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  • Name: Vija Artmane ( Alida Artmane )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1929
  • Age: 79 years
  • Date of death: October 11, 2008
  • Place of birth: Kaive, Latvia
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: theater and film actress, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: was married

    Vija Artmane: biography

    Vija Artmane was one of the most famous Soviet film Actresses, known for «Theatre», «blood», «Andromeda» and «Arrows of Robin hood». In 1969 she was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Soviet Union.

    The Wii was born in a small Latvian village Cave Tukums region. Her parents were Polish-German peasants. Father Prices Artmans tragically died shortly before the birth of her daughter, so the girl was brought up by his mother Anne Zaborski. The child actress was a sophisticated and penniless. Anna got married again, but stepfather was very rough, a lot of drinking and a very cruel person, because Zaborsky often had to hide from him along with a daughter, and the girl of 10 years had to earn their bread, and she got a shepherdess to wealthy neighbors.

    When Artmane was 15 years old, she moved to Riga and entered the Metropolitan school, where his classmate was Uldis Agata – future famous choreographer. First, the girl had plans to become a lawyer to fight injustice, but the magic light of the ramps and wings attracted her much more so immediately after the war, she arrives in the Studio at the Art theatre named after Rainis.

    Then the actress changed his real name Alida for a more refined Wii, and soon for the first time on stage. Vija Artmane has remained a part of the Metropolitan theatre until 1998, and then worked with the New Riga theatre and has also headed the Union of theatrical figures of Latvia.

    In the mid 80-ies was engaged in politics until the collapse of the Soviet Union remained a member of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia.


    In the movie, Vija Artmane was invited when she was held as a theatrical actress who played large roles in several classic plays. Debut movie for her was the drama «After the storm». The film won recognition of experts and the audience, but the popularity of the all-Union scale Artmane came in 1963 after the release of the military melodrama «Native blood». Amid the grief, brought to the great Patriotic war, the actress along with her partner Yevgeny Matveyev show the tragedy of two lovers young people.

    The film was awarded several awards at various film festivals, including awards «For the embodiment of humanism in cinema» at the International film festival in Argentina. All noted the incredible realism of these deep feelings, played by actors, and only after many years of Vija Artmane admitted that they Matveev was not a cinematographic novel. Through participation in this picture of the Wii, according to interrogation of magazine «Soviet screen», was named actress of the year, and in Latvia it has become a national pride.

    Benefit performance of the actress is considered a bright and charming as a star of the British stage, Julia Lambert in the film adaptation of the Somerset Maugham novel «Theatre». Director Janis Stretch started to create this project specifically for Vija Artmane. The picture Latvian film Studio, where in addition to the great actress starred such stars as Ivar Kalnins and Raimonds Pauls, immediately became popular throughout the country and the number of repetitions on different TV channels can be likened to the legendary Soviet films. Interestingly, the audience in the drama Theatre hear is not real voice Artmane, as her character was voiced by actress Konchakova, Antonina.

    In memory of the enormous contribution of the actress in the development of world cinematography at the film festival «Baltic pearl» was established a prize named Vija Artmane.

    Personal life

    Husband Vija Artmane was a famous Latvian actor Arthur Dimiters, who was much older than my wife. After the death of her husband, the actress has repeatedly admitted that she married not for love, and only good that gave her family life is children. Her son Kaspars Dimiters has become a popular musician, the author of the libretto to the rock Opera «Parisian mother of God». Daughter Christian Dimiter – Illustrator and cartoonist.

    Vija Artmane in different years published several books of memoirs: «Vija Artmane», «Heart on the palm» and «Hardy. Moments of my life.»

    Shortly before the death of the actress took the Orthodox faith and changed her name to Elizabeth.


    In 1993 Vija Artmane in the process of restitution of the Latvian lost his apartment in Riga and was forced to live the last years in the country, in a small house in the village Murjani, 40 km from the capital. Almost miserable existence undermined her health. First made itself felt old disease of the legs, which appeared ulcers, caused terrible pain. She later suffered a heart attack and several strokes.

    Vija Artmane died 11 October 2008 in the clinic of the town of Riga 80-m to year of life. Buried on Pokrovsk a cemetery in Riga.

    In memory of the great actress was shot several documentaries, the most famous of which is «to Offend the Queen. Vija Artmane» and «Vija Artmane. Queen in exile.»


    • 1958 — a Stranger in the village
    • 1960 — On the threshold of the storm
    • 1963 — blood
    • 1965 — Nobody wanted to die
    • 1967 — Andromeda
    • 1973 — the Gift of a single woman
    • 1975 — The Arrows Of Robin Hood
    • 1978 — the Theatre
    • 1981 — the Investigation established
    • 1990 — the Hearse


    Vija Artmane

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