • «Balalaika-infection»
    • «With love to Russia»
    • «My angel»
    • «Only love»
    • «Romances»
    • Kalina Krasnaya
    • «The sun»
    • «The best songs. Russian vodka»
    • «Come to my house»


    Vika Tsyganova

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