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  • Name: Victoria Tarasova ( Tarasova Viktoriya )
  • Date of birth: 16 July 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Skopin, Ryazan oblast, Russia
  • Height: 167
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Victoria Tarasova: biography

    Victoria Tarasova was born in the small town of Skopin, which is located in the Ryazan region. Her parents were creative people. Father Tarasov Yuriy Egorovich was a choreographer, and mother Tarasova Nadezhda Petrovna – Director. Victoria is older by 5 years sister Marina Kudelinskaya, who also became a famous Russian actress.

    Almost immediately after the birth of the youngest daughter, the family moves from the city to Smolensk. Victoria not only graduated from secondary school, but studied at the choreographic school. With 5 years appeared on stage with dance performances, a particularly impressive little dancer looked like a tap-dance. Long time the girl was planning to connect my life with dancing, but when she received the matriculation and along with his entire family moved to Moscow and filed documents in GITIS on the acting Department, where he studied in the Studio of Pavel Osipovich Chomsky. GITIS Tarasova received a second degree, after studying at the ballet master.

    After graduation Victoria went to the theatre, and took the presenter on channel RTR, where for two years was the leading program on the vacationers «Six acres» that she was led by sister Marina Kudelinskaya.

    In 1997 she took a job with a degree when he was admitted to the troupe of the Jewish theater «Shalom», where he works until now. On account of its many roles in such productions as «saints and sinners», «Half of new York to me now relatives», «Shlimazel», «Stuffed fish», «What has gotten into you?», «Wandering stars», «My kosher lady» and many others. Also Tarasova has collaborated with other theatres. She participated in the play «the Recipe of family happiness» by the works of Chekhov, who put the «Theatrical marathon», and also played in productions of «the Adventurous family or how to steal a million», «the Tram «Desire» and «the trick of the» theatre «Millennium».

    With 2015 on the TV channel «360 suburbs» began showing the socio-economic reality show «Made in Russia», and Victoria Tarasova became his leading.


    The first time Victoria Tarasova appeared on screen in 1994 when she starred in the final part of the tetralogy the children’s adventure «the Lynx on the trail». Then in the movie was a big change. Back on set actress only in 2002. She starred in a small role workers cafe in the Comedy «My little hedgehog» and in the movie «I Want the sea» as the wife of Stepan.

    In 2005, Victoria Tarasova played the role of American women that wants to adopt a Russian child, in one episode of the film-investigation «Kulagin and partners». Later had a small role in the Comedy series «lusty or fab four», a crime Thriller «Silent witness», the Christmas Comedy «Olympics. Local warming», the melodrama «the Matchmaker», the detective series «Trace».

    The popularity of the actress came in 2008, after a television crime drama about the everyday life of the police «cold case», which in Victoria Tarasova the main role of Irina Sergeevny Zimina – major and then Lieutenant Colonel of justice. All was filmed in season 3 of this film, as well as several additional «new» series. She also starred in the same role in the film cycle «Department», in 4 seasons of the crime series «Piatnitski» and in 3 seasons of the series «Karpov». In these paintings the main characters are the same as in the film «Capercaillie» and they are a kind of offshoot of the original storyline.

    In addition, Victoria Tarasova took part in the sketchkomy «Caution: children» and «Students» from the creators of the program «6 frames», played the role in the melodrama «Despite everything», criminal drama «the City of temptations» and the detective «Advokatessy», and also played a major role served in prison Svetlana Lyamina who trying to find his son, melodramatic mini-series «Mother in law».

    Now the actress is working on the role of the psychologist in criminal tragicomedy «I have the Honor!..», which is due out in 2016.

    Personal life

    In the mid 90-ies Victoria Tarasova married entrepreneur Mikhail Humana. Some time the couple was calm harmonious life, but when Victoria got pregnant, their relationship soured. In 1998, the actress gave birth to her son Daniel, but to the man who even refused to meet her from the hospital, never came back and since then, raising a son alone.

    Victoria loves to sew, wants to create her own line of women’s clothing. In the premises of the theater «Shalom» opened his own Studio.


    • 1994 — Trot on the trail
    • 2006 — Silent witness
    • 2008 — Grouse
    • 2009 — City temptations
    • 2010 — Department of
    • 2011 — Pyatnitsky
    • 2012 — carp
    • 2012 — Country 03
    • 2013 — against all odds
    • 2014 — Mother in law


    Victoria Tarasova

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