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  • Name: Victoria Tokareva ( Viktoriya Tokareva )
  • Date of birth: 20 November 1937.
  • Age: 79 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: writer, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Victoria Tokarev: biography

    Novelist, playwright and screenwriter Viktoriya samoilovna Tokareva was born on 20 November 1937 in Leningrad. Many attribute the works of Tokareva to women’s fiction, but her books are gender-free.

    Parents of the future writer were married before the war. The father of Victoria – Samuel Silberstein — was a native of Leningrad, an engineer. He was drafted into the militia. After he was very ill, he was in the hospital with a diagnosis of «esophageal cancer». Died 36 years old in early 1945.

    Victoria Tokareva
    Victoria Tokareva | Heliograph

    The mother of one who’s been raising two daughters, since her husband’s death more than I got married. Long time assistant was elder brother of father Eugene. Working as a seamstress in a factory, his mother often had to take work home and load yourself jobs.

    In many of his works Tokarev was represented by the image of her mother. Boundless, sometimes illogical excessive maternal love Tokarev write in the story «Terror of love,» where the main character will be charged to the mother.

    Victoria after school wanted to devote himself to medicine, but after rejection I had to learn 4 years in music school, piano class. After graduating from College Tokarev continued her studies at the Conservatory named after N.. Rimsky-Korsakov.

    Victoria Tokarev in his youth
    Victoria Tokareva in youth | LoveRead

    When Victoria got married, she went to Moscow, where he taught at a music school. The work of a teacher she didn’t like, as you can read in earlier stories Tokareva. Later, the writer worked as an editor on «Mosfilm».

    Once a recital at the school brought Victoria Samoilovna with the famous Soviet children’s poet Sergei Mikhalkov. In the memory of future writer Sergei Mikhalkov remained as kind and unselfish, because that’s what his patronage has helped Tokareva become a student of VGIK, has actually determined its fate.

    Career writer

    1964 was a landmark in the life of Tokareva. This year, Victoria published his first story «a Day without lies», and also became a student of the screenwriting Department of VGIK. After 5 years the future writer received the diploma of the writer and has published the first book «About what was not.» In this edition were collected with new stories and novels, and has already appeared in periodicals.

    In 1971, Tokarev became a member of the Union of writers of the Soviet Union.

    In the period from 1969 to 1991, the world saw the 4 books of the writer. To 90-th years of the Victoria Tokareva is in the top 10 of the most published Russian writers.

    Victoria Tokareva
    Viktoriya Tokareva’s Identity

    The theme of the work Tokareva different, but most of all she loves to explore the psychology of women’s lives in the big cities, combining personal life with work, an ephemeral world of fantasy, not astringent with the dull reality, dreams of the weak half of humanity.

    In 2009 he published a candid autobiographical book writer «Tree on roof», where the main character Faith (the prototype of Love Sokolov) – less happy rival Tokareva.

    In 2012 he published a collection of short stories «Short beeps» which, like all previous editions, was a huge success.

    Victoria Tokareva
    Victoria Tokareva | Gossip

    In his time the works of Victoria Tokareva translated into English, French, Danish, Italian, German and Chinese. Abroad the prose of Tokareva perceived as feminist, why popularity is growing.

    An interesting fact was the moment that all of his works Tokarev writes by hand, using paper and pen. The writer does not understand the computer, believing that talent is a gift of God, and the computer will not be able to be the conduit of this talent because just a machine.

    Victoria Tokareva
    Victoria Tokareva | LiveLib

    Viktoriya samoilovna is a member of the Russian PEN center. In 1987, the talented writer was awarded the order «badge of Honor». Also Tokarev in 1997 was the award winner of Moscow-Penne.

    The year 2000 brought Tokareva award «For contribution to literature and cinema», which she presented at the Cannes film festival.


    In the first scenario of Victoria Tokareva «literature Lesson» Director Alexey Korenev in 1968 he directed the movie. Based on this scenario, lay the first story writer.

    Victoria Tokareva
    Viktoriya Tokareva’s Identity

    In total, the scenarios Tokareva different Directors made more than 20 movies. The most famous:

    • «Gentlemen of fortune» (1971);
    • «Mimino» (1977);
    • «It was a dog on the piano» (1978);
    • «Mystery land» (1985);
    • «Instead of me» (2000);
    • «Avalanche» (2001).

    The first two are joint work with George Danelia. Victoria Tokareva’s also written the scripts of the famous TV series: «more Important than love», «First attempt» and «the Terror of love.»

    Personal life

    Multi-faceted personal life Tokareva can serve as the basis for separate books, after all, her biography contains many unorthodox and sometimes contradictory.

    Information about the husband of Victoria Tokareva little, because he doesn’t like crowds. It is known that the specialty of the husband of the writer Viktor Tokarev (b. 1930) is an engineer, and he has blue eyes. The love between Victoria and Victor was at first sight, a hasty marriage, but durable.

    Victoria Tokarev, and Federico Fellini
    Victoria Tokarev and Federico Fellini | LoveRead

    Tokarev has never concealed that he had on the side of the novels, men admired her, but the family never gave up. And my husband had the patience to go through all the passion star wife, even a long novel, Victoria with George Danelia.

    An autobiography Tokareva «Tree on roof» tells about the relationship of the writer with the famous film Director Georgiy Danelia, but the way men are again shaded.

    Victoria Tokareva and G. Danelia
    Victoria Tokareva and G. Danelia | LoveRead

    In 1965 the couple Tokarevich daughter, Natalia, cementing an Alliance forever. Apparently the girl was like her father, but chose the profession of a writer, as a mother. After graduating the University and the College of psychoanalysis, Natalia now works for a private film Studio. Its script took «Kamenskaya». Victoria thinks daughter is life’s greatest achievement. The reluctance to hurt the child kept Tokarev married life. She now believes that the family is the main thing for women.

    At an early age Tokareva Natalia got married. Her husband was Valery Todorovsky, which Natasha loved since the age of 16. In 1986, Victoria Tokareva became a first time grandmother, was born the son of Natalia and Valeria Peter. Unfortunately, the marriage of Natalia could not stand the test of treason. Valery Todorovsky has gone to another woman.

    Tokareva Natalia and Valery Todorovsky
    Tokareva Natalia and Valery Todorovsky’s son | Movie-Theater

    Peter V. Todorovsky pleased with the famous grandmother in 2007, the great-grandson of Sergei, and in 2008, the granddaughter Anna. In addition to grandson Peter at the Tokareva has a granddaughter Katya Todorovskaya (b. 1995) and grandson Paul Pogonowski (b. 2005).

    Victoria Tokareva now

    Victoria Tokarev, and now writes a lot. Its favorite habitat is the suburban cottage, the beloved family – husband, daughter, granddaughter and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She considers herself a lucky woman lucky to do what you love, even though her character and rushing to find the illusive bird of good luck. A talented writer, acknowledged in many countries, dreams of a house by the sea.


    The most famous collections of Tokareva :

    • «Flying swing»;
    • «Nothing special»;
    • «Bullfighting»;
    • «To say not to say.»


    Victoria Tokareva

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